Got a Problem? Need a solution? Go think better!!! .

Got a Problem? Need a solution? Go, think better!!!!!

(Go find out how -to, live knowingly, responsibly and consciously in this post)).

 “There’s a conscious decision to everything I do.” Daniel Craig.(Didn't do him any harm, eh)?

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  “People who really try to be conscious of what they have done, who take responsibility, to me these kinds of people are heroes”. Park Chan -Wook. (Film maker, Studied Philosophy in Sogang University, Korea.)


Hi, welcome, read, learn,

We don’t always think good thoughts but we can learn from other people’s thinking. What about the two above? And the one below

"Every day while you’re awake,
You’re responsible for each act you take.
No-one else can THINK for you,
Only you do what you DO.
No-one else can be to blame,
Think I’m wrong? Then think again". Me.

(Hope the rhyme helps). It should.
Anyway, on with this week’s post.
When you do something you’re, aware of what you’re doing. So you’re in control of what you are doing. The, honest, answer is, YES. No excuses. They’re for wimps.

Conscious living is about taking the responsibility for what you think and whether ya' choose to act on any thought, or not. It’s all about self-control.

When you switch the TV on, do you know what you’re doing. When you clean you teeth are you conscious of what you’re doing? What about getting dressed, cooking a meal, making a cup of tea, going to the loo, reading a book, going to the pub? You know what you are doing, don’t you? The answer is YES, again. For each act you had to think first.


Get the message, solve any problem.
Everything you do, that you are aware of doing is, a conscious act. That’s, living consciously and knowingly. Do you ever do anything without being conscious of (knowing) what you’re doing? The answer this time is NO. Even if you are blind drunk you are aware of what you’re doing. You may not be in control of what you’re doing but you do know what you’re doing.

You can only DO anything, talk, drink, write, watch TV, go to a footie match if you’re conscious. If you know what you’re doing you are conscious. So if you know what you’re doing who is responsible for what happens? YOU.

Any other way that you ‘look at’ how you operate is, crap, self delusion and a damned lie.

conscious 1imagesCNB1C09A       Insert,  'Everything', for the word 'Happiness' and ya' cracked it.

The connection between mind and action is, thought.
You have to think before you can do and while you’re doing the doing you also gotta' be thinking. That’s how I work anyway. Unless you’re from another planet, so do you.

If you think, “I’ll go out and throw a brick through the windscreen of our neighbours car”. You chuck the brick right on target. Can you honestly say that you did not know what you were doing? The honest answer is this time is NO. If you told me you didn’t know what you were doin’ I wouldn’t believe ya!

 No way Jose, Fred, Dave, Josephine, Frederica, Davina..........................
Between the thought and the doing (throwing the bricky) you could have stopped your actions at any time. So whose fault was it that the windscreen got smashed? YOOUUUURRRSSSS. Nobody else caused the damage to happen. Don’t blame the brick.
You THINK. You DO. Then, as a result, you HAVE an effect in your life. If ya’ don’t THINK and DO right then the effects you HAVE in and on your life won’t be right. Only conscious THINKING and DOING will ensure that you’ll create HAVE the right effects in your life.
Mugger, in court, “I didn’t know what I was doing, Your Honour”. What a load of B. S.

Conscious living means, taking responsibility for, your thoughts and actions. Conscious living is the most effective way to take control of your life.


Conscious living, (living consciously), is  accepting that, being awake means being aware. It gives you the power and the responsibility to examine your thoughts and your actions. Health, finances and relationships are the three most common areas where people have problems in life. Learning and doing,  conscious living, provides the only sensible way for you to take control of these important life areas. It works for me.
The only way to be in control is to develop, conscious thought control.
Be honest you know if any thought isn’t a, sensible, reasonable, common-sense, calm, you -in -control, one.  If you think then do stupid things it ain’t THINKING and DOING consciously. That’s the result of uncontrolled, sub - conscious elements in your thinking. You’ll never know the why and the what of that influence. Not even, psychologists, psychiatrists, hypnotherapists ever know,  after several years of therapy, exactly why the thoughts and behaviour of most  of their clients are different.

I believe that what will serve you better, and cost you less, is  * below. consc 2 images4VD6BWQV

*If you want to live fully you have to, learn how-to make your, sensible, common-sense, non-stupid , conscious part of your mind, the boss, the security guard, the referee, of every thought. In other words give your conscious mind the responsibility of monitoring every thought. It ain’t Rocket Science.

Your mind, like your muscles, grows stronger and more powerful through disciplined training. Only you can do this for you.
Go explore the ‘world of thought’. I have been doing it for years, and have dug up loads of thought treasures. Around 20,000 at my last count. Reading any of my posts will give you access to many of these thought treasures. Be my guest.


Anyway gotta' finish now and start packing for a three week trip to sunny? England. Plane leaves Alicante airport at 7 am tomorrow, Saturday 19th December 2015. Back to the sun and Spain on 11th January 2016.



Thought Master and Mentor

P.S. I love, learn from and use loads of quotes because they give you a new way of thinking about life. Some will really smack you between the eyes and  cause you to THINK and DO better. They will be the trigger you need to change your life.

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