Worrying is the best way to, not get,  what you want from life.

worry less live more

“Worry does nothing but steal your joy and keep you very busy, doing (achieving) nothing”.  Unknown. (I added the word achieving).

 Hello and welcome,

What it is that we each experience, know and  understand as, worry?

Psychology would give us a, blah, blah, blah, blah, expert speak, mind -numbing, three thousand word essay, possibilty laden, collection of unpronounceable and difficult to spell words, explanation.

I know from experience, you too,  that worry is: A stream, a current, a flow, of uncontrolable, unwanted, usually fear - centred thoughts. Are they beyond your control? No! Because you can change how you think and what you think about, what you focus our thoughts on. Come on you know that you can. I know, I know, I know, it ain't easy, but it ain’t impossible. More about that below.


Everything is impossible until we know 'how'.

I used to be a worrier. Still am a bit, at times. It was mentally exhausting, but I became a worry warrior. Many years ago learned how to thought-handle the past and the present. This happened as a result of my research into the world of mind, thoughts and what we do in response to them. This eventually taught me that, with understanding and practice, I could,  take charge of my thoughts. Changing, altering, controling, imroving and developing your thinking is a skill. One that you, anybody, can work on.

One of the most helpful, insightful and sensible books I ever read about learning to improve, control and perfect the stuff we call thinking is, “Thinking for a Change”, by John C. Maxwell a New York Times, best selling, author. The front inside of the dustcover has these words. “To do well in life we must first think well. But can we actually learn new mental habits? “Thinking for a Change ” answers that with a resounding YES”. ( Written by the publisher Warner Books)

I read this book at least ten times. I gained the most from three chapters in particular, Focused Thinking, Realistic Thinking, and Possibility Thinking. They propelled me rapidly along my road to, better thinking!

 What is 123 x 2? What is a volcano? What does the formula H2O mean?

Look, you learned how -to - do, Maths, English, Geography, French, Chemistry etc. So you should know the answers to  the questions above. Learning how-to-do, ‘Better Thinking’ is simply another area of knowledge. Becoming a better thinker is not complicated. It’s a discipline that can be developed and refined. Just like, Maths etc.


Some info on how -to-do Better Thinking.

The past is not worth the wasted thought-effort of worry. Worry about the past is essentially centred on regret - thinking. I mentally learned to accepted that whatever ‘it ‘was, it was over. Unless I kept thinking about it. (One of the things I overcame, from the past, was losing a home worth £250,000. I was decieved by the small print in a Remortgage Loan).

The present? The best way to deal with it is to think sensibly, rationally and calmly. I now think this way all the time. It’s a thought-habit I practiced until I could, just do it.

So, I had learned to handle two thirds of my worry stuff. Great! But then I began worrying more and more about what we all tend to worry about most, the future. Even when things were going well I was still ‘thought- disturbed’ about what might happen tomorrow, next week or next year. Thinking about what might happen in the future consumes , mental energy, thinking effort, , that could be ‘better used’ on today’s thought- demands. In life it’s the future that holds the most promise. We want to get it right, so we worry about it the most. If you have something to aim for and you should, the future is, the great unknown. It always will be.

Eventually I figured out where that key lies.

It took me some time to be able to apply my, sensible, rational- thinking, mind to overcome worry about 'the future.' Worrying about the future interferes with what you need to think and do today, about the future.  That’s where the foundation of any future is laid.

It’ s no good ‘worrying about the future’ because when you get there it’s likely to be totally different to what you thought it would be. It may be better or worse than your ‘present, thinking’ stream . So ‘over thinking’ about the future is a complete waste of thinking time. and energy.

I read several years ago that around of 99% of the things people worried about in respect of the future, what might happen, very rarely does happen. That's also my experience and should be yours too.

It’s much more productive to use your ‘mental energy’, your thinking, to be concerned about what to THINK and DO in the present, because only in the present can you ‘lay foundations’ for the future you want to HAVE.

THINK   +  DO    =   HAVE  

So learn how-to THINK better and DO better, to prepare for and HAVE a better future.

Beneficially yours, always,


Thought Master  and Mentor.

P.S. Each one of my Posts is written to help you, and others, to understand and live by this: “What you think and what you do, determine what becomes of you”. Go read some more then let your friends know where you got the knowledge. Thanks in advance.

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