Who you hang out with matters. What thoughts you hang onto matters more.

Who you hang out with matters. What thoughts you hang onto matters more.



Welcome, read, learn, grow,re-think,

All beliefs are created by your habitual thoughts.


Not all thoughts are created equal, so not all beliefs are created equal.


"Some thoughts will help you become rich and successful. Others will stop you dead in your tracks". That's what best selling author Tom Corley wrote in his book. He carried out research that asked hundreds of both, wealthy and poor, individuals a list of 20 questions. Then he took a year to analyse the answers.


He uncovered striking similarities within in each group. And each group showed a vast difference in their answers.


Corley considered the information as the key to financial success and decided to share his findings with the world in his book, "Rich Habits."


It identified hard evidence to show that the rich think veryyyyyy differently to both, the, not -so- wealthy and the poor.
No surprise there then, eh?


He identified one main factor:

“All successful people are optimistic, enthusiastic, and mostly only hang out with others who have an overall positive mental outlook.”
“Long-term success is only possible when you have a positive mental outlook,”


The thoughts you 'spend your day with' matter. They’re your constant companion. The voice in your head. Your self - talk. Your thought- habits. What  you believe.


More thought/belief stuff that’s useful to know.
Another important author, Napoleon Hill researched over 500 self-made millionaires. He wrote, in his 1937 best selling book, “Think and Grow Rich”:

“Men take on the nature and the habits and the power of thought of those with who they associate


The bottom line???????     

Negativity, in any form, will derail you from achieving success, whether financial or personal.


Your daily thinking habits determine whether you become rich and successful, stay stuck in an, averagely happy, averagely wealthy, middle class existence (but really wanting to do and be better), or stay poor.



NO! Not everyone wants more. BUT if you do then the way you let your thinking/beliefs 'run your life' will determine if you ‘get on’ or ‘get sat on’.


Dr. Phil Mc. Graw (The US TV show 'Dr Phil') says, “Being happy is a choice”.


This Phil, says, and writes, “Being successful or wealthy is a thinking/believing choice".


The path to success in any area of life is paved with the right kind of thinking habits, beliefs and actions.





So being wealthy is a choice, as I wrote earlier. So...... again, learn the thought/belief strategies of the successful and wealthy ( the two usually go together) and turn your (luck), life, around



Mostly we don't take much notice of the negative and limiting beliefs we operate from. These beliefs prevent us from becoming successful in life. They‘re a concrete block keeping us held down in failure, poverty and a life of having less.


If you want to be wealthy and successful in life you need to remove and replace these negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.



Thinking X usually means you believe X.

Here’s some examples:
I (think) believe I am smart (stupid or average)
I (think)believe I am ugly (good looking or average looking)
I (think) believe I am hard working, lazy, or in the middle)
I (think) money is good, (over - rated or evil)
I (think) rich people are generous (selfish or greedy)



You can think can’t you? You can choose what to think can’t you?



Soooo here’s what I want you to do:

#1 For one whole day list your thoughts/beliefs. Write down everything you think /believe. Be 100% honest with yourself.  Keep a pad with you and as your thoughts/beliefs  pop into your head (mind) while, walking, watching TV, reading, eating, or whenever. Write them down.

#2 Identify each negative, limiting (stupid) thought/belief that ain’t helping you.

#3 Choose just one non - helpful, success- sucking, crap, thought/belief that you want to change.

#4 Now think a, sensible, optimistic, better thought. Write that down.

You can think can’t you? You can choose what to think can’t you?

Thirty day challenge time, dear reader.

Twice a day for between ten and thirty consecutive days read and think (visualising, chanting or affirming don't count) the, new, positive, better thought, seventeen times. The number is mentally very significant and effective. 


THEN........ 1.

Anywhere between ten and thirty consecutive days your new thought/ belief should take root.

Look, you’ve created your life up to now through your thought-habits/beliefs.  


Sooooo use the same process to create a better,  future life.


Beliefs are the result of habitual thoughts. Replacing old ones with new and better ones is very do-able. You just need a plan. Like the one I suggest above. It takes anywhere from ten to thirty days to change a thought-habit. This challenge will help you  create a new thought-habit/belief process inside your mind. (I've done it for several years so, I know that it works). And like it or not that's where it all starts. In your/my/everyone's MIND.

Once it has choose another thought/belief you WANT TO dump, trash, live without.


In thirty days, a month, four weeks and a bit, you could dump three of your most,  undermining, life -wrecking and people sabotaging ways of operating. 



After thirty days, select a new negative or limiting belief you would like to change and repeat steps #3 and #4. In ninety days you will have eliminated at least 3 negative or limiting beliefs that have been holding your back.


You’ve heard of self-help. You’ve probably read some SH stuff. Problem is 99% of people who do that forget or fail to understand that the word SELF means that, you yourself, have to do the stuff you read, listen to or watch.


I think it should really be called, Do -It -Your-Self- Help. But, I really prefer the words Self-Empowerment.


So, it's always been - Do -It -Your-Self - Empowerment, for me. (Well for the last five or so years anyway)


I think it, I believe in it, I write about it in this blog, from the heart

From my mind to yours,


Thought Master and Mentor

P.S. I began and will continue this blog in the sincere hope that as many people as possible will use the info' in my posts to take life by the cojones and make it the best it can be for them.


That's, SELF -EMPOWERMENT, in operation.

As long as ya' make  it, D I Y S S E

Think/believe that your friends, family or work mates would find this post of help? Yes? Then tell 'em about thoughtistry.com

Thanks in advance.

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