“Thought is the original source of, all wealth, all success, all material gain, all great discoveries and inventions, and all achievement".  ( all crime ). Claude M. Bristol. (Highly respected Thought Leader and author). One of my favourite 'mind  mentors'. Eyeball him below.  (I added the words in brackets).

Hello and welcome,
This Post is probably the most important, 856 words, 73 lines of knowledge you will ever read.

This is what I know. When you,  think, it is impossible not to know that you are thinking and what you are thinking. If you know that you are thinking and know what you’re thinking then you act on, do, that thought, who is responsible for what happens? You. Not your mate, your Dad, your brother, your Aunt Bessie, the guy next door, the Postman or any one else. Just you!!!!!


You think, you do you, you create ................. an effect.

Does what you have just read make sense to you? You better be thinking, yes. Do you also accept that if you THINK, “I’ll go out later today and rob my local shop”. Then at five o’clock in the afternoon you DO what you thought earlier. On your way out of the shop you are confronted by a couple of Law enforcement Operatives, coppers. A month later you are in court and fined £100. Who caused the robbery to happen? You. Whose fault was it that you got fined? Yours! Not the police, the Magistrate or any other part of the law enforcement system. Neither was, your mate, your sister, your Uncle, your Grannie, your workmate or any other person in the world. You, and you alone, are responsible for whatever happens as a result of your thoughts and your actions.


 Chris or Christine. Boyce or  Joyce. You got a choice.

In the above situation you had a choice whether to act on the thought or not. If you hadn’t acted on the thought the robbery wouldn’t have happened and you wouldn’t have ended up getting fined.  You were conscious, awake and aware of yourself thinking the thought. You knew that you were thinking the thought. Nobody else made you think the thought. Even if they did, which is just about impossible anyway, you had the choice to act on DO the thought or not. Understand  now why I added the words all crime to the end of the quote?

If you are reading this and you have never committed a crime then I hope that you understand, and agree with, my point of view. You now know how to avoid getting yourself involved in any unlawful event that begins as a thought that you THINK and then DO.

Poor ol’ me?/you? Don’t pull my chain!!!

We all THINK  then DO something and as a result we CREATE/HAVE some effect in our life.  You can choose to forget, ignore or be ‘in denial’ about what I have written. But, if you THINK and DO some crime or another in the future, whose fault will it be? Fill in the space.......................... If I were part of the justice system you would get no sympathy from me.
The THINK- DO - HAVE. (CAUSE and EFFECT ) process is ‘followed’ by, thugs, robbers, child molesters, rapists and anyone else who commits any kind of crime based on non-normal thinking and doing. To my knowledge very few  of them accept responsibility for their crime.
If you are someone who has already thought and done any kind of crime, then you would get no sympathy from me in court. If you know someone who thinks and does any kind of non-normal thinking and acting, (Surely it ain’t normal to think and do any crime). then please show them this Post and help them to understand and accept their role and responsibility in their life.

Only you can be the cause of what effects you  create in your life.

Be-cause your thoughts and your actions are the cause(s).What happens in response, the effect, is your responsibility. Your thoughts are the foundation of your life experiences. Everything you have in your life is there as a result of every  thought that you had and acted on. CAUSE and EFFECT is a simple, proven,  principle/rule/law,

How does that work? Like this. 1. You THINK.  2. You DO (act on the thought0. 3. You HAVE  an EFFECT,  through your thoughts and your actions. Together  1. and 2. are the CAUSE(S)  of what happens, the EFFECT. It works every time without fail.

If you don’t DO 2 above then the thought remains, just a thought. Only when 1 and 2 are put together do they become, CAUSE 1 and CAUSE 2. Only together  do they create an EFFECT. It’s, a process, a formula: CAUSE (1) + CAUSE (2 ) = 3. EFFECT (an, any, every EFFECT).

Got it yet?

To, 'get', understand and believe what I have explained then go back to the top of this Post and write down the Claude M. Bristol quote. Put what you write where you can see it every day, read it until you, know it off by heart, understand it and accept it. Then THINK and DO it with every normal, good, self- improving thought you have from now on. You must of course, ignore, don’t DO, don’t act on any crap, rubbish, stupid thoughts you have. You do know the difference between good and bad thoughts, don’t you?

Beneficially yours, always,


Thought Master and Mentor.

P. S. The contents of this Post will become clearer to you when you read any of my other stuff. The more you read, the more you will learn about how to develop and improve your thinking . Why should you? 'cause (your) thoughts matter, more than you think.

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