WILL YOU CHOOSE TO WIN, OR CHOOSE TO LOSE?


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Freedom of choice is yours in every area of your life. The greatest development in human affairs, or the most destructive, is the huge number of choices available for everything.

Choice or confusion? 

 It seems that the more choice we are given the more confused and less focused we become. How many chocolate bars are there, how many, cars, jobs, careers, big-screen TV's, washing machines, music CD's, Blue Ray players,  electric toothbrushes, types of mortgage payments, houses, designer clothing, handbags, shoes, paint colours, DIY tools, where to go on Sunday after lunch? And many more!

Do you choose to, spend thirty hours a week as a couch potato, watch, soaps and game shows, shovel loads of junk food into your body, waste you life away, ending it in a Retirement Home, broke and lonely?

What books do you choose to read and learn from?

 Choosing to read fiction, Harry Potter, James Bond, Jayne Eyre  etc will simply entertain you. What you learn from fiction books is exactly that, fiction. It ain't real. People only become smarter, wiser, more successful and life-aware by choosing to acquire 'real' information from non-fiction  books that are aimed at guiding people to grow, evolve and make progress in life.

Everything you 'do' is based on, a thought. Me too!

There are thousands of books written about mind, thinking and the importance of thoughts/thinking. Here's a short list from those that I have read.

"Thinking for a Change". John C. Maxwell.

"The Magic of Thinking  BIG". David J. Schwartz.

"As a Man Thinketh". James Allen.

"Right and Wrong Thinking". Aaron Martin Crane.

"Think and Grow Rich". Napoleon Hill.

"Mind Power". William Walker Atkinson.

"Mental Chemistry". Charles F. Haanel.  (This book title led me choose  to call my Blog, Thoughtistry). Good thought- choice, eh?

All these books are classic, highly regarded and widely published books on the subject of mind, thinking and achieving 'personal thought power'.

The central, most important and person-evolving, person-changing, factual, real and non-fictional message in these, and all the other books I have read, comes down to this quote from me. "What you think and what you do determine what becomes of you". You can only think with/about and do what you know about, what you fill your mind with. Your mind will contain whatever you choose to fill it with. So choose carefully.

Have you recently, or even in the last year, chosen to read a book  that was of any use in helping  you to,  'think about and do' stuff that will grow you, in any way, as a person?.

Why is this this so important? Because you can only 'think' and  'do' on the basis of what information you have chosen to 'put' in your mind, to think, with.

Can you think, write or talk in, (DO),  Swahili, French or Chinese. Can you repair a problem with your car engine? Your answer will probably be no. Why is that? Because you haven't filled you mind with knowledge/information about the things mentioned. The same goes for Maths, Geography, Chemistry etc. If you haven't learned it you can't think about it and do it. It, can be anything you choose!

Do you know anything about how powerful, important and Self -Empowering your ability to think whatever you choose  is? If your answer is no then read more of my posts and you will  fill your mind, (your thought factory) with knowledge that will change your thinking your doing and what you have in your life.

Here what it all comes down to, in red and white.


The, Law of Menta-Physical Personal Creation. (LoM-PPC)

"What you think and what you do, determine what becomes of you.

Which will you choose? In fact it doesn't really matter, because they all mean the same thing.

Beneficially yours, always, 


Thought Master and Mentor. 



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A self - help addict for the last forty years. I have spent the last five years seeking for, and finding, the essential, central and most effective tools that empower personal change. My mission is to, inform serve, help and teach others what I know. Why? Because, you can't use what you don't know. So let me tell you what you need to know through this blog. Albert Einstein knows the truth, but............. it ain't Rocket Science.
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