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My 'place' is  just below Alicante and writing this blog.

 Hello and welcome,

We all want  to find our ‘place’  on the journey of life. Some people find their place in their own back yard, others have to travel farther afield. Some even end up half way around the world before they feel that they have 'arrived'. Some people find their career place early in life and are satisfied with it. Many change their job several time before they know that they have arrived in the right place.


My road to my place. Part 1.

I was born in Liverpool and always had a hankering for getting out.  I knew that there must be other, better, more exciting, places ‘out there’. At age eleven I joined a cycling club and spent every Sunday cycling  to anywhere I could get to, and back from, in a day. When I was nineteen I joined the Royal Air Force, went to various counties and places in England I had never been to before. My time in the RAF also took me to Germany, Singapore, Malaysia and Borneo.


The wanderlust took a real hit when I came back from Borneo. I was posted to an RAF  station in North Devon, England.  Within a year I got married. For the next twenty five years I spent my life in ‘the place’ where my responsibilities were. Since coming back from Borneo though I really, really, really, really, missed the, outdoor, sunshine filled, tee shirt wearing, beach and 'barbie' life style.

I suggested to my wife that we buy a Holiday Home in sunny Spain. We had a Joint Mortgage so I needed her signature for any loan required.. She flatly refused. (This incident more or less sums up her attitude to life). Her ‘place’ was in North Devon near to her mother. She's still there living with her mother.

Wife number one and I parted company after 25 years. That was one place I stayed for waaaaay tooooooooo looooooooong.


 My journey to my place. Part 2.

I married wife number two in 1990. I taught in a Sixth Form College in North Devon for 22 years. During my second, still happy, marriage I mentioned to my new lady about retiring to Spain when my teaching sentence, sorry career, was over. We discussed it on several occasions during the 22 years and she never said yes or no, just, “Lets see what happens”.

I retired in July 2002. Mentioned to wifey about the Spain thing. She said, “Lets sell the house ”. The house sold in a week and we were living in wonderful Spain on 6th October of 2002.

Now I am in the best place I have ever been. 

 At every stage of my journey from Liverpool to Spain I had to THINK and DO certain things. Through this process I now HAVE the satisfaction of being in my right place. That’s, living in Spain and writing for this blog. I’m totally content to be in this place until I go to another place. No choice about that of course.

Are you in the ‘place’ you want to be in your life in terms of, where you live, the job or career you have, the kind of life you have? If not you can THINK then DO something about that. You definitely can. Because, every thought you have causes every action you take. Every action you take creates an effect in your life. Those effects become what you HAVE in your life. So over time you can THINK and DO whatever it takes to find your place.

“What you think and what you do,

Determine what becomes of you”.

Yeh' it will take time and effort. 

The empty promises, in those websites that offer,' instant, effortless, sit back,  listen, visualise, watch and attract the life you want to have', won't get you anywhere, anytime. The only place that they will take you to is, where you are personally frustrated and financially worse off.


 Get self-ish but not selfish.

I read the quote below some year ago. I can’t remember where but it makes complete sense to me. “In life and in business you have to be quite selfish in order to get what you want. Just make sure that those you love benefit from your success”.

Don’t get over selfish about it, BUT  unless you THINK and DO the things that will get you to the place you really believe is right for you will never HAVE the best life. You have the power to create, whatever kind of life, in whatever place, you want. That power is in your thinking and your actions. You just need to know where this power lies and how to use it.

 "You only have to do a very few things right in your life so long as you don't do too many things wrong." Warren Buffett. (the richest man in the world).

 So THINK right. DO right. HAVE right. Once you are in your right place  make sure that those you love benefit as well. When you’re richer, share your wealth with you nearest and dearest and others. If you learn something that you think will help your family, or other people. tell them about it. I do. It’s great to enable and encourage other people.

Beneficially yours, always,


Thought Master and Mentor

P.S. If this post ain't got you started on you 'on the way' to you  finding your place in  life. I don't know what will.  There are thousands of hyped-up, junk -laden, false hope-filled sites you could go to.  This will never be one of them. I want  this blog to be THE PLACE where people come  to find real help making progress in their world. So if I've helped you with that then, please let others know about this post./blog. Thanks In Advance

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