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Each life is only different on the basis of the  level of understanding of, and use of,  mind, thought and consciousness.

Look you’ve been living your life in a certain way and at a certain level because you don’t know any better. It isn't your fault. I spent most of my life not knowing any better. Now I do. I want you to know better too. Read this Post until you 'know' it . You can copy and paste it if that helps. Then from now on use that ‘knowing’ to live your life better by using what you will learn.

Your life  is created and lived on the basis of three uniquely human abilities.


 The level at which you live depends totally on how well you learn to use and improve A. B. and C.

Mind, thought and consciousness work  together and individually. They form the basis of what we know as, psychology. How well they work either together, or individually, determines the level at which you live your  life. Their development is your personal responsibility. This is where, Self - Empowerment,  is based.

Peoples lives are only different on the basis of their level of understanding and use of, mind, thought and consciousness.


This is the depository of everything you have ever experienced. It’s your, ‘Thought Factory’. It uses what it ‘knows’ to create your thoughts.  We each develop an ‘Individual Mind’.  Your mind has no limitations. It can be re-stocked with new and  better raw materials. You can only think about what your mind knows about.


Your thoughts are created, in and by, your mind. The ‘raw material’ you have filled your ‘Thought Factory’ with determines what thoughts you create. Thoughts are tools. The ability to use any tool can be improved. Thought is, the tool/key that unlocks the gate  to an improved existence.

In the world ‘thing’s are separated into, spiritual things and physical things. (Not getting too, woo woo, airy fairy, smoke and mirrors  about the spiritual bit.  It's just a basic fact about the world).  Thought  ain't  physical so it must be spiritual. Thought is the link between the spiritual world and the physical world. Thought is the place where all ‘things’ are conceived. Everything begins as a thought. Your, cup of coffee, your income, your car. Well, erm,  'everything you have' in your life. Think about it!!!


Being conscious means, being aware of, knowing, what is ‘going on’ inside yourself and the world around you. (The only way not to,  know, or be aware of what's going on is to be unconscious) Living consciously means that you live every moment of your life at some level of, awareness, knowing, accepting and understanding. The level can be improved. and with it your level of living.

Become a, 'five -per -cent'er.

Ninety five per cent of people never try to understand and improve these three abilities. Any ability we ‘have’ can be worked on and improved. Improved, mind, thought and consciousness lead to, an improved life.

Most, ‘thought - leaders, past and present, advise us to ‘look inside’ if we are to achieve self-understanding and improvement. For example: “Before you work on anything else in life, work on yourself”. Jim Rohn.  (Google him) He was a major thought- leader who sadly died in December 2009. Jim had the  ability to take any concept or idea and then frame it in such a way that the rest of us could see it more clearly.

Mind, thought and consciousness are internal capabilities. Understanding, developing and improving them is the key to you,  taking -charge- of, your external world, your life. Why? Because the life we experience is dependent on how well we use our mind, thought(s) and consciousness. All external improvement begins with internal improvement.  (A la Jim Rohn!)

Some examples of how, it, you, me, everyone 'works'.


1. If your mind  stores  information (raw material) that all rich people are selfish, greedy and arrogant.

2 You will think, ”All rich people are, selfish, greedy and arrogant”.

3. You will then consciously, dislike, or envy rich people.

So that you know t least 81 super rich people  use their wealth to help others. When you finish reading this Post, click the  link  below.


1. If you have accepted into your mind that 'every teenager is a, drug taking, beer swilling, lay- about.

2. You will think, “That teenager across the street will probably go to a drink and  drug party this weekend”.

3. You will show this in your conscious behaviour  to all teenagers.

 You know as well as I do, that not all teenagers are a waste of space.


1. If you have stored in your mind the information, 'all the people who are claiming a State Benefit are idle scroungers’

2. You will think, “Every single mother got pregnant just to live off the state”.

3. If you know a single mother you will consciously treat her differently.

Do you know for a fact that what you think about such people is true? If not then you’re 'thinking wrong'.

Hope these help!

Mind, thought and consciousness 'empower ' every life.

Please read this Post until it makes sense to you. (You can gladly copy and paste it if that will help). Once you 'get the message' start applying what you have learned to your  life. In a few weeks you will be glad that you did. I am and I always will  be. Why? Because, it works.

So, go THINK. DO. HAVE,  a better life. It ain't Rocket Science. It is do-able. No one else can do it for you.  It's your responsibility.

Beneficially yours, always,


Thought Master and Mentor

P.S. I only provide, guidance, information or knowledge that I have proved and used myself. It took me several years to identify the truths of this Post. Read more of my Posts and you will gain further unique information that will be of huge value to you, your life and the lives of those you care about.

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