Some really real, writin’ about, really real, reality stuff. By a REAL person.

Some, really real writin' about really real, REALITY stuff. By a really REAL person.



Hi there,

OK – let's get real. Why? ............Because I love REAL ...


Here we go then. The contents of this post WILL NOT make you a more capable person in 30 days.


None of my other posts will either.


Neither, by reading any of them, will you be, driving a Rolls Royce in three months' time. You definitely won’t be able to retire in luxury, in six months. That’s the reality. What is being realistic?


Here's a couple of clues?

1) Being realistic is easy. You just have to get comfortable handling the truth and then deal with it.

2) Reality is the difference between what we wish and what actually 'is'.


If you’re very, or even a little bit, interested, read this post to get a lot more real.


You see  ‘sales pages’ that say ‘they’ can help you become a new you in a month. They tell you that they’ve done it and so can you. They claim that they went from broke to, successful and financially independent within six months,  it’s not very difficult to learn, they can show you  what they did and you can do the same yourself.


No, not all of them but enough of them to make it very difficult for most of us to identify those who are the REAL DEAL. Sad but true, it is.


When was the last time you actually bought and read something that helped you to significantly change your life for the better?  (Significantly means something more life -changing than substituting sweeteners for sugar in yer coffee)

During the last month?... No?

What about the last six months.?...... No?

OK, last chance. Last year? ..................No? Oh dear!!!


The fact, the reality,  is that very few people accomplish any level of self- evolution/personal- improvement in the time scales touted around by the charlatans. Most people never make any kind of significant life- development. Although what they are offered, strongly 'implies' that, they will.


Why is that?


Loads of reasons, but the most common one goes like this. They get 'emotionally blackmailed' into buying stuff and never read it, or they get 'advertiser talked' into buying stuff, read it, didn’t /can't understand it, so couldn’t use it. Not their fault though? If it worked they wouldn't have to buy any more stuff from 'them'. Yeh?




So, being brutally honest, or call it tough love. There’s a huge amount of money spent (wasted) online every month, by people searching for, the latest, revolutionary,  superior, instantly- effective, awe- inspiring -route -to- becoming - a -better -self -with -a - better -life. .


Most people, (you)? fail to make any progress with what they’ve already bought. So they buy another, hyped- up, hope- ridden, key -to- the-kingdom - to - becoming- the- next- global -success -story- in- the- next -three- months, package, and still continue to  fail.


I guarantee that at least one of the following REALITY CHECK items is interfering with your ‘better me’ journey.

* You cling on, to totally unrealistic, expectations.

* You don't really have any serious intention  to become better.

* You keep believing and buying - into (literally) unrealistic methods.

* You are easily de-railed by hidden learning curves. (Not your fault because you're led to believe that it'll be a piece of cake)

* Your motivation isn't backed by action.

* You  'kid yourself  that, "At least I tried."

One or more of these points is responsible for holding you back.


These responses  come from inside youYou are responsible for them. Unless you learn to overcome these self - inflicted obstacles they will  always be why you'll continue to live a stinkin' stagnating, going-nowhere,  life.


Your unrealistic expectations, are just that your unrealistic expectations But it ain’t your fault because you’ve been duped into believing that, the route to becoming  a better you is down, easy- street. It ain't so.





So, a question... and  I’m being really, real and realistic here.

If you could be taught  a way  of you making, small, but significant and  guaranteed regular improvement to you and your life using a method that is, understandable, do-able and effective would you be interested?  (Over -long sentence, couldn't shorten it. Read it 'til you understand it).


Especially when you can do it without you: Visualizing, chanting, praying, listening to audio, watching videos, subliminal??? stuff (audio or video), wishin,’ hopin,’ expecting, attracting, making you to take on some, stupidly ridiculous learning curve, at prohibitive, over - inflated prices.


These are usually marketed  on the premise that, the more you pay the better the product is. Depends what's meant by better?  


Buyer beware. Whatever you spend your hard -earned, dollars, pounds, yen on, cars, jewellery, TV’s, furniture, washing powder, etc, etc, everything, REALLY. BUT in the real world there is a point where paying more don't really mean that you’ll get all of the 'more' you're led to expect.


True, but wrong, it is.


'Higher priceThey' rarely means 'better' in any way that really matters. My wife bought me a bottle of an up - market aftershave as one of my Christmas presents last year. It cost £60. I prefer a  bottle of  some smelly  stuff I already had that cost £5. Hopefully she'll never see this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hope you're glad you read this. I loved writin' it.


Thought Master and Mentor

(To myself, I know, and to you, I hope)




P. S. If you are intrigued, interested, fed up watching TV then take a look at more of my,  magic - free, fluff-free, really real, totally - free  posts. You'll  learn more about one of the easiest, but most overlooked, ways of, personal - life- evolution.

I'm still working on my three books. They  will  have all you'll ever need to know to really become, SELF -EMPOWERED.  


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