What – To – Do -when – You – Think, “I – Don’t – Know -What -To – Do”

What - To - Do -when - You - Think, “I - Don’t - Know -What -To - Do.”


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“You  never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results.” Mahatma Gandhi.



Hi, read, learn, think, do, have,

First, about the title.

Y’ know, the place where things ain’t workin’ and you’re, not sure of what to do next to make any progress.
It’s miserable.
Getting on in this, unkind, wonderful, helping, kick- you- in- the- butt, world is always a series of ups and downs, ups and downs, ups and downs. It don’t get much better at the top either, y’ know.

When I’m struggling to keep 'optymystick' I THINK and I DO one or more of the following until I HAVE a result. 

So, I advise, suggest, strongly suggest, demand???? That you:

1.Develop your ability to ‘work through’ things.
Think, “I will get through this”. Rather than wallow in the problem, THINK about and DO a solution. Focusing on solutions is the only solution in every area of life.


2. Draw on your past experience. 
Ditch the “shiny object syndrome”. Like Most people you’ll probably want/desire/need to, abandon something that has worked, in favor of something that you have no experience of that, might, might, might, just possibly might work better. Wanna bet?

These are more likely to work:
A. THINK and DO  what worked in the past. B. What do you already know that you can THINK and DO to help. C. Have you honestly used  A and to their fullest.



3. Think, “Other people can THINK and DO success, so why not me?.
I know that this sounds like crap when things are so screwed up. But the truth is this, almost anyone can succeed if they follow the right path/process/formula. You know that I'm convinced what that path/process/formula is, don’t you? (If this is your first visit to my blog you won’t of course know, yet, so be patient).

Nobody just, ‘knows - how- to,’ ride a bike, drive a car, play a guitar, or write a book, whatever. Guess what though? If someone has already learned, X, Y or Z, you too can, learn about, THINK about and DO those things and HAVE the benefits.

Can you, drive a car, paint a wall, play football? If so you have proved that you can learn stuff that moves you onward and upward in life.

So, get real. Most people can learn to achieve/ do more when they  automatically/habitually, think that they can!


“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you’ll be right. Henry Ford.

Henry, obviously, thought "I can..............". Then, he did whatever was needed. 


4. Find, learn and use a process that you understand.
Succeeding in life is not a mystery, it’s the application of a proven process. It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible, either. Do yourself and me a favour. THINK this. “Not everyone who does succeed is an expert. Or has decades of experience. These things help BUT they’re not absolutely necessary".


5. Limit your options.
When things are not working the way you want it‘s vital to decrease the range, and number of possible solutions. There is SO much information out there. Free information on blogs, online articles, courses ranging from a few £/$/Euro to hundreds of £/$/Euro.

This 'shiny, new, solve any problem 'stuff simply becomes a major distraction. It gives you loads to THINK about, which stops you DOING what’s gotta' be DONE.
In almost every situation the key, for thinking people, is to avoid unnecessary distractions.


6. Ask for help.
No man/woman is (meant to be) an island. You included. Me as well. We all grow by, asking for help when we need it and by giving help when we can give it. Just make sure that you know and trust whoever you ask.


So there ya go.
Effective ways to get unstuck and clear up the confusion about, what - to - do - when - you - don’t - know - what - to - do -next. There’s never nothing to do and doing nothing is definitely what not to do. Now you know six things to THINK about, choose from, then DO. So, no excuses from now on , eh?


What's true is this – achieving personal success in life is demanding and confusing. It takes time and effort. Not easy, but definitely, DO-able.  Too many “gurus” want you to think it’s a 'walk in the park'. (Get the rubbish information of, instant results/get richer/happier/more successful/slimmer/younger looking/more attractive, quickly, out of your thinking).

It’s also true, Totally Reliable Understandable Evidence that: By following  a proven process there is no reason you can’t be successful in life.

What it all comes down to is: How much do you want ‘it’ and what will you do (honestly and ethically) to get ‘it’?

Whatever your ‘it’ is.

Troubles enter our lives and we can't do that much to avoid them. I believe that they're there for a  reason. It's only when we have overcome them that we understand why they appeared. 


Living a life where you are THINKing and DOing something you get pleasure from is a wonderful thing and a satisfying level of success. Something that most people can achieve/HAVE. People like me. People like you.

Regards and respect,


Thought Master and Mentor

P.S. If this is your first visit to thoughtistry.com then please read a few more of my really helpful posts. Give me a chance to earn your trust and confidence in my message. Which is, "What you think and what you do, determines what becomes of you". And my mission is"To help people to change, one thought at a time". Which really is what it takes.

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