Do, please, get off your, but’s, what if’s and do not’s.

Do, please, get off your, but's, what if's and do not's.






Hi, welcome, say thanks to Yoda,

There are do'ers and doubters. The do'ers get things done the doubters get their kicks from takin’ the mick out of what the do'ers do. They hope that the do’ers fail so that they can feel better about themselves, doing and achieving, nothing.


How do you do get things done?


You start.

That's it.

You, start something.

Most, (95%) of people, just sit on their fat behinds and only think of doing something.


How to become one of the 5%. who THINK and DO.
A. Start on a project you are really serious about.

B. Spend just ten minutes every day at it. More if you can.

C. Stick to that simple routine

D. Don’t do, start and stop.

E. Keep going ‘til it’s finished. A  week? A month?  A year?

F. Once it is, done, give yourself a mental pat on the back.


No, it’s not over yet, unless you decide that it is.

Now you start something a bit more demanding and apply the same process. THINK of something new. Start it. Keep DOING it until it’s finished. That'll be the time when you'll enjoy HAVING the fruits of your discipline and effort.


It’s a bleedin’ mystery to me why so few people can  see the truth and wisdom of the system, and use it.


Been there ....I have.

Oh dear, guess what? I used to be one of those who prefer to sit on their butt just thinking and rarely doing.. But not for the last forty years or so. If you wanna know some of the detail go here  Don't forget to come back.


Like what you read?

Gotta' be honest though, I’m a natural doer. The only time I‘m not actually doing something is when I’m sitting at my computer researching and writing for this blog and my books. For the last four years that has been my priority ‘thing’ to do every day.


(Hey wait a minute though, that’s doing something. Innit?)


I do, THINK of and I DO, spend some time on other things, like a bit of painting and decorating, simple car maintenance. BUT not the majority of my time.


The only time I’m not doing something of benefit for my life is when I’m asleep.


The really important part of the process is making sure that what you intend, plan, THINK you'll DO is likely to, make your life, better, make progress, grow and evolve.


It’s a choice between thinking, "I’ll read another Harry Potter book", (no criticism intended). Or, “ I’ll read one that’ll teach me something I can use to improve myself or my life". A book about, painting and decorating, getting healthier, getting fitter, earning more money, getting a better job? Then THINKing about and DOing what you learn.


In the past I’ve done loads of stuff that was sort of a waste of my time. Hindsight eh????

That’s ‘cause I didn’t think about what I intended to do. And didn’t prioritize my thinking and doing.


So, the rules about achieving in life are:

#1. Think of, say, three things you’d like to do.
#2. Decide which would be the most useful to do first.
#3. Start and finish it.
#4. When the first thing is finished, give yourself a mental pat on the back.
#5. Then start the next thing ..........and............ keep going, ‘til that’s done as well..

Yeah’ there’ll be times when it gets tuff, you’ll lose patience, won’t be sure what to do. So what? Just keep goin’. If he was alive, Henry Ford would agree with me. Albert Einstein too. In fact, anyone who did great things with their life.


Why? Because, that’s how us humans achieve, both, the  'not so great'  and the 'really great' things, in life. You’re, learning, applying, practicing and perfecting how to, THINK DO and HAVE . You’re developing your Self -Empowerment skills.


It's a, mind - boggling, bleedin’ great mystery to me, how so many people (95%) can't just get off their butts and DO..


Yeah, there's work, oh, oh, a four letter word.........but you're creating a better life for yourself and those who depend on you. You're, learning, growing, mastering your life and benefitting from what you THINK and DO. As long as you DO, DO, the DOIN’.


Eventually you’ll HAVE a life that you created.

'Got it', yet?

Don't ya' love what I write? I do. But then that's to be expected. Read more of it and you'll love it too.





Thought Master and Mentor.

P.S. Reading more of my posts is not obligatory but doing so will give you increased, help, guidance and insight into how important your thoughts and your actions are. This important! They're  the tools with which you create/make your life. Albert Einstein said so. Ya' gotta' love him.

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