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Trivial = of little value or importance. Distraction = anything that prevents you from concentrating on something else.

My freakin’ point, with  this post, is to get you to 'see' that living your life just to  be entertained will possibly, keep you happy and smilin’ but stuck in the same old body, the same old mind - set, rut, earning the same old wages, 'til you die.

In his hugely successful free book, ‘Focus’, Leo Babauta, (Google him and get it when you finish this post) writes about the distractions we face in the,  'Age of Information'. The problem with having all this information to choose from is that it becomes more difficult to find and stay focused on the stuff that really matters. It’s like trying to find a needle in 80,000,000,000 (that's, eighty billion, webpages) haystacks.

Driven to distraction, or did you just walk to the sofa?

Look, you can spend some of your life on trivia, we all do.  But if you fill all of your hours, outside of work, on trivia, you’ll have, a trivialised and distracted, mind and  life. I'll guess that you spend around, six  hours an evening,  42 hours a week on, Yootoob, Face thingy, watching, Coronation Street, East Enders, Holly Oaks, Who Wants to be a Millionaire and game shows of all kinds.   (These are all programs on UK television). I'm sure that wherever you live you can find more than enough, TV trivia, to distract your mind and your life to your hearts content. I've just noticed that the letters T and V  are in the word trivia. Strange that!!

Every newspaper and magazine you buy will take you at least an hour a day to read from cover to cover. The same goes for any fiction book your read. I haven’t read any of the Harry Potter books but I reckon that each one takes around five hours to read. All this stuff you waste time on is, trivia, distraction, mind- numbing, time- wasting, habit- forming, junk pretending to be helpful knowledge.

What will you learn that is of any real help to you, from all this stuff you NEED? to read, watch etc? The answer is, nothing, nada, zilch. For this reason I haven’t read a fiction book for the last forty years. The decision to 'avoid any kind of trivia or distraction' happened when I was at  university. Essential really.

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Whatever information you stuff into you mind from any fiction book that you read or movie you watch, is exactly that FICTION. I  did read several of the 'James Bond' books in my youth and have watched one or two 007 films but I never learned anything from any of them that I could actually use in my life. I could imagine being James Bond but I could never actually become him. To do that I'd have to read, factual, non -fiction books on, how - to - become - a -spy.

Fiction, any fiction, just  entertains. Facts teach and enable.

Fiction books are written to, show off the creative writing ability of the authors, sell their books and make them some money. I have no issues with that. All creators of ‘fictional anything’ i.e.  films contribute to the world, and they deserve to be rewarded for their efforts. They do  'take your mind off things. Unfortunately, they take your mind off better things. Non- fiction books and documentary films are created  to do the opposite. Fill your mind with things/stuff that is, useful, real, helpful  and, worth thinking about and doing.

Go read a book about plumbing, carpentry, car repair, painting and decorating or whatever. These will provide you with knowledge and information that you can actually put onto practice in your life and benefit from. They’re called non-fiction books. That's because they aren’t a load of, imaginary, not really real, events, people, situations and lives.

It's better to use your life - time, ‘taking in’ real, actual, useful, self -developing, self- growing, self-educating and SELF -EMPOWERING, real knowledge.

Ever, been in hospital, learned about History or had a water leak?

Nurses, teachers, plumbers take in 'mind food' that helps them to move up the ladder of a meaningful life. A nurse didn’t learn, how to, take care of you in hospital, a teacher to help you to understand HIstory or a plumber become able to fix your water problems (and charge you the earth for doing so) by spending several years of their life reading only made up stuff  like, ‘Robin Hood and his Merry Men’, ‘James Bond’ or ‘Harry Potter’ books.
While you were reading all the fictitious, not real, unhelpful trivia, the plumber was reading books on how THINK about and DO plumbing. This will HAVE the effect in his life of him, enjoying a good living. No nurse, electrician, doctor, plumber, whatever, got on in life by reading, or watching, useless trivia all the time. We all need some ‘time off’ in life. (Even I watch some TV and read a newspaper or a computer magazine )!  If I, or you, make that a ‘full time', habitual activity we’ll stay exactly where we are in life for all of our life. It gives me thoughts of suicide just thinking and writing  of that.


I've got a 'Certificate in 'Sherlock Holmes'. Oh Yeh?

Ya can’t gain a Degree, or even a Certificate in,‘Harry Potter’, ‘Jane Eyre’ or any other fiction novel or any movie that is created to entertain. Even if you could it won’t help to get you a better job or help to turn you into a more successful or more capable person.


GIGO an early computer term, means. Garbage In Garbage Out.

It also  applies to your mind. Load it with garbage  and you'll get  garbage results. What you fill your mind with provides the raw material that you use to create your thoughts.. You can only THINK about and DO.  what you know about. What you THINK and you (act on) DO become the effects you’ll HAVE, in your life.

“What you know, and think about, and do,
Creates the life you’ll have. It’s true!!”. Me

Here's the formula for life - evolution as opposed to life-stagnation.  THINK (Good stuff). DO (Good stuff). HAVE (Good stuff in your life).

 I THINK about and DO what I write about  and I'm here to help.



Thought Master and Mentor

P.S. Why not spend an hour every evening reading more of my posts. They're all great. That's seven hours a week of real, not fictional,  knowledge that you can fill your thought factory, (Mind),  with and learn how to THINK, DO and HAVE, a better life.


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