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"We aren't given a good life or a bad life. We are given life and it's up to you to make it good or bad".  Can't remember where I read this but  I'm glad I did.

 Hello and welcome, to this looooooong   but fabulously  helpful, post,

Some knowledge/thoughts is /are worth remembering more than others. Not just remembered but acted on and lived by. Below are few truths that I think you need to know about, accept and live by. If you don’t life will ‘suck’ the life out of your life.

These 'life truths' are  in the same league as, “You can’t make an omelette without crackin' eggs”. It’s totally true and lets you know where you stand. If you think that you can make an omelette without crackin'  eggs you’re thinking wrong and that ain't any help in life..


1. Failure, in some form or another, always happens on every road to success.

Stop kidding yourself that the, road, way, route, path to success in any area of your life will be easy. It never will be. Even learning to ride a bike as a kid you didn’t just get on the thing and ride off into the sunset. You tried , you fell off twenty, thirty times before you got to the end of the road . Thinking, “I’m scared of failing”, just stops you doing what you need to succeed. Make friends with failure. You will always be a beginner on the road to becoming a winner. The difference between an expert and a beginner is this. The expert has tried and failed more times than the beginner. Everything you or anyone else attempts will go wrong on the way to getting it right. That’s life.


2. Busyness don’t equal productiveness.

Just being busy don’t mean squat. You can be really busy and achieve nothing by spending all your time on Face thingy, or Tweeter, or Utooob. Three hours a day spent on these unproductive activities may get you some new friends. That’s just being busy doin’ nothing of any real value. Even peelin’ some spuds produces something. But if you want to, write a ‘best seller’, start a blog, start a new business, grow you existing business, learn to invest wisely, learn Chinese, then  you just wasted those hours. It all depends on knowing what you want to HAVE in your life. Then, focus all that you THINK and DO, on that.

3 . Thinking and doing are totally different things.

 Sitting on your butt 'thinking about', success, change, better health, more mulah, winning the Lottery, getting fitter, eating healthy, or whatever, ain’t ever gonna work. If you DO nothing you get nothing in return. Thinking and waiting and waiting and waiting, ain't productive. What you just think about doing, won’t do. Good things, any thing, don’t come to those who just think. Things of all kinds become real only if you take action. Just make sure that you take action on the right stuff. That don’t include, going to the pub six nights a week, spending all weekend watching the telly.


4. Your thoughts and your actions create your life. Every bit  of it.

If you have read any of my other posts you aleady know this. Your life is created by the thought and action choices you make. No one else can do that for you. Just as well really. Suppose your worst enemy could think and do for you. Oooops!!!! Also DO more than you, THINK. Thinking on it’s own don’t hack it. Try OCD. No not, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder but Optimism, Conviction. Determination. Base your thoughts and actions on O C D. This works.

"What you think and what you do, determine what becomes of you". Me.

You can take a, coffee, tea or 'tinny' break here. You deserve it. 

5. Life don’t last as long as you ‘thought it would’ when you were a teenager.

At, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy it's." Where have  all the years gone"? Holy mackerel! we all think  that at the end of just one year. Human life is short and like it or not you’ll get to the end before you really want to.  Looking back  at your one life you’ll always kick yourself in the ‘mental butt ‘over the things you thought of doing but didn’t DO . So, dear reader, make every day, a day where you take serious action on those thoughts that you know are important.  Sorta' of like  1 to 6 above. Don’t allow any good thought to die inside you while you’re still, alive and kickin’ and thinkin’.


6. You ain’t what you own. What you stuff your life with is not who you are.

Buying a new, better, anything don’t make you a better person. Your mates, family may go loopy over your new big screen TV, Ipad, Nike trainers, Blackberry thingy or whatever. So for a few minutes, p’raps even an hour, a day or a week you’ll be the most interesting person in their life. But stuff is just stuff. There’s absolutely no connection between what you own and who you are. Who makes you think that you 'need' it all? The, advertisers, mind stealers, buy- my- stuff- and- fill -my -bank- account- at -the -same- time -as -I -hype - you - into - emptying - yours -or -getting -you -into- debt, crew. Ya' don’t actually need the latest anything. None of it will make you a different, better, kinder, more improving, person. That only comes from you improving YOU, through, mind stuff, your THINKING and your DOING.

"What you think and do, is who you are, not your shiny motor car". Me

Why? Because:

What you think and what you do, decides what others think of you. Me again.

There  ya' go then. Six truths that,  life can suck, but ya' better  get on with it anyway. THINK of the words regularly. Write them down or copy and paste them from this post and then review them often. Then DO them for the rest of your life.

Beneficially yours, always,


Though Master and Mentor.

P. S. If you don't like having some of   the 'truths of life' pointed out to you, go search the web and get your mind tangled in all the, non -helpful, non -productive, not -quite- lying, " I can make you a better person", stuff. Loads to choose from. Hope that you found this post helpful. That's why I write this blog. If you did, tell those you care about know about,

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