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I love simple. What about this? Everything in your life and in the world begins as a thought. Who says so? Albert Einstein, again.

“The proliferation of ‘lives’ of all kinds and ‘things’ of all kinds provides one unbroken chain of evidence to support the fact that man is the maker of is own destiny; and his thoughts and his acts are the tools with which he does the making”. Don’t ya' love him?

Now for the 'airy fairy' but true, bit.

The world is divided into two basic areas, the non-physical and the physical. Thoughts are non-physical. Things are physical. That’s it, don’t try to complicate it.

How do you to turn your thoughts into things. The process goes from, the non-physical (a thought, a desire, a want) into a physical thing. How does this happen? Between the thought and the thing you gotta’, take action. You gotta' DO, whatever it takes to create/bring into reality, the thing that began as a thought.

So let’s keep it simple.

What do you want? More money? A new house? A luxury car? A holiday in The Bahamas? A new boyfriend or girlfriend? A fit body? Whatever it is, it’s a physical result, a ‘thing’. Things make sure that we all get more out of life.


How will you feel when you get what you want.? Secure? Happy? Fulfilled? Good? Free?. Satisfied?.


To get/ HAVE whatever you want in your life there’s only one, time proven, formula. Trust me; it is simple. You use the invisible, a thought, to begin the creation of the physical, a thing.

You must be is absolutely thought-clear and thought - precise about what you want. Thinking your desire internalizes the desire and makes it 'personal'.

Don't think about how you will achieve what you want/desire. That will happen, step by step, sort of automatically. Be thought- specific and thought- clear only about the end result, not on how to get there.


Here’s the formula to use.
It’s THINK - DO - HAVE. Don’t like the thought of having to DO stuff.?  Get over it. THINK - HAVE. Don’t hack it. That’s just, dreamin, wishin’, hopin’.


The DO part/step phases most people. It has challenged every successful person in history. Those who got what they wanted  (their thoughts) had to, DO whatever was needed to make it happen.Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, Sir Frank Whittle, The Beatles and thousands of others, took years to HAVE their success. They had to  1) THINK a thought. Then, 2) DO whatever was necessary to eventually, 3) HAVE. their desire as a real, thing.

Don’t like this truth then go elsewhere and be lied to.

You THINK, " I want a better/newer/ car?  You can think (the non-physical step) until the day you die.Until you get off your butt and DO, look in the local paper, ‘phone the ads, (whatever it takes), you’ll never HAVE your better, new, different, car. It ain’t gonna' magically become real in your life.


By now you’re probably thinking. ”He  said he’d keep it simple”. Well, if I had just written, ‘do this’, THINK - DO- HAVE that would be too simple.


In the real world what it all comes down to, matey, is this:

1) You THINK a thought. (For a specific number of times ) *See below.)

2) You DO. (Whatever it takes, for as long as it takes).This is the, (character testing, heart aching, mind blowing, I can’t see the way forward, give in, keep going, optimism -testing, courage- sapping, demanding, become a failure, get- real, take risk, get into debt, sell the house, the missus and possibly your most valued possession, 'winners never quit and quitters never win', when the goin’ gets tough, the tough get goin’, Winston Churchill “Never give in”, the darkest hour is before dawn), stage. The step that all successful people battle through until they get to the HAVE.

(During the DO phase THINK how will it will feel to, drive that new car, be sitting on the beach in wherever, meeting that life partner or running that thriving business? These motivating thoughts and feelings will encourage you to DO whatever is necessary to get you to the HAVE.
Simply put: (No DO means no HAVE)

3. You  will,  eventually, HAVE . (The thing that you thought-wanted)

Now that's what I call SELF-EMPOWERMENT.

The formula/process/strategy really is simple.  It's three steps/stages. I never tried to make you think that it was easy. I leave that up to the other smoke and mirror merchants.

*Two proven, pieces of 'thought-power' advice.

You have to think and rethink/repeat the thought  for at least 65 seconds or seventeen times, for it to be effective. (I use this all the time. It works).

If you can’t be bothered to read all of this post again here’s the no bull....t three word formula to learn, believe, remember  and use.


Want instant anything???? Forget it. It don’t ever happen. (Others will do their best to get you to believe that it is possible though).


Wishin'  you well,  always,


Thought Master and Mentor


P.S. Hope the new font size helps. If the size in earlier posts is too small you can always use the tools -button zoom thingy at the top right of the screen to increase the size. See, I do THINK about my readers and I DO things that make sure that you HAVE a positive experience from your time here.

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