New, improved, better, TV, car? What about you?


New, improved, better, TV, car? What about you?



Hi welcome, read, become better,

Advertisers love the words, new, better and improved. However, it doesn’t mean that what’s on offer is actually much more, useful, desirable  or efficient than the original.


New is a word that promises loads of possibilities but rarely does it turn out to be a step forward in performance or quality of a product.


What does improved actually mean with a product. Is it better at doing the job it’s designed to do or does it just smell or look different?.


In the minds of advertisers both these words promise. mislead and confuse us consumers. They  manipulate us through our emotions and make us think that we are being offered more for our money.


New and improved, in advertising, rarely means better in any major way. The marketers, of course, want you to think otherwise.


What about your life.

The self-help Goo Roos also use these words to make you believe that by buying their products you become a new improved you, immediately, tomorrow, next week.


In nature evolution is only achieved through small continuous renewing and improvement of a thing................. over time.


Us humans have completely changed over thousands of years.  Your ancestors were cavemen.


New or improved doesn’t ever mean totally, brand new.

If you decided to create a new and improved you what would need to change?.

Today think about just one thing that you could do tomorrow to become a newer, better  or improved you.



You could think, “I’ll get up a bit earlier from tomorrow on”. Do it and you will then be a different/better/new you compared to today. As long as you continue the change it will be come an permanent, improved, new aspect of you and your life..

You could also think today, “From tomorrow on I’ll do five minutes of simple easy exercise within fifteen minutes getting up each morning”.


If you renew, change and improve one thing each week for a year you could, renew, improve, get better at and  change 52 areas of your life.


THINKING of, and DOING, the changes that you are in control of, gives you the personal power to make sure that you HAVE them happen, in you and in your life.


Got the message????
We have no control over what manufacturers do to make their products, new, improved or better. We do have total control over what we believe will make us, new, improved or better.


The most important thing for us ‘people’ is that we can choose, carefully, sensibly and realistically what things we want to renew or improve about us.


To have an, improved, better, or new you, or life, you need to know what part of you, or your life, you want to improve, renew or make better.


Whatever you decide to improve, renew or make better in your life, cause and effect, your thinking and doing, is the only route to ensuring that the right changes actually happen.


You can only, take control of, take charge of, renew or improve any area of your life by taking control of what you THINK and what you DO. It’s simple cause and effect. This process empowers you to HAVE control of your life.


This is self - directed, sensible, self - powered, self - chosen evolution. Change chosen and created by you. No one else can do it for you


Think new/ improved thoughts. Do them and, over time, you will have a better, new and improved you, and life.


This non - Goo Roo tells ya' this truth.

Any, improvement, renewal, becoming better will be, eventually, not immediately, tomorrow or next week.

THINK what you want to change. DO what needs to be done. (Only you can). You will (eventually)HAVE.

 All the best from,


A continually, improving, renewing and evolving, Thought Master and Mentor.


P.S. This and all my posts tell you what you really need to know and understand if you are serious about how you improve, renew and evolve as a person. So, don't go without reading  a few more of my posts (hard -won insights) into how we all work and can learn to work better.

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