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Ambition is considered to be a dirty word by some. Take your pick which dirty word! But channel it correctly and it’s the one word that leads to a better you and a better life.

It did for me. Like this: Age 15 left school, no qualifications. Got a job as a Delivery Boy. At 16 became a Postman. At 19 I  joined the RAF, trained as an Electrician. Age 25 to 32 studied to get a place at university. Got it. Age 38 left university with an 'Honours Degree in Education'. From age 38 I  was a Teacher in a Six Form College. And I didn’t hurt anyone on the way.

To be (ambitious) or not to be (ambitious) that is the question.

Ambition in the hands (and minds) of some people becomes a game where winning at all costs is seen as the only way. In reality, and at it’s best, ambition is simply about achieving, making the effort to,  do the best that you can, in the only life you will ever have 

Ambition is absolutely essential if you wanna get on in life. When used properly, sensibly and correctly, ambition brings great results. Those people who have no, ambition, drive, or curiosity are usually the losers and whiners in life.

Without ambition in your life and you’ll never be any, better, healthier, wealthier or successful than you were at the moment you came screaming into this, ‘kick you in the butt unless you fight back’, world.

There are levels of ambition. At one end there are those who have none. They just waste their time doing useless stuff and pretending that they’re gonna ‘be someone someday’. Duh!! Some people become so bloody, 'scuse the French,  ambitious that they become ruthles, friendless and disliked. Duh!! Ambition can become solely about beating other people at all costs. Duh! again.


Introducing, ‘healthy (Hooked on exercise and avoids junk food)? ambition’.

Neel Burton, Psychiatrist, in his book, “Heaven and Hell: The Psychology of the Emotions” writes. "On average, ambitious people, attain higher levels of education and income, build more prestigious careers, and report higher overall levels of life satisfaction," And this, “People with healthy ambition are those with the maturity to control the blind forces of ambition so that it matches their interests and ideals”.

Ambition thrives with the right, thinking and doing. Everything you do begins with a thought. No kiddin’. It’s TRUE. (Totally Reliable Understandable Evidence ) Try gettin’ out of your chair without first thinking, “I’m gonna' get up from this chair now.”

Below are six really, really, no, I really mean really, really, essential thoughts to THINK and DO to improve your ambition level. They focus on achieving personal success, not ruthless, selfish step- on- everyone, stab - my - workmate -in -the -back, competitiveness.


Six effective thought habits of ambitious (usually successful) people.

Learn ‘em. THINK ‘em. DO ‘em. Then you'll HAVE the rewards in your life.

1. “I will, set goals but will keep them to myself”.

Ambitious people have goals and are always working towards them. Keep your goals private and personal, (apart from those who can help - see 6. below) and avoid, like The Plague or Ebola, negative interference from those who probably have no ambition anyway.

Psychologists have found that telling others  about your goal makes it less likely to happen. Why. Because,  once you tell others about your goal your mind is tricked into believing that it’s already been achieved. So you don’t bother to try any more. I’ve found in the past that telling others only makes, them interfere, you feel guilty and frustrated if things don’t go exactly to plan. (Which they never do). My philosophy is, tell ‘em and gloat when its done.

2. “I will, take risks”.

Tackling fear and anxiety is all part of being ambitious. Some people can handle these ‘bringer - downers' better than others. I use my version of O. C. D. (Optimism. Conviction and Determination)  to overcome the things that the unknown always chucks at ya when you stick your nose, or toes, outside of your comfort zone.

3. “I will, find out about new and better ways of thinking”.

People who apply ambition to their life expose themselves to new and better ways of thinking. New ways of thinking force you to grow, evolve, and become more resourceful.

“Creator of your life are you,

                                        Through what you THINK and what you DO.” Me.

Nice little rhyme yeh? It's all my own work y'know.

4. “I will, focus on DOing”.

Most people spend their time just talking the talk, both with others and themselves. It’s called wishful thinking. BUT ambition is only effectively supported by action. Doing things. Only do’ers get s...t done. Do nothing and nothing happens.

5. “I will compete with me, before I ‘take on’ other people”.

“Before you work on anything else in your life, work on yourself ”. Jim Rohn. (The globally respected American Businessman and Personal Development author).

Comparing yourself with others is a road to nowhere. You can only ever become  a better you. Not a better Henry Ford or Richard Branson. Be realistic and measure your individual progress on how well you are evolving, growing and changing. Not on, “How well am I doing compared to Bill Gates”? Work to become who you need to become to get you to where your ambition calls you.


6. “I will learn from other ambitious people”.

Meeting and networking with other successful people (not those  dream stealers in 1. above) is an efficient and effective way of gaining useful information that will help turn ambition into achievement. Most of us don’t know many people like this. If you do meet and talk with them. Ask questions, take notes. Make friends with people who are successful in what you are interested in achieving. "

If you can’t meet ‘em, 1. Read about them and their lives. 2. Listen to audios or watch videos about them.

Jim Rohn also wrote: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” Find role models. Befriend and learn from them”.

(This link will get you to 252,000 videos where you can meet Jim Rohn on Youtube. Go get mentored, for free). Here.  Don't forget to, 'come back to thoughtistry' as well though.

There ya’ go then.

Go, THINK and DO these six thoughts and you will HAVE a, ‘foundation for healthy ambition’, in your life. `

B Y E!

Beneficially Yours Ethically,


Thought Master and Mentor

P.S. Fancy helping other people with their ambitions? Great. Go tell them about this post. I'll be grateful for your help in spreading the word. They'll  probably be grateful to you for telling them.

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