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 “There’s a conscious decision to everything I do".  Daniel Craig. (You know the face. He's done well for himself).


 “People who really try to be conscious of what they have done, who take responsibility, to me these kinds of people are heroes”. Park Chan -Wook. (Film maker. Studied Philosophy in Sogang University, Korea.)

First a Question. Have you read, heard on TV or radio or heard someone else say something,  and thought? “That’s a good idea, why didn’t I think of that?   Sure you have. We can’t think all the good thoughts ourselves, but we can learn from other people’s good thinking. Just a thought. What about the two above? Plus all  those in my other Posts?

 Anyway, on with this week’s Post.

 Hello and welcome,

When you do something are you, aware of what you’re doing. Are you in control of what you are doing? The honest answer is, YES. Conscious living is all about, taking the time to think about and choose what you do. It’s about developing your, self- awareness, becoming aware, of your thought, choosing them consciously.

When you switch the TV on, do you know what you’re doing.?  When you clean you teeth, are you conscious of what you’re doing? What about, getting dressed, cooking a meal, making a cup of tea, going to the loo, reading a book, going to the pub? You know what you are doing, don’t you? The honest answer, again, is YES.

Still not got the message? Read on.

Everything you do, that you are aware of doing is, a conscious act. That’s, living consciously and knowingly. Do you ever do anything without being conscious of what you’re doing? The answer this time is,  NO. Even if you are blind drunk you are aware of what you’re doing. You may not be in control of what you’re doing but you do know what you’re doing. You may not remember it later but at the time you were aware of your actions. You can only do anything when you are conscious. Any other way that you ‘look at’ how you operate is, crap, self delusion and a damned lie. The only time you can do anything, without knowing what you’re doing is if you’re unconscious. But, as you’re unconscious, you can’t do anything anyway.

 The connection between mind and action is, thought.

You have to think before you do, and while you’re doing the doing. If you go outside your house and throw a brick through the windscreen of your neighbours' car can you honestly say that you did not know what you were doing? The honest answer, this time is also, NO. There is no way that you didn’t know what you were doing.

You could, also, have stopped your actions at any time. So, whose fault was it that the windscreen got smashed? YOOUUUURRRSSSS. Nobody else caused the damage to happen. Don’t blame the brick. (Mugger, in court, “I didn’t know what I was doing, your Honour”). What a load of B. S.

Wanna' be a hero, live consciously, rule your life?

Conscious living means being aware of, and taking responsibility for, your thoughts and actions and how they effect yourself and other people. Conscious living is the most effective way to take control of your life. You can then focus on how you can live better in any area of your life. The three most common areas where people have problems in life are, health, finances and relationships. Conscious living, provides the way to overcome them.

Conscious living empowers you to improve your life, through  your thoughts and your actions. The objective is,  for you to, become a better person and live  a better life.  I  learned Conscious Living several years ago. As a result my life became, and continues to be, better.

It's as simple as: THINK.  DO. HAVE. You know what you THINK. You DO the thought. This will then, HAVE  an effect on your life.  You are the cause of that effect

Beneficially yours, always,


Thought Master and Mentor

 P.S. My next Post, in this series, will guide you on how to apply conscious living to your finances. Being in debt, gambling, borrowing from loan sharks, are all effects of not living cosciously, or even consciously.

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