“The Secret” or “The Law Of Attraction” Tried to use ’em?

 “The Secret” or "The Law Of Attraction" Tried to use 'em?

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            Who says so? The author.                                                       Probably not.   


Hi, something you can understand and use below,

You, me, anyone has to understand something before we can use it  properly. 


Maybe, like me, you bought a book entitled, ”The Secret”. I bought and read it. I saw it promoted as, “A brief introduction to the, Law of Attraction”.

Brief? C’mon? ...Understandable?..... Doable?...... Double, c’mon!!!!

The Secret, wanted us all to believe that all you have to do is just visualize what you want and it will come to you. Sort of like, if ya’ want to lose weight just sit on the couch munching a burger or two and just visualize yourself losing weight, and you will.


(Think that’ll work?) If so, you need to read this post. Could be the most important one you’ll ever read’


LOA or LOAD. ?

Three things about, “The Secret”. 1. It was difficult to understand. 2. It was impossible to put to use. 3. It didn’t work. (See below).

Ya don’t have to believe me. Wikipedia on, “The Secret”. “The claims made by both the book and the film are highly controversial, and have been criticized by reviewers and readers. The book has also been heavily criticized by former believers and practitioners......the only people generating wealth and happiness from it are the author and the publishers”.

“The Secret, Simply provides people with the illusion of having control over their lives".

When you’ve finished reading this great post go here to check if you need to. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Secret_(book)  


Well then, is it LOA, Law Of Attraction?  


Or, LOAD, Law Of Absolute Distraction?


Look, dear reader, I recently saw some LOA ‘expert’ offering to de-mistify, simplify and make the LOA understandable and useable to everyone. The offer was a series of, THIRTY ONE???? books. Each book had 40 pages. That's, 40 x 31= 1240 pages.


Should, ‘The Secret’ have been entitled “The Scam”???
After reading, The Secret,  I sat down, several days a week, in front of my computer and visualised that, when I started MSWord©,  my post for that week would already be written. Each day when I switched on, no post. So I gave up.


Every week since then, this one included, I THINK , "I’ll sit down, turn on my lovely laptop". I then write  DO the post myself.   It's worked every time, this week too.   So you now HAVE the post I created, this week.

Look again. To get what you want, out of, or into, your life you need to, line up, improve, take control of, raise- the- level of, your thinking and your doing. This process ensures that you will become empowered to create/have exactly what you choose to ‘design into’ your life.

LOA 3untitledYou can believe  this if you want to. Your choice.


What I share with you below will dramatically increase your chances of becoming a better you, with a better life.

1. Choose/learn to, THINK better.
A lot of us are very closed- minded when it comes to the power of thoughts. That is a barrier straight away and will seriously harm your chances of the, Law Of Personal Life Creation, LOPLC (see below) ever working.

2. Ya' gotta’ DO.     Sooo, be prepared to work. 
 You have to work at DOING what you THINK. (If you’re too idle to put in the effort to get what you want in, and from, your life then don’t bother reading any further). Sorry, that's just how it is.

3. You'll then HAVE in your life what you chose.
This is what you get /create as a result of your effort.


Got it? You use 1 and 2 to get to 3.
You must, THINK (know) exactly what you want in your life. Concentrate/focus on, DO, the thoughts about what you want to HAVE. 


There are hundreds (thousands)? of programmes of so called self- help stuff. Some of them cost hundreds of, £/$/Yen, whatever. There is only one program, that I believe, will work for you, or anyone. It's not, mind- numbing, over complex, difficult to use, greatly- detailed info, about, how to become a better you.


It focuses on the two, central, most effective aspects of what I call, the  Law Of Personal Life Creation. LOPLC.


It’s, as straight - forward as, THINK. DO. HAVE.


I’m pretty sure you will  understand and be able to use this information:

Example. You THINK, “I fancy a ham sandwich”. You DO the making. Now you HAVE the snack you wanted.

Here’s another. You THINK, I’ll cut the grass this afternoon”. You DO that. Once you’ve finished you HAVE a mown lawn.

One more for luck. (Ooops, I don’t really believe in that). You THINK, “I’ll take the wife to see her favourite music idol in concert. You DO buying the tickets. On the day you HAVE a happy, grateful, wife.

In each case you had a THOUGHT, you took action on the thought (you DID things) and you created something you didn’t HAVE before you thought and did. You created, the sandwich, a mown lawn and a happy, grateful wife. 

They are the, honest, understandable and  do-able explanation of how we are all, creators.

  creatorimagesAnd now you know how.


This system will work for you.
To get what you want out of, or into, your life you need to, improve, control, understand and use your thinking and your doing. This process ensures that you will create/have exactly the kind of life you choose to design.


Sittin’ on your butt visualising, a cup of tea and a biscuit, a neatly mown lawn or a great visit to that concert (plus happy wifey), will never make them happen.


What does work, every time, is this.
You THINK, “I fancy a cup of tea and a biscuit”. You DO what has to be done. Within five minutes or so you'll HAVE your tea and biscuit and you’re back on your butt, enjoying them. Same goes for, the lawn, and the theatre visit.


The formula works with anything you want to have in your life.
You have to THINK about what you want. DO what’s necessary to make it happen, to make it real. Only then will you HAVE, the thing, the whatever, in your life.


TLOPC is ,' SELF-EMPOWERMENT'. Why? Because:.

Successful people like, Henry Ford, the cars guy, Sir Frank Whittle, the jet engine guy and Sylvester Stallone, the "Rocky" guy, are among those who used the THINK-DO-HAVE process/information/formula to create the things and the lives we know about.


Read this post a few more times until you understand, (get) it. Then you can go use  it. It ain't Nuclear Physics. 

Respectfully, 'not a fan of' the, LOA,


Thought Master and Mentor.


P.S. Every one of my posts is created by lil' ol' me using the process I have explained above. For more information that you can actually understand and use to, THINK with, then DO to  create, HAVE, a 'better stab' at life go read more of them.

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