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Hello and welcome, (my apologies for posting a day late. I could tell you who to blame but I may get sued).

‘The Secret’ did not reveal ‘the secret’ to many people. If any!                              The video ‘The Secret’ had me, excited, fired up almost in tears and ready to take on the world. I thought that at last I had been given the ‘secrets’ to life change. But, like so many others I was deeply disappointed. The Law of Attraction, the central message of ‘the Secret’, is not the most powerful means of creating success in life. It is vague, very complex and impossible to put into practice. Wherever you want to look you will find that the Law of Attraction has not worked for people. It never worked for me.

So my thought was, “Why is the Law of Attraction offered as 'the secret to success' when it has not been shown to work”? Even though it made $30,000,000. (Yes that’s thirty million dollars) for the person who put the thing together. The human mind and it’s products, our thoughts,  are the first cause of all that exists. The second cause is to 'take action on' any thought. This works for me.

Thoughts + action =manifestation.                                                                                  The ability to create whatever you want to have in your life starts in your mind as  a thought. Everything that comes into existence begins life, as a thought, in the mind of someone. Everything that has, and ever will, come into existence begins as (mental energy) a thought. The only reliable route to achieve /create what you want in your life is to take charge of, and control, your thinking.All 'things' are created only through the process of combining: 1. Energy(mental energy/thoughts) and 2. Action. The life that you experience is directly linked to your thoughts and actions. It is the ‘thought energy’ from your mind and the actions you carry out that directly cause the creation of your physical reality.

The human mind is the cause of all that exists, thoughts + action = manifestation.                                                                                                                                Top level sports personalities, political leaders and successful businessmen and women are the people who have learned to understand and apply the power within the human mind. This ability, when properly understood, developed and practiced is the one awesome power that is able to turn any life around. If you have read this far you deserve a tea/coffee break. So think and go do.

Welcome back. Introducing  the Law of Menta-Physical Personal Creation.                                                                                                                                          I formulated the LoM-PPC   (after many years of study and research) to provide  the only key you will ever need to ensure that you can become the cause of creating your own reality. It’s the powerful partnership of thought and action . Any thought you have and you acting on it is the one and only process that you have complete control over. It is also the process that creates/causes all effects/things that you have in your life. The LoM-PPC overcomes all the gobbledygook, hype, misinformation and false hopes, of the 'Law of Attraction', and most other over-hyped methods of becoming the best that you can.

Here's an example or two.    

If you want a cup of tea, you first think “I want a cup of tea” . This is the mental part of the process. Next you have to do something physical (Put he kettle on, get the cup, milk sugar etc). Through this process you end up having your cup of tea. Both the thought and your actions are what make the drink appear. If you have the thought and don’t act on it you’ll never get you drink. The same goes for anything you want to have happen in your life. Want to write a book, take a holiday, lose weight, get fitter? Go THINK, go DO, the Law of Menta-Physical Personal Creation.

We are all born with mental and physical abilities.                                                          I realize that LoM-PPC is a mouthful but it is the truth that all successful people use to achieve their various successes in life.  LoM-PPC is the real key to unlocking the doors to a successful life.

The key to Self-Empowerment.                                                                                 With LoM-PPC you now have that key. What you need to do is to learn how to use it effectively.  Read my other posts to understand even more clearly the true key to personal-manifestation. In essence it’s: THINK. DO. HAVE. You THINK. You DO. You CREATE/HAVE.

Beneficially yours, always,


Thought Master and Mentor

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