Action or REaction? No brainer! Once you know, why.

Action or REaction? No brainer! Once you know, why.


"Do. Or do not. There is no try." - Yoda, Jedi Master.


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Action refers to the physical steps you must take, using your body, to create an effect (what happens) in the environment around you. This action (or actions ) are the stage of ‘personal creation’ that empower you to work toward your /any goal and eventually have it.

REaction usually means you'll get things wrong, then keep REacting without getting anywhere. You'll drown in an ocean of emotion. Callers to emergency services are usually drowning  in their  emotions.  Medical, emergency, fire and rescue professionals never REact.  Surgeons,  hospital emergency room, search and rescue, fire service  staff are trained to, think sensibly, rationally, then act in response. 

Action means thinking and doing  in a sensible, rational, constructive way. You think before you act. Action not REaction is absolutely necessary in pursuit of any better - life  objective.  

Each goal demands that you THINK about what you want.  DO what is needed, ( take action on), those thoughts. Only then will things, actually happen, move forward, make progress, become real and you'll HAVE the results in your life. (I always think of the word ACTION as ACT    I    ON).

This formula, T D H gives you, personal control, of every area of your life.  

Step 1.THINK. Step 2.  DO.   Eventually you'll, 3. HAVE.


Some key rules about action and REaction are:

 1. Action and REaction.
When you REact you are responding, instantly, usually wrongly, usually emotionally, without thinking, to a situation. When you THINK(consciously) before you DO (act) you are in charge of you.  Now you are in control.  You can HAVE the outcome you want.

I know that the  T D H formula is the, best, most effective  and personally controllable way, to habitually respond to all life’s situations.

Why? Because:  

Your thoughts and actions (what you THINK and what you DO) are the cause(s) of everything you, create and HAVE, in your life. 

So, like me, apply  T D H and gain personal control of your life.

To, think, then act, (not just REact), empowers you to harness the power of your mind. This is conscious life - control. It gives you superiority over your environment. This is, SELF-EMPOWERMENT.


2. A system of, consistent and  relevant thoughts and actions towards your goal is essential.

This develops and refines your mental understanding (and therefore mental manifestation) of how any goal is achieved. Once you establish these mental and physical habits they can be used to achieve future life - changing objectives.

Over time you will formulate and establish a beneficial system of thought and physical, habits.


3. Good thinking = good  actions. Bad thinking =.........                        .
The quality of your thinking  controls, the quality of your actions. . Thought habits, good or bad are the foundation of everything you do. Weak, bad, unhelpful, thought-habits must be identified and overcome.

Your objective should be to, gradually develop and refine your good-thought habits. Do this by monitoring/checking  every thought and deciding to act, only on those that you 'know' are sensible. Do this for half an hour a day then increase the time until you have established the habit. That's how I did it.

This is best developed and established one thought at a time. Attempting and expecting to make immediate and drastic changes in your thought habits will never work. Why? Because, habits of thought and action are formed over time and have to be reformed using the same process.

4. Correct action require an effective belief system.
We all have beliefs. They effect our thoughts and actions. Some of these beliefs are helpful, others are destructive. You gotta', develop and establish a different system of beliefs through new thoughts and action. Change the internal mental connections which have formed your current habitual thought-belief system. New beliefs are formed by adopting new thoughts and actions. Once established a new, better, different, belief system will control your thoughts and actions. You will then be empowered to change your life.


5. ACTION is a must in personal - creation/manifestation. 

When I write personal - creation this is what I mean. Step 1. You THINK, “I fancy a cup of coffee”. Step 2. You get off your butt, go to the kitchen and DO what’s necessary to make the drink. Step 3.You now HAVE the drink. (It wasn’t there. It is now. You created it.)


You created it through, Step 1, your thought and Step 2, your actions. In Step 2, you made/created a drink.  That  drink didn't exist, would never exist without you, doing something.
Step 1, BUT NO Step 2,  means,  you'll never HAVE, your  drink. No manifestation, never will  be. Same goes for anything you want to HAVE in your life.

Wanna' be healthier? Wanna' be more successful? Wanna' be richer? Assuming you thought, yes, then below is the only, system, formula, strategy, that will produce the goods. 


1. THINK  better.  2. DO better. Eventually you will (create) HAVE the, good health, greater success and increased wealth.

Who says so? Albert Einstein like this: "The proliferation of 'lives' of all kinds and 'things' of all kinds provides one unbroken chain of evidence to support the fact that man is the maker of his own destiny; and his thoughts and his acts are the tools with which he does the making"

So, there ya’ are, only thinking and doing together cause change and the creation of new behaviours that can change your physical life.

Practicing the above you will teach you :
A. How to master your mind/thoughts and therefore you actions.

B. How to unlock and manage the immense personal power of your conscious mind.

C. How to self- create, more wealth, happiness, success and better health

D. How to understand  the two tools that ensure manifestation. (According to Albert Einstein).


 Law of Consciousness??? or should it be awareness???????

There are  'Laws of Wisdom'. Won't go into that now though. Of these the most important and most useful, I believe, is, the * 'Law of Consciousness'. This law is the foundation of all so called 'manifestations'  (physical creation or appearance) in  life.

* (If you have a day or two to spare you can 'G, thingy', it and try to make sense of it. I tried and got totally confused).


Another word for  consciousness is, awareness. So, I prefer to call it the,  'Law Of Conscious Awareness'. That's 'cause it makes sense and I can understand and use it. So can you.

Your conscious awareness is the main factor in the realization of your full potential. Developing a, focused and unrestricted conscious awareness, slowly brings order out of, mental chaos.

As your conscious awareness develops, you will improve your thinking and doing and have whatever you want in your life. It ain't rocket science.

The 'Law of Conscious Awareness' is,  the foundation of all manifestation in, your life, my life, any life, every life. Now that you know it, make sure that you understand it, then go use it.


My conclusion.

Action is, undervalued, misunderstood, ignored, overlooked,  as a the essential part of personal creation/manifestation. Read this five times. Now you know not to miss out the ACT  I  ON bit of whatever you want to achieve.

The word manifestation means. To, become real, be created, happen, appear, be realized, be achieved. You can’t make anything happen, appear etc just by thinking  it.

For decades the general idea/con was that, you can, ‘get what you want just by thinking the right thoughts’  (WALOC) What A Load Of C...p. But it sounded good. and suggested that thinking was all you had to do to attract success, riches and be happy,  (WALOC) , again.

Any, goal, personal-change, personal-growth, personal - evolution, personal- development you wish to manifest, has to start inside you in the non-physical form of, your thoughts. Yeh?  OK.? Got it? Know it? Great!!

BUT, whatever you want will only be realized and made real through, your actions, what you DO. Fancy a sandwich. Think. Then go make it, or you'll never get it.

 Consciously yours,


Thought Master and Mentor


P.S. For workable strategies, more help and guidance go read more of my posts

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