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VISION: 1. A mental image of what the future will or could be like.2. An experience of seeing someone or something in a dream or trance, or as a supernatural apparition.

BUT, I know that:


Really works.

Why?  Because:

"What you think and what you do,

Determines what becomes of you". Me

(Albert Einstein confirms it here). Come back to this post though, eh?.

Hi Reader,

This post is  around 1,500 words long.  Some might say,  tooooooooooooooo looooooooooong. But I’ve spent tooooooooooo  looooooooooong ‘listening to’ all the so called experts out there on all sorts of blogging and internet stuff. I now know, that there is no ‘one way’ to, write a post, or how long it should be. I decided this a few posts ago so many of my older post will be written differently. In future I will THINK and DO (write) what I believe is right for my readers to HAVE in posts to get my message across.

So,  you now have choices: 1. You can stop reading and never come back. 2. You can read some (half) of what I have written, to help you, then have a coffee break and carry on reading to the end. 3. You could copy and paste and print this post and read it at your leisure(as with any of my posts).

If you didn’t read the post before this one then the next paragraph won’t mean that much to you, so you can skip it.

Update on my wife.

I brought her home from hospital several hours ago. Things went from bad to worse over the weekend since I wrote last weeks post. Specialists in the hospital not at all happy with her general condition. So, long story short, she eventually came home today having had loads of tests and was given a positive report, but told to be careful in the future. This mostly means her having to alter her eating and lifestyle habits. If not, her condition will deteriorate. To stay well and make sure that she will remain healthy in  future she is going to have to THINK  and DO things that make sure that she will HAVE a healthier, happier, less painful future. She’s not very impressed by this though.

It's easy to avoid doing what's necessary and hard.

You know that’s true, yes? We all want, a better life, bigger and better things, good health, great relationships, more money, more fun, more success and loads of happy memories. We want, instant, pain -free, easily- achieved results, in anything we take on in life.

That's fine, BUT it ain't the reality folks.

You grit yer teeth, you make a few minor changes/ improvements here and there, but is that what you need? Of course, it isn’t. That’s what most people focus on though. They THINK and DO the, small, insignificant, easy, stuff and hope it will be enough to HAVE an improved life, long-term. Wrong thinking, boyo', or girlo'. You want the success, the money, the better health, whatever, as soon as possible. You, stupidly, believe that, without having to THINK very much, and DO even less, that you’ll HAVE the results you want.

Wrong thinking, again, boyo', or girlo'.

Why is that? Because, the effects of, easy, quick, solutions don’t  have a real and lasting effect. You want, or even crave, instant results... but you don’t (want to ) understand that instant results don't last. Instant coffee is OK but it ain't the real thing). I

t's consistent results that everyone actually needs. BUT to get consistent results, you need a system, a strategy, a formula, a process... that is understandable, do-able, works consistently and reliably.

I have been Vision  Board, bored, since 'whenever'  ago.

Many wann'a be winners in life talk about vision boards. I used to have one ......................... It was great fun to dream when , lookin’ at my VB every day. This gave me a lovely, cuddly, comfortable, ‘I think I’ve cracked it’,  feeling, but it didn’t buy the groceries. You may be able to buy imaginary food in ‘la la land’ but, as a real person, you need real food and stuff. So does you family.

I replaced it with a,  'Reality Thinking Board'. Why? ‘Cause this works much better. When you're THINKING  'real world', and you DO something with what you’re thinking about,  you can, create and HAVE a life that you choose.

Coffee/beer/tea/wine/gin/whiskey, Break time, If you need it.

You want success, improvement and growth in life but:

* You regularly buy into, (literally) , mostly, over-hyped, over-promised, over-pretty and under - performing, CRAP. Consistently Rubbish Alligator Puke?.

* You have a vision-board when you should have a reality-board.

* You want success... but you don’t invest in yourself, and your future.

* You want to be and have better ... but consistently buy, over-hyped, over priced, all- icing- and- no- cake, make -you-a- better-'something'-by -the -end-of -the- month, week, day, wealth creation, personal -improvement and healthier, fitter you, products. Look, if it promises you the earth you’ll be lucky if you get a bucket full of soil.  

