No time to hike-up your life? Or, just can’t be bothered?

No time to  hike-up your life? Or, just can't be bothered?

rsz_david_o_mckay-300x201(Insert the word conscious after the word your).

 Hey there,
Most people live their lives in 'comfortable indifference', unaware that they are capable of achieving more. Basically they can't be bothered. Stupid that. There are also those who, sorta' know better. They think that they do have something to offer. Unfortunately, most of them allow all of their better - thinking self to go to waste.

If this is you, I got good news.  You can change that. I did. How? By making a conscious (I'm in control of) thought decision to stop wasting all of my, "I'm in charge" time on stuff that don't really matter,


Been there, done it, trashed  that tee shirt many years ago.

 It's easy to surround yourself with distractions that expend, (not expand) you or your life. Things like, spending your evenings and weekends watching the box, goin’ to the pub and kidding yourself that you done something useful. This is using time to consume, not to, produce. Like me, you have to stop thinking ya' done good 'cause you spent  (wasted)? a whole evening just consuming time.


So ya’ gotta’ get, really, really, really, real. Why? Because, no one is going to make anything happen for you. That's  your responsibility, your 'to  DO'. That brilliant thought you have floating around your mind will die unless you, sit down, ditch any and all distractions, and DO the thought.


Most of us know this, but our actions (behaviours) prove otherwise. Life is short, but, only when ya’ think back and, oh sh...t, it’s ten years since I had the thought of  doing.......... and I haven't done anything to make it happen. Your, 'I can choose time', is precious. So spend it wisely. Just like you hard - earned cash.


Many people have great  thoughts but they get, ignored, overlooked, forgotten, and fade into obscurity.  It goes like this, a mate, work colleague or relative tells you that they're thinking about, starting a business, writing a book, learning a foreign language, , etc.......... then spend every minute of his/her spare, time doing anything but those things. That sound a bit like you?


Two kinds of time. 1.Consume time. 2.Produce time.

Around half of your time is filled, working and sleeping. Most of us are trapped by habitual thinking. They come home each day and consume their, ‘I got a choice’ time,  going to the pub, watching television, spending hours on, face thingy, pin trest etc. Same for the weekend? This is how you,  consume time.  You can also use time to  produce more  personal or life development.

To make things happen in your life two things must change.

They are: What you THINK about and DO in your spare? time. Knowing how to use these two life creation tools in the right way will make the difference between whether you HAVE more or stay, Mr. or Mrs. Average.


Like most people you’ll THINK "I need my,  down time, time to chill, when I should be able to DO what I like". OK true, there's no pain in doing, 'consume ..(TV, pub etc)......... stuff all of your free time. BUUUT .....doin' those things also gain.  They trash your opportunity to, become a better you and create a better life.


You go to work every day, because you have to. So, why not commit some down-time to your personal - evolution in the same way? Not dedicating any of your ‘spare’ time to, productive personal development?   The choice is yours.You either make time to develop you, or ya' don't. .



Don't be afraid to start, and follow, your own path.

When you start something new you have to get behind your vision and take action. You have to lead you 'cause only you know where you wanna' be. 

Ignore those people who are content with, 'being where they are' in their lives. That's more than likely where they'll be in ten twenty years time. Let ‘em go. Say, “Sorry I gotta do what I gotta' do". 

Don't let your, better THINKING and DOING die because you're busy trying to get the 'go ahead' from the 'no hopers' in your life. .


Final thoughts.
 1. Yeah, use some down - time to enjoy part of your life. But, also keep your higher thought-objectives in mind and take action on them.  Use some of your, 'it's my choice' time to produce not just consume.


2. Don't wait for others to totally agree with, or support, your vision. Henry Ford, Sir Frank Whittle, Walt Disney and hundreds of others didn't. Why? Because they knew that, it's never gonna' happen. 
 3. Sooooooo! Are you guilty of filling your, 'my choice' time, consuming  too much crap and producing, nada, nothing, zilch, of any value? Only you know.


4. If so, THINK about it. DO something about it. It's the only way you'll HAVE a life you won't regret.



Humbly and sincerely,


Thought Master and Mentor

P. S. There it is then. You now know how to stop, just consuming, all that  spare???? time. Yes you do. Go start using, at least part of it, to produce your new, improved future. Only you can THINK and DO that for ya'. 

Reading more of my posts will help you to THINK and DO better. It'll help others as well, so tell them about thoughtistry. Thanks.

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