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 The World Health Organisation definition of, health.

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

And this. 

Medical News Today

“For humans, physical health means good body health, which is healthy because of regular physical activity (exercise) and  good nutrition. Some people divide physical health into two separate sections. 1. Structural health - this refers to sound bones, muscles, organs etc. That the structures in the body are performing the functions they were made for, properly. 2. Chemical Health - good chemical health means that the chemicals in the person's body are correct, that tissues contain the right balance of nutrients, etc., and there are no toxic chemicals”.


Ok, enough of the medical lecture. Lets, think and do 'physical health' wise.

Your body is a machine. Probably the most complex machine in the world. All machines need to be, treated properly, respected and looked after, for them to do the job they are designed to do.

A car engine is a machine. If you put petrol into a diesel engine it don’t work. The same applies to a petrol engine. It don’t, won’t, can’t work, on diesel fuel. With either engine if you don’t service it regularly it becomes less able to do it’s job. If you don’t do regalar oil and filter and  air filter  changes your shiny new car engine will struggle to keep going and may eventually get sick and die.

Would you consciously know if you had or hadn’t had your car serviced, or carried out the work yourself in the last year? Course you would. See where I’m going?

What about taking care of you then?

Do you consciously remember stuffing your mouth with, cheeseburgers, Chinese take -aways, a night out at the local Indian restaurant, a Coke  a day, (keeps the doctor in work), four sugars in your ten cups of tea a day, a couple of pints of beer three nights a week and loads of other junk food? Course you do. You knew what you were doing, nobody else made you do it, you chose to think “It’s ok to fill my gut with all this rubbish. Course you do. You could have thought differently/better though. Course you could.

Go, think consciously better, eat better, exercise better, then you as a machine will, get better, operate better, feel better, (we are the only machine that can actually ‘feel better’), live better. Do this and you will become more Self -Empowered in this centrally important area of your life, your health.

 Your health and expanding your  conscious living.

1. Think, (emotionally, taste - satisfaction, self - satisfaction, based), ”Burger and chips”.

2. Think, (consciously, sensibly, I’m in control-ably), ” No, not today”.

3. Think, “I’ll go get a wholemeal bread, ham and lettuce, sandwich”.

4. Do it!.

5. Rinse and repeat until most of your diet is ‘you’, (as a machine), friendly.

 Congratulations you just took back, your responsibility for looking after your machine. This is Self- Empowerment. No it ain’t gonna' be easy, but it will get easier, and will eventually become a, THINK DO HAVE habit. Cause that’s how we all work.


It goes like this.

We THINK. something.  We DO the thought. We HAVE  an EFFECT in our life.

1) THINK (Crap food thoughts).

2) DO (Crap food thoughts).

3) HAVE (Crap food EFFECTS in your life).

If you don’t DO you don’t HAVE. Your control rests in your power to decide.


1) THINK (good, better, food thoughts).

2) DO (good, better, food thoughts).

3) HAVE (good, better, food thought EFFECTS) in your life.

If you don’t DO you don’t HAVE. Your decision.


It ain’t Rocket Science.

Read the THINK DO HAVE knowledge above until you, ‘get’ it. Or, copy paste and print it. Then use it to change one 'bad eating thought habit  'into a 'good eating thought habit'. Eventually you will junk all your junk food thought habits.

Why concentrate on 'food change' thinking and doing?

Because, bad eating thought habits, are ruining the health of more than seventy per cent of the population of all the developed countries in the world.

Beneficially yours, always,


Thought Master and Mentor.

P.S. No P.S. this week. You've had  enough to read and think about. (This don't make sense, ignore it). I must have  P.W.S.D.   (Post Writing  Stress Disorder). Apologies, no offence meant.


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