Do you THINK and DO what's best for you? I doubt it.

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( If it had  been, ‘thinking energy’, Socrates, old chum. Then you would have got it spot on).

Hello, I'm here to help,

Everything you do every second/minute/hour of every day begins as/with, a thought.

*Whatever you ever did in your past began as a thought.

*Whatever you do day by day begins with a ________.

*Whatever you do in the future will begin with a ______.



What do you THINK and DO every week?
Mon. to Fri: THINK/DO, going to work.
Mon. to Fri: After work, THINK/DO watching the telly
Sat and Sun: THINK/DO, watching more telly. THINK/DO, going shopping. THINK/DO, take the kids somewhere. THINK/DO wash the car. THINK/DO mow the lawn.


That's 8 hours a day at work, 1 hour lunch break, 2 hours traveling to and from work, 1 hour eating your evening meal, 4 hours watching TV.  That’s 8 +1 +2 + 1 + 4 = 16 hours a day THINKING and DOING stuff. So, 5 x 16 = 80 hours (over five days). Then there’s Saturday and Sunday, 16 x 2 = 32 hours.


Soooo, that’s 112 hours a week you spend THINKING and DOING stuff.  Work and travel takes up 50 of them.


That leaves you, 72 hours a week, to THINK and DO whatever stuff you like, want, wish to, choose to. But is it ‘stuff’ that actually gets you anywhere better or higher or more satisfied in life. NO is the honest answer for 95% of people. That’s why only 5%.of people achieve any significant success in life.


When you’re thirty years older and you life hasn’t changed don’t, whinge, complain or waste time thinking about how much better you could have done or been. Too late.  Ya’ can’t go back. So! Hack it. Suck it up. That’s it. Game over?


Not really.There are many examples of people who made the last ten fifteen, twenty, years of their life better than the first twenty thirty, forty, fifty, or more years. Starting early is better though.?


My message?
Don’t continue to, habit -THINK and habit -DO, your life away.


THINK of something(s) that will make some kind of improvement to yourself and your life. Then, DO it. Sometime in your future you’ll HAVE the rewards of your effort. (You didn’t really expect it to happen right away did you)? That's what the hype merchants want you to believe. 


Any change has to start with, new different thoughts. Just one thought could be the start of a new you and a new life. BUT you must DO something/act on the thought for it to eventually become real in your life.


You can’t think about what you don’t know about. New information provides new thought -food to support new thinking.


Do as I did at the start  of my 'better life' journey.

Spend an hour a day, getting to know new stuff to THINK and DO by:

1. Reading the life story of some person who went from rags to riches, failure to success, nobody to somebody.

2.Listen to ‘real world stuff ‘on the radio, not just mindless 'musak'.

3. Find some instructional videos on YouTube on stuff that will help you to develop as a person.

4. Learn stuff about, money management, getting healthier and getting on with other people. (Finance, health and relationships, are the most common ‘life’ problems throughout the world).

5. Read, “What you See is What you Get”, by Sir Allan Sugar. It should encourage you to, try something new, have hope, or even a plan, for the future.

6. Read, watch, or listen to, ‘War and Peace’, ‘Jane Eyre’, all the Harry Potter or the James Bond books, etc, etc, etc. Just joking. This kind of stuff  provides pleasure, BUT it ain’t real life and will never teach you anything about real life.


Oh, nearly forgot this,  'get off your wrong - thinking but’ (But, I don’t have the time. But, I don’t know anyone who can help me. But, I don’t know the right stuff).


Don’t like my suggestions 1. to 5.? That's fine YOU choose what YOU want to use this time for. You have total control over your ‘power to choose’. It’s the most empowering ability you have.


I know that 1. to 5. above won’t be as much fun? as watching TV. But, spending your life just ‘being entertained’ will only get you a loads of laughs and the lines to go with them.


Go create a new life with new, info, thinking and action.

Best wishes,


Thought Master and Mentor


P.S. This is only one of my most excellent and inspiring posts. Go read some more, get more, really real,  info that you can use to THINK and DO  to guide you on how to HAVE  a more rewarding  future.

Your, family, friends and work mates may like to know about my blog so please let them know. I'll be grateful. Thanks in advance.



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