Ya’ gotta’ THINK before you, DO, SAY or FEEL. No thinkin’, no anythin’

Ya' gotta' THINK before you, DO, SAY or FEEL. No thinkin', no anythin'.


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Everything you DO, FEEL or SAY begins with a thought. Read it three more times. Now, believe it,’cause it’s true.


I’m sure you get anxious about many things that you want to do. I did for almost all my life until I, discovered, realized, got the message, made the connection between thinking and doing, saying, and feeling. It's not a self confidence thing.


If it’s not about self confidence then what is it about? It’s all about self- control. Or is it? No, it’s about thought- control. Why? Because everything you do, say or feel begins with, a thought.


Something to really think about.
Look here’s the low down. Every feeling you have is preceded by a thought. Every action you take is preceded by a thought. Everything you say is preceded by a thought.


AND every thing you feel has an effect on your life. Everything you do has an effect on your life. everything you say has an effect on your life.

See the connection yet????


Here’s some examples.
#1. You think, “I’ll make a cup of coffee”. Do that. The effect in your life is, a cup of coffee.

#2. You think, “ I’ll tell my mate that I saw his girlfriend with another guy yesterday”. You do that. The effect is a mate who now distrusts his girlfriend.

#3. You think “I’m scared of, fearful of, afraid of, doubtful about X .” Effect? You feel, scared, fearful, afraid and doubtful about what you want to do.



A reminder. It’s really more about thought-control than self -control. Or is it? Yes it is because your thoughts control what you, do, say and feel. A thought is the first step in whatever you do, say or feel.


Got it yet? If not read this post until ya, think, “I’ve got it”. Got it?


Now you know that different thoughts and acts will create different effects in your life.


You can take charge of your life and the effects you create in it. Yes?


B. You, DO, FEEL or SAY something.
C. Whatever you DO, FEEL or SAY will create some effect in your life.

Who caused these effects? You. Yes, you!!!

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For the next week, at least, I want you to focus on the, THINK- DO process. This should prove to you the connection between your thoughts and your actions is real.. Once you understand and use this process you will be well on the way to taking control of yourself and your life.


If you take proper notice you’ll realise that everything you DO begins with a thought.


(Hint try getting out of your chair, without first thinking, “I’ll get up from the chair now”. It happens instantly, but it happens. Same goes for, opening a door, switching the telly on, kicking the dog, taking the kids to the park, washing the car. whatever. .


That’s: SELF -EMPOWERMENT. Why is it soooo important? Because, being SELF-EMPOWERED has been used by every successful person who ever lived to, create the life they wanted.

"The better  you learn  to THINK  and DO,

The better your life will be for you."

Always tryin' to help, hope it's working,


Thought Master and Mentor.


P.S.? Yeah. It's your 'reward' for reading this far. Just be glad there's only one. More 'rewards' at the bottom of all my other posts. My first book will be available in a few weeks and it'll be free and it will help.




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