* You consume content that provides ONLY short-term results.

* You are a sucker for a quick fix, created for, the ‘instant gratification junkies’.

* You continue with the sticking plaster answers for the peeps who love .....‘the illusion’.

* You love your illusions ................people do , ‘cause thinking ‘real ‘hurts.

Waking up... and facing truths... is not nice. It's uncomfortable. When you read a headline like..."How I Changed My Life in 3 weeks. And How You Can Too" You can be sure that the second part of the headline is b.....shit.

The first bit may be true, but that was probably after years of specific, particular, detailed effort, which is the truth you are never told about.

If what I have written above, is you, then stop it now.

You will learn more, beneficial knowledge, by reading my posts, than anything you  are asked to part with your hard -earned money to get. You know, all the, pretty pictures, promises of, unreasonably huge or quick results, any unrealistic promises.

In your heart you know it can’t possibly be anything more than, empty promises. To have real food on the table, real change in your life, real SELF- GROWTH, you have to follow an, easy -to- understand, easily -applied, proven and do-able system.

In fact the one that I searched and researched for, created and refined before I began this blog. I know it and have used it  every day for the last four years. It’s what empowered me to start this blog. It’s a process that is, easy to apply, consistent and I rely on it to encourage and enable me to create the posts I write.

Here’s the system, formula, process, I use.

Just in case you haven't got the message yet. It’s, THINK - DO - HAVE. Every, well almost every, waking minute of every day, of every week I THINK and I DO  so that you, and others, will  HAVE my, unique, people - changing content, to read.

*I THINK about (plan) and DO the research. I then HAVE (the knowledge/info I need to base my writing on)

*I THINK then DO (read, select, and refine the research). I then HAVE (the basis of the particular topic I intend to write about)

*I THINK (through) and DO (write the content of). Then you HAVE the post to learn from). AND know what? I love every minute of it.

It’s my reason for getting out of bed every day. It beats having to go to a job. I even wake up several times a night with great, unique, insightful, thoughts in my head, well mind really. I write every one down on ‘Post It Note’ sized slips of paper, (I have around 20,000 of them). This habit grows, develops, and empowers me as a person. It makes me a better mentor.

My, way/process/formula/strategy is:    THINK  it. DO it. HAVE it. It can be anything you want.

Answer the following questions honestly:

* Can you THINK?

* Can you DO?

You must have answered, YES.     Y-E-S?     Y-E-E-E-S!

So, by using these two in-built human abilities you can HAVE in your life whatever you put in the effort to, THINK  and DO, consistently. It ain’t rocket science.

I've thought and done it my way and now have  a life I love.

My way! THINK- DO and eventually HAVE is not the only way, but it's certainly one of the best . It has been used by people who have become the best, in or at, anything in the world since some guy invented the wheel. Invented means that he had to, THINK about, DO the making, so that he and the rest of his buddies could HAVE a wheel to put on their wheelbarrows. (Once some genius invented that of course. Which they did).

Well it’s now almost 3 am  here in, not sunny at the moment, Spain. I’m completing this post much later than I expected to. Wifey has been in bed since ten pm. She needs the rest. Hope you got to this point and learned some useful stuff from reading this post.



Thought Master and Mentor

(Always thinking and doing and having in the real world, at THOUGHTISTRY)  

P.S. There's no smoke and mirrors, 'The Sound of Music' or any other happy-go-lucky, fairy tales, in this post or blog. I won't pretend to be your Dad or your ever lovin’ Grannie. What you need is real results, real knowledge, written by a real person who tells it like it is? So, go read some more of my, mind and people growin’,  posts to learn what I already know, that you, need to know.

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A self - help addict for the last forty years. I have spent the last five years seeking for, and finding, the essential, central and most effective tools that empower personal change. My mission is to, inform serve, help and teach others what I know. Why? Because, you can't use what you don't know. So let me tell you what you need to know through this blog. Albert Einstein knows the truth, but............. it ain't Rocket Science.
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