Some foods and some thoughts are better than others, yes? Yes!!!!!!!  Part 1.

Part 2 next week.


“ Your greatest weapon  (in any area of life) is your ability to choose one thought over another”. William James. (I added the words in brackets)

 “What you think and what you do, determine what becomes of you”. Me.

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It’s another ‘two-parter’ folks, ‘cause it has to be. With ‘convenience, processed, nutritionally defunct’ food bombarding you from every direction, it is really difficult to make ‘food choices’ that give your body the right fuel. You can overcome this ‘one thought at a time’ by using, effective, daily thought habits and actions. Do as I suggest below and you will soon be choosing the right foods and fueling you for better health.


How do you shift a ton of bricks by hand? One brick at a time.

Look, the first step in making any change in your life is to change your thoughts. Why? Because, everything you do begins with a thought.Everything you DO, every action you take, begins with a thought. Not sure of the truth of this? Here’s a simple example. If you woke up this morning and thought, “I will have toast for breakfast”. You then DO the making you end up with your toast. If you don’t DO you don’t HAVE. Where did your breakfast start? As a thought.


How do you change your diet (and life)? One thought at a time.

There will always be temptation in any area of life, gambling, spending on stuff you don’t actually need, having to have the latest thing. Food is just one area. When you equip yourself with anti-temptation thoughts and actions about food you will be able to quickly re-focus your mind on your goal of getting healthy! Would you ever think, “I will have an arsenic sandwich for lunch today” and then do that?

Some thoughts are better than others.

Arsenic or ham sandwich for lunch? When your mates and family are scoffing burgers, fries, and sugary drinks, it's not easy to THINK and DO differently. You can stop that temptation in its tracks. Choose to make  healthy eating thought-choices. Moments of temptation will happen, but, with the help of improved thinking and doing, you can re-train you brain (your mind, really) and your mouth, to replace bad eating thought-habits with better ones. You don't need the ‘lose weight’ ads, on TV, to tell you that fatty and sugary food choices are not the kinds of food that your body will be weller off (my choice of words) chomping on. imagesPA64O6BX Food for thought or thought for food? Both!!!!

Look, your mouth is the gate that controls what you eat, based almost totally on your thoughts about taste. Your thoughts and your taste buds control what you choose to shove down you throat. Your gut, unlike your mouth,  doesn’t care what ‘stuff’ you stuff into it. As long as it has something to digest it’ll be happy and will stop yelling, feed me.

How often in life have you thought, I will.............. or I won’t ..............and then  acted on either though?. Quite a few I reckon. When this happened,  you THINK, “I will ................ or “I WON'T ............... and (act on) DO each thought. This is where your power lies in life. So, you know that you can take control in this way. Use this power as I suggest in Part 2 of this  Post. Using, “I will.............” THINKING and DOING empowers you to follow through on food and nutrition  (and  life) decisions.

“I will ................power is significantly more effective, easier to 'do' and control than what we call willpower.

Part two next week. It’s worth reading.

Beneficially yours, always,


Thought Master  and Mentor.

P.S. I encourage my readers  to read more of my Posts. Why? Because , the more of them you read, learn and apply the  more information you will have to change your thoughts and change your life. It ain't Rocket Science.

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