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 Is an ex pert someone who used to be a pert?  Just a thought.

 Consciousness explained  so that us ‘idiots’ understand it.

1. Consciousness is the state or quality of awareness or of being aware of external objects or something within oneself.

 2. The Latin phrase conscius sibi, whose meaning is related to the current concept of consciousness, was rendered in English as "conscious to oneself" or "conscious unto oneself".

 3. Descartes used conscientia . In Search after Truth (Inquisitio Veritatis; publ. 1701) he says "conscience or internal testimony.

 4. John Locke, 1690, defined consciousness as, "The perception of what passes in a man's own mind”

 5. The English word "conscious" originally derived from the Latin conscius (con- "together" “scio "to know") This phrase had the meaning of "knowing that one knows", as the modern English word "conscious" does.

 Many researchers believe that there is a broadly shared underlying intuition about what consciousness. This is it:

6. "Anything that we are aware of at any given moment forms part of our consciousness. (Don’t you just love it? Yes. Do I love it? Yes. Does it 'make sense'. Yes. Is it understandable. Yes. Is it a ‘real’ explanation? Yes.  Can you use it to help you grow your life? Yes.)

 The experts have struggled for centuries to explain the nature of consciousness and pin down its essential properties. I think that they've failed.

Don’t know about you but, I don’t see the point of reading stuff I can't understand, and use to help me get the best I can out of  life.

 Stuff from one expert. (Extract from the website Home Page).

"This a directory of 7734 free online papers on consciousness....and mind" 

Here's an extract from just 1  of those 7734  papers.


  Conceiving Simple Experiences

(appears in The Journal of Mind and Behaviour 22(3), 2001, pp. 263-286)

Michael V. Antony

University of Haifa

“That consciousness is composed of simple or basic elements that combine to form complex experiences is an idea with a long history. This idea is approached through an examination of our “picture” or conception of consciousness (CC). It is argued that CC commits us to a certain abstract notion of simple experiential events, or simples, and that traditional critiques of simple elements of experience do not threaten simples. To the extent that CC is taken to conform to how consciousness really is, therefore, the concept of simples must be treated in kind.

In this paper I discuss a topic that has arisen repeatedly throughout the history of thought about the mind. It concerns the fact that conscious experiences are often complex, and the question whether such complexity must ultimately be understood in terms of simple, basic, or atomic elements or parts that in some way contribute to form such complex experiences”.


What would Albert think about this? Did you understand it? There's, 10,862 words, 18 A4 pages, 674 sentences and 155 paragraphs of more, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah in this paper.

If you want to read it all, here’s the link:

Wanna' see the website click, read and frazzle your mind here: Link

 From this idiot to you idiots. (Well,  you won’t be once you read it).

The only time you ain’t conscious is when you’re unconscious, or dead.

You, and everyone else on this planet, is conscious and aware of, everything they think and do every minute of every day. (As in 1 to 6 above).

So, if  you are, aware/conscious, of what you're thinking, and consciously know that if you  do the thought it's likely to cause some kind of bad effect in your life you have choices. You can consciously: A. Choose to: ignore the thought. B. Choose not to act on it. C. Choose to change it to a better thought and do that. That’s the power, beauty and truth of, living consciously.

Many people's standard excuses in life are. “ It wasn’t my fault”. “I didn’t know what I was doing”. “I was drunk”. "I had no choice."  " I wasn't thinking straight". Etc, etc, etc. This is B......S......... If you’re awake/conscious you must be aware. If you are aware/conscious  then you are responsible for your thoughts and you actions.

It’s your responsibility to, consciously improve, your thoughts and actions, the causes, and effects, that you create in your life.

My responsibility, and aim, is to help those who are willing to read, understand and apply what I write in all of my Posts. No charge.

 Beneficially yours, always,


Thought Master and Mentor

P.S. Reading my Posts will take you step by step along a path that leads  to you becoming  in control of your life through better thinking and doing.  Why? ‘Because. “What you think and what you do, determine what becomes of you”.  Becoming , Self -Empowered is simple. Just THINK and  DO,  consciously, and you will HAVE a better life.

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