You mature by controlling your, thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions.

 You mature by controlling  your thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions.


Why? Because, you're a person, not a cheese, or. a .....see below.

Hope you're well,

Ever heard of Emotional Maturity? It governs how, we, you, me, anyone, responds to life situations, control our  feelings and emotions, behave, when dealing with other people and life in general.


Emotional maturity is important if you are to be effective in all areas of your life. Relationships, finance and health are the three main areas of life where people experience the most problems Without emotional maturity you'll always struggle with them all.


With my help, through this post and others, you can take control of these areas. Control, personal control, is what it’s all about. If you’re in an emotional turmoil you ain’t, and never will be, in control of either y’self or ya’ life. (Period. as they say in the US of A. Don’t know why I wrote that. Never mind).


If you don't know, you won't grow.
I totally believe that we are all here to, learn, develop and become our best self. This requires mental maturity. Otherwise we’re just 'using up' oxygen. You can be physically mature, in years, and still be an emotional idiot. Meaning that your, thoughts, feelings and emotions are in need of an overhaul.


You’ll need to start and continue, a path of personal growth. You do have one? Hope so. I do, have done for years. If not then start one today. The most useful things to improve are your areas of emotional immaturity. You will have some. They are the areas in which you know that you, could and should be more in control. Why bother? Well, ya’ see, once you know how to work on your own growth and development. Eventually you may become able to help others, just like I do.



So, how do you recognize  emotional maturity?

You’re , emotionally mature, 'fully cooked', when:
1. You understand that you are responsible for how you think, and feel. When you take responsibility for you actions, your words, your behaviours, attitudes and care how those things affect others around you.

2. You use, positive, accurate, self-expression and ask for what you want from others in a firm, but caring, way. You think of, and express, affection and other feelings in words and actions. At least to those people who are important to you.

3. You’re able to, empathise, see other people’s point of view, even when it's different from yours. You’re able to form a solid commitment, to people and things in general.



Vats of wine maturing by, doing nothing. This don't work for people.


Emotional Immaturity is:

A. Having 'messed up’, thoughts, actions, attitudes and behaviours that are not as developed as your chronological physical age would suggest.  You’re selfish and self-centred, just like a child. You think that the feelings of others don’t matter as much as yours.You think, “My needs, wants and feelings take priority over everyone else’s”.


B. When you’re ‘not bothered’ that what you think and do effects other people. (Even when people close to you tell ya’ that your stinkin’ thinkin and doin affects them in a bad way). You never ever think, “I”ll apologize and do what’s necessary to make things right”. (This requires maturity of thought and actions ......oooops).


C. When, it’s all about you, ‘cause you’re, a drama queen, or king, You’ll think and do anything to get attention. (And ya’ gotta THINK before ya’ can DO). You blame others for your actions. For example, you think and say, “You made me do that”. I’d think and say, in reply. “Did I, how? Did I offer ya’ a bribe. Did I threaten to shoot ya?  No, course not. It means that you don’t understand that you are creating what is happening due to your thoughts and actions.


D. When, you’re not bothered about the effects of your, out - of - control thinking and doing. You don’t do anything without having an ulterior motive (selfish thought).You’re unable to form a solid commitment to anything.


Soooo, some/a lot/thousands/millions? of folk are an, emotionally immature, mess. That’s because, they are thinking and doing and behaving in a way that they should have grown out of years ago.


My, caring,  advice to them is: Grow up. Grow better. Grow you, not vegetables. If you're one, same goes for you.


Going from, (feeling) angry to, (being) angry”

1.You think, X. 2. You feel, X. 3.You don’t control the feeling, X. 4. The feeling, X, escalates into an emotion. 5. That emotion now effects your actions/behaviour. 6.Your behaviour (actions) becomes uncontrollable. Not very mature that, eh?  


When emotions control your behaviour your life is out of (your) control..


If you want to  you can overcome /change this process. How? By, thinking better and acting on those better thoughts. Thinking better mean, monitoring your thoughts, realising which one’s are cr.....p, stupid, immature, etc. Then you replace them with better one’s.


Its called, growing up, becoming mentally mature, becoming emotionally mature, and becoming Self - Empowered. Inch by inch life’s a cinch. Thought by thought your life you’ll sort. It’s the only way, Jose.


Emotions are feelings that are out of  YOUR control’.

So, you may be twenty, thirty, forty or even more years old. That makes you physically mature. What makes you, emotionally/mentally mature is, taking responsibility for what you think and do. If you THINK and DO (behave) like a six year old spoilt brat. Guess what? That’s how other people will see and label you, irrespective of you age in years..


Ya’ mother will love ya whatever you THINK and DO but don’t expect the world in general to do so. We all got, better people to meet and better things to do.


Only, cheeses and wine mature just by, getting older!

Just a thought, hope it helps,


Thought Master and Mentor

P.S. I have had a, THINK, I thought of, am currently DOING the writing and expect to shortly??? HAVE  available three books that I believe will help all my followers to really, 'get a hold of' this thinking stuff.

It'll show you, beyond any doubt, just how important thoughts are. How? By giving you loads of quotes from, wise and sensible people who know the real deal. Here's one,

"As a physically weak man can make himself stronger by careful and patient training, so the man of weak thoughts can make them strong by exercising himself in right thinking".  James Allen (Major new-thought author) Google him!!!


Please tell everyone you know about this post and my hugely helpful and important blog. Thanks a bunch.


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