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Knowledge is: a familiarity, awareness or understanding of someone or something, such as facts, information, descriptions or skill which is acquired through experience or education by perceiving, discovery or learning. (Wikipedia).

I say that knowledge is, or should be, 'any information that you can learn, understand and use for your benefit and the benefit of others'.

Taxi drivers in London, England have to learn ‘The Knowledge’ before they are allowed to operate a taxi in the city. From The Daily Telegraph, Thursday 7th May 2015. “Knowledge boys” (or girls), spend years driving through London learning thousands of streets and the quickest “runs” or routes from one point to another. Most do this by scooter, covering thousands of miles in the process.

A Knowledge Society.
A knowledge society generates, processes, shares and makes available to all members of the society knowledge that may be used to improve the human condition.

The Social Theory of a Knowledge Society.
The social theory of a knowledge society believes that knowledge is fundamental to the growth of individuals, politics, economics, and culture of modern society.
A knowledge society promotes human rights and offers equal, inclusive, and universal access to all knowledge that is created. The UNESCO World Report established two principles that are essential for development of a fair knowledge society through:

• Equal access to information and education.
• Universal access to information and education.

The Knowledge Society and Education.
In a true knowledge society, education is not restricted to school. The advent of Information Communication Technology allows learners to seek information and develop knowledge at any time and any place where access is available and unrestricted. Therefore I believe that the skill of ‘learning to learn’ is one of the most important tools to help people acquire formal and informal self- empowering knowledge. You can learn get knowledge about anything you want. But you have to really want to learn

The Knowledge Value Chain
The Knowledge Value chain is a sequence of mental steps by which individuals build their own unique personal development then pass it on for the benefit of others.
The term Knowledge Value Chain first came into common use around 1999, in business management-related talks and papers. The Knowledge value chain is a process of:

1. Knowledge acquisition. (Study stuff).
2. Knowledge storage. (Store it somewhere, on paper, in your head, in you computer so that you can refer to it anytime).
3. Knowledge application. (Put it to use).
4. Dissemination of knowledge. (Tell others about it).I added the words in brackets.

Personal improvement can, and should, become a knowledge value chain. What you know will always be of value to someone who doesn’t know what you know. So,  go tell them what you know. Become a Knowledge Worker.  Improvements flow from the knowledge integration that occurs when,  'personal evolution knowledge is known and applied to the continuous improvement of people worldwide’.

A Knowledge Worker.
According to Wikipedia, again, Knowledge Workers are people whose main strength is knowledge. Typical examples are, teachers, software engineers, doctors, architects, engineers, scientists, accountants, lawyers and academics. Their job is to ‘think for a living’. This list could, and should, include every person on the planet who has knowledge that others can benefit from.  Become your own personal Knowledge Worker,  learn to 'think  for your life'.

I know what I know from years of study and research aimed at helping myself. Now that I have that knowledge I have become a Knowledge Worker. I spent many years of study and research, getting knowledge of (stuffing my mind with stuff)  that would make me a better, more complete, more useful, more successful person. I am a thoughtist. I spend all my time thinking about thinking. I want others to know and benefit from what I know.

You can’t think  IT ‘til you know IT. If you can't think IT you can't do IT. IT can be any area of knowledge. My IT, for you and others, is in all of my Posts.

Read, get knowledge (learn), do, tell others.

Beneficially your, always,


Thought Master and Thought Mentor.

P.S. Want books to read that will help you THINK and DO the most effective strategies to change your life? I'm on it. There will soon be a page on my Blog where you can assess and get hold of them. I'm writing them as fast as I can. Why can't there be 34 hours in a day?


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