Creator you? You better believe it!!!!!

Creator you? You better believe it!!!!!

Here's a  few who did.

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Hi, wherever you are in your life,

Creator of your life are you,
Through what you THINK and what you DO.
This universal law is fact,
 To release it’s power you must always act.

When you think and act you will create,
Effects that will decide your fate.
If you just think, but never do,
 Your life you never will renew.

Thinking, it’s said,* is the hardest work,
A task that most prefer to shirk.
But spend some time on this important task,
And in life’s sunshine you will bask.


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With every thought you have to DO,
To gain an EFFECT that’s right for you.
THINK don’t DO and you won’t create,
A single thing, you’ll just wait, and wait.

Your thoughts and acts create effects,
That can change you life in all respects.
Good thoughts and acts create good in life,
But bad ones cause, all pain and strife.

In order to get to any goal,
Your thoughts must be in your control,
This power is yours, so learn it well,
Or, in your life, regret, will dwell.


Thinking’s a skill we all possess,
It can make you more, or make you less.
It’s a skill you can start to improve right now,
It really all depends on how.

Every post in my 'super' blog,
Will help you out in the learning slog.
I write my posts on the basis of,
Thinking and doing what I love.

When you THINK and DO, you will create,
Effects you’ll either love or hate.
They are the tools you gotta’ use,
To create your life of, win, or lose.

If you don’t think what I write is true,
There’s just one thing that I can do.
And this is it, there ain’t no tricks,
Read the quote below until it 'sticks'.

Once you know who it came from,
You’ll then know how life is ‘done’.
 This wise man, like many others,
Knew his words, can make winners of us.

(Why a rhyme)? 'Cause we all remember, songs lyrics, Nursery Rhymes, catch phrases  n' things for years). So in the future you should remember 'the message'' from this post.

The quote:

“The proliferation of ‘things' of all kinds and ‘lives' of all kinds presents one unbroken chain of evidence to support the fact that man (and woman) is the creator of his(her) own destiny; and his(her) thoughts and acts are the tools with which he (she) does the making”. I added the words in brackets. The author? See below.


Go THINK better, (Cause).Go DO better, (Cause). Then you'll HAVE better (Effects) in your life.


Bye for now,


Thought Master and Mentor, for those who want to think better.

The author: Albert Einstein. Don't ya' just love him? (Hprobably intended the message for women as well).

P.S. More rhymes to come, when I think of some. Ooops!  Til' then, read a few more of my 'super posts'. Then tell your, friends, family, work mates, well anyone really, about my blog. Thanks in advance.

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