Winners think and do rituals. Find out why below.

Winners think and do rituals. Find out why below.

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This post is rather long. It's also really helpful. You my need a coffee/beer break half way through.


Here’s what you’ll know by the end of this post..

1. What a ritual is.
2.How important they are.
3.How easy they are to set up.
4. How effective they are.
5.What you must do to make them part of your life.


Words meaning the same as ritual are: Routine. Procedure. Habit. Practice. Custom.


I don’t bother with or write about  any kind of self-help, self- improvement, self-evolution, self-growth stuff that I can’t understand and use. (That means most of it).


Just in case you’re thinking it. I’m not stupid. I have an Honours Degree in Education.


Me, and you, both understand what’s meant by the word ritual. Don’t we? It’s like brushing your teeth. I THINK and DO that twice every day. Spect' you do too.

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Here  we go then.

Harvard professor Francesca Gino is the author of author of two books. They explain her research on the power of rituals to improve our lives.


“Little rituals don’t just boost your ability, they can also make you more creative” Francesca Gino.

“Start and maintain a ritual to give yourself a little of what you love to get you feeling good and ready to get to work on anything”.F.G.


Her research shows that most athletes have all kinds of crazy rituals like, not changing their socks or carrying a good luck charm.

.“Some of the pre-game routines that some of the players have are kind of funny. What we studied in this project was whether these rituals are really of beneficial effect in terms of bringing you confidence and potentially impacting your performance positively. That is actually what we found”.Francesca Gino

Know what? It seems like this ritual stuff works.


Still sceptical?
Here’s the best part, it doesn’t matter. In her research F.G. found that you don’t even need to believe in the power of rituals right from the get go for them to be of benefit in your life. They prove their power when you put them to use.


Her research showed that rituals help reduce anxiety.
“What we find is that if you engage in a ritual prior to a potentially high anxiety task, like singing in public or solving difficult maths problems, you end up being calmer by the time you approach the task, and more confident in what you’re about to do”.


Rituals are also effectively used by people to, overcome procrastination. Procrastination is really, anxiously avoiding taking the first step of any objective we have in mind.


For example, You worry about that presentation at work. So you procrastinate. You avoid thinking about doing/starting the preparation. So you have less time to work on it. Which makes you more anxious. So you procrastinate more. Oooops.


So personal rituals, are an effective way to beat anxiety and procrastination?

Developing, having and using a little ritual that you always do before a an anxiety/don’t wanna do it, big (or little) moment that sets you at ease, focuses your attention, steels your resolve and will have a huge effect on how you feel and how well you perform. (Couldn’t shorten that sentence. Read it a few times right now, ‘til you get it)

Done that? Got it?


Another author who writes stuff that makes sense to me.

I just finished reading about a thing called a ‘Personal Starting Ritual’ in a best selling book by Charles Duhigg. He advises that, “You use a personal starting ritual.” If people can habitualise that first step, it makes starting it a lot easier”

For habitualise,  think, ritualise.


The, yahoo, yeah,’ got it, I can do that, eureka part, the best part, is this. Your personal ‘starting ritual’ can be something fun. Anything that gets you started, (DO-ing).


The best rituals come from your MIND. Don't try using anyone else's

Break time, enjoy.


Here’s how to use a ritual, or three, to improve your life.

THINK up/create a ritual you are happy with. A little dance? Count to ten backwards? Kick the cat? Let the budgie out of its cage.

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Develop a few (three) simple ritual(s) customized by you, for you ???? Yes, you! DO the ritual whenever you feel like not starting something.


Most important. 1.It has to be your ritual. 2.You THINK it. 3.You DO it. The more personal you make it and the more consistently you use it the more powerful it will become..


You now HAVE the/a/some method(s) that you can apply to all situations that you need to do but don’t feel like starting.


Plus this.
Science has validated, a number of studies that show that just having a ritual is important. (Read this in 'TIME' magazine some months ago).  


What, really, really, really, really, yes really, matters is that it’s, YOUR ritual and that you actually DO it.


Have a ‘little’ but powerful, ritual you always THINK and DO before tackling anything, big or small. This will prepare you mentally for taking on the ‘getting started bit’.


Rituals are used effectively to, overcome procrastination. Procrastination is really, avoiding taking the first step of any objective we have in mind.


The #1 ritual to do every day is: use your rituals.


Rocket Science it is not.


On a personal level.

 I began using a method of getting  me started several years ago. I used to read a quote that inspired me. I didn’t realise what I was actually doing at that time. It was of course my ritual. It’s been a big stone in the foundation of a better me and a better life.


What I’ve learned researching for this post is that I was right all those years ago.


It’s, mind over matter. Mind over all matters. Mind (yours) over all (your) matters.


In a nutshell, THINK your ritual. DO your ritual. HAVE the results of following through on 'things' you may never have started.

So now we both know:
1. What a ritual is.
2. How important they are.
3. How easy they are to set up.
4. How effective they are.
5. What you must do to make them part of your life.


Mind how ya’ go,


Thought Master and Mentor

P.S. What this information also, shows, proves, indicates, makes clear, is that people can, change improve what we call luck. Luck, good or bad, isn’t some, paranormal, airy fairy, woo woo, smoke and mirrors, thing..

It’s something you create by using your thoughts and your behaviour (what you do) in a way that prepares you mentally to approach anything with a positive mind set.

A mind set that makes you perform better, so you get better results and create a better life for yourself, one challenge at a time.

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