Time Management v Self Management

Time Management versus Self Management.

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Or you should be.


Time management: Does it really matter as an area of personal development?

This Thought Master and Mentor don't think it’s the  main one.

Time Management, B, for me, comes after, A. Self Management.

A. Self Management comes before B. Time management. It makes alphabetical sense too.

Ever think about this self- management stuff? Ya' should. And more than just once in a while.

The great American motivator, Jim Rohn puts it like this: “Before you work on anything else in life, work on yourself". (Yourself= the 'internal' you).

Stuff like, how, well groomed you are, if you have a six pack to die for and a tan that took many hours in the Tanning Salon? That’s all 'external' you. O.K. you’ll look better but you won’t do/perform better.

You won’t perform (DO ) better until you become a better you.

Take a big breath, or two.

Spending time just learning how-to- manage time is an external, outside of self ‘thing’. I think that you’ll get much better rewarded by focusing on self/personal management, an 'inside' thing.


We all have a comfortable speed that we naturally do things at. Know yours? You should! That’s a part of self management.  Trying to go faster causes confusion, going slower gets boring.

A Chines proverb comes to mind here. It goes like this: “It’s better to be traveling at five miles an hour in the right direction than, 105 miles an hour in the wrong one”. So that’s, understanding the use of time taken care of.

Manage you..... everything else will fall into place.

For example, learning to take full responsibility for your ,^&*&% ups, demands internal change. The, blaming your dog, your bad luck, there’s too much to learn, is the,  don’t blame me game. These thoughts are for people who are not self aware. Life's losers 

People who are desperate blame everything/body else for their failures. Get real! To DO better you have to THINK better. Like, “I accept responsibility for everything I THINK and DO”. Which is true ‘cause no one else THOUGHT and DID what ever it was. JUST YOU.

So, no more 'reasons disguised as excuses'. Please.

How to mismanage your time.

Spend most of it on FB thingy, YouTube, tweeting and reading email blah, blah, blah..............................................blah................blah.

Time management is an issue. BUT there are far more ‘personal limitations’ to be resolved. Limitations created by, a mind filled with doubt, fear, constantly in a state of, stop, be careful, check just one more thing, it won't work out, instead of. “Just DO it, make a start.

We are all born with the personal skills needed to create and get somewhere in life. Developing and managing them is, self management. Ya' don’t need a degree in anything to succeed in life. Find out what will help you to, manage you, and improve you.

The key here, dear reader, is to become self -managed to the level where you start things and complete them. It’s THINKING and DOING in order to, HAVE, the result that you want.

Time is NOT your main enemy, a poorly developed and managed you is. It always will be, unless you fix it.

THINK and DO self management until you’re self managed to the point where you constantly and consistently, THINK DO HAVE what actually brings you closer to achieving your goal(s).

My rule for self managing time.

This is how I got real about time. I realized some time ago that anytime I thought of doing something the DOing always took longer than I thought it would. This happened most of the time. While DOing I became, frustrated, impatient, began to hurry, lost concentration and made mistakes. Stress or what?

So I self managed my internal attitude (thinking) to time, like this.

1. I think, “How long it is likely to take to do.. X”? 2. Then I times it by 4. So, if I think that it will take fifteen minutes to do ...X , I re-think ,"It’ll take an hour to do ...X. (One hour then becomes four, one day becomes four and so on). Got it?

Now I never get stressed while DOing ...X.  If I finish the task within the allotted time, which I usually do,  I, jump for joy, knowing that I’m in charge of the situation by, managing me.

This approach has never let me down over the last three years, whatever I am DOing. My missus and the dog are relieved and I'm off the valium.

How I DO.
What I DO.

THINK and DO BETTER so that I eventually HAVE the result I want.

It'll work for you too. What I write makes sense.

Hope what you've read has helped, honest,


Thought Master and Mentor

 P.S. Go to any of my posts and discover how to take charge of yourself. Why? Because that's where you'll read my, very sensible,  'learn how to self manage' info.

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