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"Success is a decision not a destination. A decision to, act on, specific thoughts". Me


Hello and welcome, hope you're well,

With  this post I am determined  to share my beliefs about success being a decision rather than just a thing that you accomplish. My hope is that you will understand and benefit from knowing the stuff I've written below.

Try this for starters. How do you make any decision?

1. You have a thought,  something like,  "I'll  go for a jog".

2. Then you think. "I'll go do that".  OR "Nah, I won't bother today".

3. Then you, thought-choose. Jog or not, you make a decision, in your mind.

4. This  happens every time you have to make a decision about any 'thing 'in your life.

You have to THINK (decide) and DO to HAVE  anything happen in your life. Me too, and my neighbour,  the people in the next street, the next county, any country and every continent on the planet. If there were people on Mars they'd  probably have to do the same.

You must have thought and made a decision a million times in your life in this way. It's the formula/process we all use to handle life.

Got the message??

Assuming that you have, I 'll use the example of becoming wealthier. Great thought eh? Why? Because  this may be one of the most 'want- to - get'  personal success goals.
Wanting to have a million/millions? of, pounds, dollars, yen, whatever kind of 'moolah' suits you,  in your bank account, is not what makes you successful. You will only become a success, money-wise, when you make the decision to, go get it.  That decision has to be founded totally and  exclusively on  the thought, "I will become wealthier". Then you need  to, learn about, THINK about and DO what it takes to HAVE that as your life style. Lots of, reasonable, sensible, normal people  want to be rich/millionaires.  BUT, to be-come rich, they/you have to thought-decide that they/you will be-come rich and do the necessary actions to earn their/your share of financial freedom.

Having an, 'I -can -increase -my -wealth mind set', when you have no money, is much more self-empowering  than having a few, pounds, dollars, yen  in your piggy  bank and  a, poverty mind set.

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Want proof? Here's just one example that you can check out.

At one stage,  in his hugely successful financial life, during the 1990's,  Donald Trump was a billion dollars in debt but he clawed his way back to becoming a billionaire again. (Trump had eliminated a large portion of his $900 million personal debt by 1994[210] and reduced significantly his nearly $3.5 billion in business. debt).

One thing to 'know about and think seriously about', about,  people who become millionaires, or even just modestly rich, is this. They are always learning new skills and gathering information that will help them to progress to the next rung on the,  how -can -I -become -wealthier' ladder.

You can't THINK about, and DO, what you don't know about.

Whatever your job, trade or profession is you couldn't THINK about and DO it until you learned it. Know how to repair a washin' machine? No? Can't fix it then! I haven't  got enough know-how about computers to do anything more than use a word processor to write these posts. Do you know anything sensible, useful or understandable  about getting wealthier? No? Tthen you can't THINK about, DO what needs to be done and eventually HAVE, what those people who have more money than you,  THINK and DO and HAVE.  So guess what? You'll never be much wealthier than you are right this moment.

There ain't just one level, or kind, of success.

All success is relative, no, not like our aunt or cousin. If you finished education to age 16 then you have more educational success than someone who dropped out. If you  qualified as an Electrician then you became more successful than those who didn't. If you are a doctor, not a taxi driver, then you have achieved more success in the job market than the taxi driver. In the end it all depends on whether you are satisfied with your level of achievement in life or not. If not then you will have to keep goin' 'til you reach the level of success that you are satisfied with.

Look, you've, moved on from believing in Father Christmas, learned to walk, ride a bike, understand Algebra, have a career you like, and achieved many other life objectives. So guess what?  You are a successful person compared to those who haven't. If you THINK that you don't yet HAVE  the level of success you want  in any area of your life then you'll HAVE to keep on keepin' on until you do. You may even die before you achieve it! Most successful people get what they aim for before then though.

Chill, I'm on your side,


Thought Master and Mentor 

P.S. I have always intended this blog to become the go-to Self-Empowerment source on the net. Why? Because, I know that what I write is the, most sensible, do-able and understandable personal - development knowledge you will find online. So, yes, becoming successful in this way is important to me and , for me, the only success worth having is built on trust. I told you that SUCCESS IN SECONDS wasn't true. If what you have  read  in today's post causes you to THINK better, I  did my job.

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A self - help addict for the last forty years. I have spent the last five years seeking for, and finding, the essential, central and most effective tools that empower personal change. My mission is to, inform serve, help and teach others what I know. Why? Because, you can't use what you don't know. So let me tell you what you need to know through this blog. Albert Einstein knows the truth, but............. it ain't Rocket Science.
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