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Rhyme Time. 

If you’ve previously read some of my Posts,

You’ll know the message I ‘push’ the most.

It’s, “What you think and what you do,

Determine what becomes of you”.


Albert Einstein knows it’s true,

The way he ‘puts it’ is below, for you.

Before you check what Albert says,

Read this rhyme and learn it’s ways.


What you thought and did ‘before’,

'Made' your life today and that’s, for sure.

And what you think and do today,

Is where you future life will lay.


  The future lies behind a curtain,

And so will always be, uncertain.

So think and do, to prepare today,

For some of what will come your way.


To create for yourself, a life that’s best,

Please think and do  as I suggest.

Make this your habit every day,

And your future will, mostly, go your way.


Got it yet?

So, that’s the ‘rhymy’ bit over. It’s there to really help you to, learn, remember and use ‘my message’.

What got me started on my mission, four years ago, were these words from Albert Einstein.

“The proliferation of ‘lives’ of all kinds and ‘things’ of all kinds presents one unbroken chain of evidence to support the fact that man is the maker of his own destiny and  his thoughts and his actions”  are the tools with which he does the making . (That they came from such a great mind is proof enough for me. I hope for you as well).  

I sum it up like this: “What you think and what you do, determine what becomes of you. Me. But you already know that from the rhyme, yes?

Soda head images


Back to the present.

Suppose, three years ago, you thought, “I’ll start betting on the horses”, and you did that,  you may today be seriously in debt as a result of acting on that thought. If, instead, you had thought, “I’ll start saving £5.00 a week”, and you followed through on that you would now have,  52 x 5 = £260 x 3 = £ 780, or Euros/Dollars/Yen in the bank. This is how it happens:

 1. THINK, “I’ll .......... ” 2. DO .........     3. HAVE. (Debt, or savings).

What about, over-eating, drinking too much, beating the wife or the kids, deciding not to pay you car insurance, rent, mortgage, whatever. If you THINK  and DO such thoughts you lay bad, stupid, foundations for your future in those areas of your life. It ain’t Rocket Science.


The examples I gave above should prove to you that the process works and that you can learn and use  it, to effect your future. It can be applied to whatever life situation you want it to.

Please accept what you have read here.  I hope that the message  is clear to you. If not keep reading until it is. Where you are today and what you have in your life is the result of your past thoughts and actions. This works in every area of your life.


 “What you think and what you do, determine what becomes of you.”

What becomes of people who think and do the things I used above as examples is, their fault, their responsibility, their thoughts, their decision to do the thought. They and their life, good or bad, becomes what it is, as a result of their thoughts and their.........actions. You too, and me.

Every day of your, ‘past’ had a ‘tomorrow’ and each of those ‘tomorrows’ became your 'today’s'. So what you think and do today will create some  part of your ‘future tomorrows’.

 Your thoughts.

Your actions. (DO'ings).

Your future.

Your life.

Your responsibility. 

My responsibility is to get you to read this Post, and others. Do that  and learn how to become Self-Empowered through your thoughts and your actions.

Beneficially yours, always,

Phil Soffé

Thought Master and Mentor.

P.S. I write each of my Posts to  guide those who read them to: "Change their life one thought at a time". I have.  Come back, read some more Posts to add to your 'new thought' bank. Then you will  discovert how-to, think better, do better and have better. You can only think about and do what you know about.

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