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As promised last week below are some effective guidelines on how to think and do ‘consciously’ and sensibly to master your finances. If you haven't read last weeks' Post yet, go do it.

 Just ‘thinking better’ about taking control of your finances won’t, doesn’t, never has and never will, work. If you think and do the right ‘finance’ thoughts your finances will improve. If you think and do the wrong finance thoughts your financial life will be wrong and stay wrong. Wrong, stupid, bad, emotionally based, non-conscious financial thinking and doing will create  bad financial effects, in your life.

This is how life ‘works’ for, you, me  and everyone else.

A. You THINK. You DO. You HAVE.

B. You THINK. You don’t DO. you don’t HAVE.

C. You don’t THINK (consciously). You DO. You don’t HAVE the outcome you want.

You have to THINK and DO ‘good’ finance to HAVE 'good' finance.

If you THINK and DO the thoughts 1 to 8 below (in black)  your road to improved finances will always be a bumpy one.

The words, in red, are conscious and sensible thoughts to THINK and DO to help you to, change, control and take charge of your financial life, one thought at a time.  You will then HAVE a better financial life. Go change!

1) You think and do, “It’s O.K. to spend all my wages”.  Wrong!

When you think and do this you will always have less money at your disposal than you would like or need. Good personal finance is, spend less than you earn and save. So, from now on, think and do, "From my next Pay Day on I will put 5%, of my wages into a Savings Account. Then 'forget' about it". (Not literally of course). Just remember to put the money in  then 'forget to remember' that it's there. After a few weeks check how much you've saved.  Rinse and repeat. Now congratulate yourself because  you have developed a financial think and do habit that will serve you well for the rest of your life.


2) You think and do, “I’ll spend as much as I have to so that I can, ‘keep up with the neighbours”. Wrong!

The neighbours may currently have more ‘things’ than you but they probably got them by thinking and doing better with their finances. Living ‘above your means’ will keep you in debt. If you’re in debt you can’t save. So, think and do, “Sod the neighbours, I’ll catch them up by thinking and doing better financially, from today on”. Remember 1)  above?


3) You think and do, “I’ll pay myself last”. Not good thinking.

By this I mean, if you pay yourself last, (after you’ve paid all your other outgoings) you’ll probably have nothing left to ‘pay ‘yourself in the form of savings. So, think and do, "In future I'll pay myself first by saving something each week". Remember 1) above?


4) You think and do, “Having kids is great”. Right, but when?

Yes, they are a normal part of life, but very expensive. The best way round is to focus on building your wealth before you have kids. Better to think and do, “Let’s use the early years of our relationship /marriage to build wealth”. (Then you will be able to give your children most, if not all, that they need/want once you have them)!


5) You think and do, ”We need a bigger house”. Really, for the same size family?

Buying a house makes good investment sense. But a bigger house means bigger expenses. Instead you think and do, ”We’ll live in our smaller, less expensive, house and use the money we save to invest in creating wealth.


6) You think and do, “Let’s get a newer dining table, Big Screen TV, car, IPad, Mobile 'Phone and any one of hundreds of better newer 'stuff". Wrong again!

Buying the latest, newest, most up–to-date version of anything means that you will pay the highest price,  a total waste of money. Newest and latest always means most expensive. As long as the things you own still have ‘life left in them’ keep using them! Once you have built our wealth you will be able to buy the latest thing whenever you wish. So, go think and do, “If it ain’t broke I won’t replace it. Then I can save the money”.


7) You think and do, “The finances will take care of themselves”. Is that right?

No they won’t. Instead, think and do, “My finances need to be, understood, cared for and controlled, by me”. (Learn how-to think and do the best you can with your hard earned cash).


8) You think and do, “It’s OK to spend £50 a week on, booze, gambling, playing golf, having a season ticket to support my local football team, having an expensive meal out three times week, expensive coffees every day", etc. No it isn’t.

So, think and do, “The funds I waste on some of my spending habits could be used better ”. (In reality what you are doing is helping others, your local Pub  Landlord, the online or local gambling joint head honcho, Golf Club owner etc, to become ‘better off’ than you)

I recently read a book entitled, “The Rules of Wealth,” by Richard Templar. It's a world best seller. It contains 107 Rules and has 225 pages. (None of what I have written above comes from this book). Throughout the book he writes words to this effect. "Just reading my book won’t help, you have to think and do the information. The more you practice it the better you become.

I hope that I’ve got you 'thinking and doing' consciously about how and where you are wasting your money. Use the system above, (my rules) to find and overcome other ways in which you are self- sabotaging your finances. It will reduce your ‘financial wastage’.

Look, 1 to 8 above are not the, ‘be all and end all’ of financial good-sense. They are though the most common wrong financial 'thinking and doing habits' of people who don’t make financial progress in life.

Now go, think and do, my,  'rules in red' from this Post. I can’t think and do them for you. Neither can anyone else.

 Beneficially yours, always,


Thought Master and Mentor

P. S.  My next Post will be about.  'What to think and do to consciously, control, take charge of and change your, rubbish, unhealthy, eating habits. You must have some! I did, until I learned conscious  thinking and doing  in relation to what I stuffed in my mouth.

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