Who dunnit? A day (and a death) in the life of Mr. Average.

Who dunnit? A day (and a death) in the life of Mr. Average.


Possibly. (Not the death bit though).


Hello, hola, bienvenido, willkommen,

6 am. 


Alarm goes off, beep, beep, peep, beep, beep.................. 


Mr. A leaps out of bed. Straight to the bathroom. Ten minutes later showered and dried, shaved and smooth he’s back in the bedroom getting dressed.


Another ten minutes later he’s suited and booted. A female voice from downstairs, “Breakfast ready darlin’. At around 7:15 am it’s kiss the missus shout 'bye' up the stairs to the kids who are probably asleep, but no probs.


At least he and the wife know that he did it..


Day continues.

Twenty minutes later man is parking his car at local rail station. Platform 1 and the 8:15 to Paddington arrives, a few minutes late. What’s new? After thirty minutes of relatively stress free travel the train pulls into it’s destination.


Man leaves train and makes the short five minute walk to the office block he works in. At 9:00am he’s sitting at his desk, computer booting up. The next half an hour is spent email crunching. The next three hours are spent doing the usual, ‘phoning clients, clinching a few deals and setting up further meetings.


Sorta' chill time for an hour.

At 1:00 pm, a bit hot under the collar and mind boggled, it’s time for lunch.


Out of office, down in the lift, out of the front door, turn right and head to the usual eating place. Lunch eaten, a glass of great wine drunk and a chat with one or two other regulars and it’s head back for the afternoon stint.


Final four hours of the workin' day.

Afternoon passes much the same as the morning. That’s working life in the finance industry. The up side from the 'pm slot' is that he’s probably lined up enough business to keep  his job, the mortgage paid, the kids in the latest tech toys, the wife able to take her monthly trip to Harrods, Selfridges etc and him able to continue to pay for the Jaguar which is his reward for all his effort.


Who was responsible for everything that the did during the day?


He was.


All, effects or consequences that took place were down to him.  His responsibility. Sound  right to you? Think not? Oooops, big mistake.



(He could have decided to take a day off, rolled over and spent he morning in bed. Had a lazy lunch with his wife. Watched some football on TV and taken wifey for some retail therapy during the afternoon.) Who would be responsible for those effect, events, consequences? Him, again.

Anywaaaaayyyyyyyyy, whaaaatevvvvvverrrr.


End of actual(fictional on this occasion) story below.

Driving home from the railway station in his ‘baby’ he  stops off at a pub half way between the city and his house. This isn't usual but today is the Friday prior to, a planned, month - long, family holiday, in Switzerland. So it’s a great opportunity to start to unwind for the month ahead.


He spends an hour drinking and chatting with several of other people.


Then.........time to continue the journey back to wifey and the kids. Get into Jag, leave car park and head along the three or so miles of country road that lead to home.


About a mile from his house the car smashes into a tree and Mr. Average is killed. OOOOOPS.

Q. Whose fault was that then?

A. His

Ya’ can think 'no' but, just like the earlier part of his, last day on this earth, it was him, who through his actions, caused, created and was responsible for the effect, the consequences, that deprived his family of a normal future life.

I know the accident could have been the result of weather conditions, a car problem or another vehicle but I want you to remember the story/lesson.



What you do makes things happen in your life.



Every action you take and what happens, the effects, the repercussions in your life are your responsibility.


Don’t  try  to, cop out, pass  the  buck  or  blame others.



The point is, whether you realize it or not, at some point we all choose our actions. 


Not every thought helps us when we do it. Some thoughts that we DO hurt us. We usually know, before we do what we intend to do what the effect could be. Good or bad.


Figured that out years ago, I did.


If you  continue to think average you'll stay average. Thinkin' and stayin' average don't of course mean that you'll  die tomorrow. It does though mean that like most others you'll die day by day for the rest of your average life.


You are responsible for everything you do in your life, no matter what the external circumstances are. You'll, think, act, be, create and live average.


Until you learn how - to, think better .


Whether you like it or not, you always take an active role in what  happens in your life. Every moment, every action, every effect, every experience is created by you.


Seems to me though that more and more people don't wanna' understand or accept it. (Not my fault, don't blame me guv!!!! )  Great pity that, think I.


Personal accountability and responsibility  lead to personal strength and self - empowerment..


Whether you realize and accept it or not, yet, you  choose your  actions. You are responsible for your positive or negative life experiences, effects and consequences. 

(Me too, figured it out years ago. Glad I did.)

Best, wishes, to you and yours,

Phil (Mr. Stopped thinking and doing average years ago)

Thought Master and Mentor


P. S. If you want to start thinking better then read more of my great, helpful, thought and life altering posts. I love em, loved writin' em and  always will. Hope they help. No, not hope .......... 'cause they will help. Go read. Go tell others about what you've read. Thanks.


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