The LOA a history lesson. Or a mystery lesson?

The LOA a history lesson. Or a mystery lesson?

“That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history, is the most important of all the lessons that history has to teach.”    Aldous Huxley


   Hi, grab a coffee half way through, see below,

I hated history at school. But I gritted my teeth to research for this post.


I don’t really wanna write this post. Well that’s not totally true. Part of me does and part of me doesn’t.


Some of you who read it may think that I’m an idiot. Others will probably be thinking,  'at last someone who cuts through the c--p'.


For lil' ol'  me, the key questions about LOA are:  1)Why would something that, doesn't work, goes against common - sense, real - life experience and defies logic be so popular?  2) Why is it portrayed as a universal principle  by apparently wise self - help teachers?  3) Why is it  blindly accepted by so many seemingly intelligent, normal people? 


(Just so that you know and I'm not bragging. I have an honours degree. So I ain’t too stupid to understand TLOA) 


Surely I'm not the only, sane, right - thinking person on the planet. Or, am I missing something? Perhaps, but it ain' my brain.


So............ The (brief)history of  the Law Of Attraction.

(Shorter version between the red lines below, if you get bored with this bit).  


(From " ......    to .........."from Wikipedia.


"The New Thought concept of the law of attraction is rooted in ideas that come from various philosophical and religious traditions. In particular it has been inspired by Hermeticism, (which I’ll focus on) New England Transcendentalism, the Bible and Hinduism.


Hermeticism was first mentioned back in the 1st century AD.


After centuries of falling out of favour, Hermeticism was reintroduced to the West in 1460


In 1614, Isaac Casoubon a Swiss Philologist, analysed the Greek Hermetic texts for linguistic style. The term Hermetic is from the medieval Latin hermeticus, which is derived from the name of the Greek god, Hermes.


In 1945, Hermetic texts were found near the Egyptian town Nag Hammadi. These texts outlined three parts of the wisdom of the whole universe: 1. Alchemy. 2. Astrology. 3. Theurgy.


Theurgy translates as, "The Science or Art of Divine Works" and is the practical aspect of the Hermetic art of alchemy.  The ultimate goal of which is to become united with higher counterparts, leading to the attainment of Divine Consciousness.


Reincarnation. Is mentioned in ancient Hermetic texts.


Good and evil. Reason and knowledge brings forth either good or evil


Cosmogony. A creation story is told by God to Hermes in the first book of the Corpus Hermeticum


Religious and philosophical texts. There are three major texts that contain Hermetic doctrines: 1.The Corpus Hermeticum. 2.The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus. 3.The Perfect Sermon (also known as The Asclepius)


Societies. A few, primarily Hermetic, occult orders were founded in the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance.


Rosicrucianism. The Rosicrucian spiritual path incorporates philosophy, kabbalah, and divine magic


The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.
The Order was a specifically Hermetic society that taught alchemy, kabbalah, and the magic of Hermes, along with the principles of occult science.


Esoteric Christianity. Influential 20th century and early 21st century writers in the field include, Valentin Tomberg.


Mystical Neopaganism. A group of new religious movements influenced by or claiming to be derived from the various historical pagan beliefs of pre-modern Europe."


Got all that? Course you haven’t. Even in brief,  it’s mind boggling,  complicated, boring, and confusing, stuff.


I did say that history was boring, for me. BUT in this case it's  been the clincher for me and my doubts about TLOA.

Power to ya for getting to here! Time for a coffee break.



The shorter history lesson.

 "The New Thought concept of the law of attraction is rooted in ideas that come from various philosophical and religious traditions. In particular it has been inspired by Hermeticism, New England transcendentalism, specific verses from the Bible, and Hinduism.


Hermeticism influenced the development of European thought in the renaissance. Its ideas were transmitted partly through alchemy. In the 18th century Franz Mesmer studied the works of alchemists such as Paracelsus and van Helmont. Van Helmont was a 17th century Flemish physician who proclaimed the curative powers of the imagination. This led Mesmer to develop his ideas about Animal Magnetism, which Phineas Quimby, the founder of 'New Thought', studied.


The Transcendentalist movement developed in the United States immediately before the emergence of New Thought and is thought to have had a great influence on it. George Ripley, an important figure in that movement, stated that its leading idea was "the supremacy of mind over matter".  


New Thought authors often quote certain verses from the Bible in the context of the law of attraction. An example is Mark 11:24: "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours."


In the late 19th century Swami Vivekananda travelled to the United States and gave lectures on Hinduism. These talks greatly influenced the New Thought movement, and in particular William Walker Atkinson who was one of New Thought  pioneers.


The  'Skeptical Inquirer' magazine criticized the lack of falsifiability and testability of these claims. Critics have asserted that the evidence provided is usually anecdotal and that, because of the self-selecting nature of the positive reports, as well as the subjective nature of any results, these reports are susceptible to confirmation bias and selection bias.


Physicist, Ali Alousi, for instance, criticized it as unmeasurable and questioned the likelihood that thoughts can affect anything outside the head. .


The Law of Attraction has been popularized in recent years by books and films such as The Secret. This film and the subsequent book  use interviews with New Thought authors and speakers to explain the principles of the proposed metaphysical law that one can attract anything that one thinks about consistently".


("The Secret" earned the author, Rhonda Byrne, $30,000,000. Hmmmm.)


"Writing for the 'Committee for Skeptical Inquiry', Mary Carmichael and Ben Radford wrote that, "Neither the film nor the book has any basis in scientific reality", and that its premise contains, "An ugly flipside: if you have an accident or disease, it's your fault".



Now it’s my turn.

Do you believe that all this LOA stuff can be, clearly explained, made understandable and be of any real use to anyone? 


I didn't, don’t,  and never will. And did I mention, I ain’t stupid?


I became an LOA sceptic/skeptic many years ago.


So I formulated my own cutting edge  alternative:

 T L O P L C

 (The Law Of Personal Life Creation).

(Changed from, T L O P S C, The Law Of Personal Self Creation, used in some earlier previous posts).


Seen the LOA light? Got the message? I hope so.


Thought Master and Mentor 


P. S. The world of self - help is  mostly, smoke and mirrors, airy fairy and woo woo......................... by accident?


I doubt it.............


My, objective, mission, almost obsession is,  to uncover,  only what  works. 


This blog is one way for me to achieve my objective. So ....join me in the challenge, ........let others know about Thanks in advance. 


I'm also in the process of writing three books that, explain what  matters, how to understand and use : TLOPLC


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