Only  THINK   +   DO  =  HAVE

to HAVE whatever you want in and from life.

Hi, a very different week. Here’s why.

I usually start researching and writing the weekly post on a Monday.


Car troubles and as I do my own repairs it took the whole day to fix it. Hand brake wasn’t working properly. This had to be fixed by the end of the day. (See Tuesday). So I only had the time to just THINK about writing a post.

Car due for an ITV test here in Spain. That’s the UK equivalent of the MOT.. Had to wait almost three hours in a queue for the test. That’s usual here. Got home at 7:30 pm. All good. I did THINK about writing this post on several occasions during the day.

Had three people booked to view our house, which is for sale. By the time all the viewers had been and gone it was almost eight o’ clock in the evening. Some people arrived much later than planned. I actually did THINK about writing this week’s pearls of wisdom and on two occasions actually did DO some writing.

My better half had a doctor’s appointment at ten O’ clock in the morning. We left home at nine thirty for the appointment. Didn’t get seen until 10:45. My wife hadn’t been too well for a few days hence the need to visit the Doc.

Doc not very happy with wife’s condition. Arranged blood tests, anti -biotics and an ECG, various injections, time on an oxygen bottle and a nebuliser and blood pressure tests. By the time all this finished we saw the Doc again at 3:3o pm. She viewed all the various results and decided that my wife needed to go into hospital for further examinations by specialists.

We had to wait for and ambulance and eventually arrived at the hospital at around 4:30 pm. At around 7;30 pm my wife was in a hospital bed with various tubes and monitors attached to her. I stayed with her until 9:30 pm at which time a specialist guy pronounced that she would have to stay in hospital overnight. I got home a 11 pm. Didn’t have time to THINK or DO any writing during this difficult day.

At 6:30 am the hospital telephoned to say that ‘her indoors’ wouldn’t be back indoors for at least another two days. They told me what ward she was on and said I could visit whenever I liked. I liked NOW so at around 7:30 am today I was at my lady’s bedside. A visit by another specialist at around 11:am. I stayed with the patient until 3:pm. At 3:30 pm and just sat down to THINK about DO/ write this post so that I can HAVE it finished before I return to the hospital at around 5:30 pm. With luck I will be back home, showered and ready for some shuteye at around 9:pm.

So only today have I been able to THINK about this post DO what’s needed so that my loyal readers can HAVE it to read.

The message?
You, me, anyone has to THINK and DO  to HAVE what we want from life. THINKIN’ without DOIN’ don’t work. I didn’t have the time this week to THINK and DO to HAVE this post written about my latest, mind -growing insights into the world of, SELF-EMPOWERMENT. So that's for the future.

By Wednesday of next week, according to her specialist, Carole will be out of hospital fully recovered and things will be back to normal. I’ll probably have to take a day out to visit the local shopping centre for some, female retail therapy, though.

Gotta' go its 5pm.

Hope that you and yours are all well,


Thought Master and Mentor.

P.S. No P.S. this week. This doesn’t count does it?

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