"Whether you think you can or you think you can't you're right". Henry Ford.

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Your attitude determines your approach to life. It’s made up of, your thoughts and feelings, a mind set, that leads you to, think, make certain choices and take specific actions. Attitude really does determine your likelihood of success when working toward any kind of objective in life.


 “Attitude really is everything.”

Experts know that when you tell yourself (think) something, you invest your  energy in making it happen. If you tell yourself (think) that  you’re not going to 'make it', whatever 'it' is, your mind wants you to be 'right'  and you’re more likely to screw things up.  But if you say to yourself, (think), “I know I can do it, I will succeed", your attitude will change.

If your belief/attitude is that something is not possible, you’ll avoid putting any effort  into it. But if you believe in yourself and accept 'possibility'  you’ll allow yourself to think 'possibility'. Then  you’ll apply yourself and will be more likely to do what's necessary to achieve a better outcome.

Your attitude determines whether you’ll even consider that you may be able
to achieve your goals. In turn, this will affect the energy you invest into a
situation. And that, ultimately, is the great predictor of success or failure. Your aspirations propel you forward in life. People's objectives include:
seeking higher education, finding a significant other, finding the right job, winning in the face of life's many obstacles, managing your money, and living  healthily.


What are you striving for?  Are you striving for anything?

Becoming a better person' is a sensible  thing to do. However, when it comes down to actually pursuing it, people underperform in
various ways.  Some adopt the mindset, “I’ll do it later” and then never do. Others  develop insecurities or lack confidence in the pursuit of 'life evolution. Most people just decide that  self -growth doesn’t matter. Their habitual attitude is that, they’re just not going to try harder and they become Mr. or Mrs. Average.

You can learn to alter  your attitude simply by  learning the facts about something. Develop an eagerness to discover truth. Find real information about the lives of  people who are successful and compare them with people who are not. Do not close yourself off from these facts. Instead, seek them out. Knowing the facts will propel  you toward the right attitude required ,to achieve your goal. Here are three fact about how attitude can overcome aptitude.  Richard Branson,  Michael Dell. and Albert Einstein were all school drop outs.


Facts will  enable  you to adjust your attitude. 

They can stimulate  you to work towards  what you want, to recognize your  own abilities  and  develop the attitude  of possibility. Put in the effort and time necessary  to develop your skills, talents, and interests.  When you do, you'll be happier and more confident.

Use your thinking to change your attitude towards yourself, develop the,  “I’m
worth it" attitude" Become a  realist. Adopt an,  “it is possible to life.
Adjust your attitude by telling yourself that even if self -empowerment  is tough,
the vast majority of  people don't learn and apply the knowledge they need to succeed.
With attitude, remember  that, what we think, we become.

Your mindset and attitude are powerful tools that will either  undermine  your efforts or propel you toward success. The attitudes you have toward dealing with life's ups and downs will determine  how well you  resolve them. Open our mind to what really is possible. Take charge of your attitude by taking charge of your thoughts.  Embrace the attitude that no matter  what, you will prevail. This will propel you toward your goals.


What you think and what you do, determine what becomes of you.

Rather than thinking, “There’s nothing I can do to improve myself”
consider all the ways possible that you can,  based on facts. Develop the attitude that you  can affect your life in whatever way you choose. This will empower your enthusiasm to go forward to face any challenge.

Beneficially yours, always,


Thought Master and Mentor

P.S. I do of course hope, or even expect, that having read this far you have learned some useful insights into how attitude is far more important than aptitude. If the reverse were true then hundreds of school drop-outs, such as Michael Dell, Abraham Lincoln and Richard Branson would now possibly be broke and unheard of. Assuming that you have found what you have read of value then please help me in my mission to "Change people and their lives one thought at a time". YOu can do this by telling all your friends about my Blog. Thanks.


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