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Drawing on Da Vinci's notebooks, inventions, and legendary works of art there are seven Da Vinci principles, the essential elements of genius, from (curiosita) the insatiably curious approach to life, to (connessione) the appreciation for the interconnectedness of all things. With Da Vinci as your, and my, inspiration I can help you discover unlimited new ways of thinking.  (The words in brackets ( ) are Italian for 'curiosity' and 'connexion').


Anyone can learn how-to harness the power and awesome wonder of their own genius by mastering   the  life-changing  skill of, ‘possibility  thinking’.  Doing   this  releases, self-expression, goal setting , life balance, the harmonizing of  body and mind and other self- empowerment tools that we each have within us.



Leonardo was known as the strongest man in Florence, an exceptional athlete, fencer, and horseman. You probably consider thinking to be just an intellectual exercise but thinking requires tremendous energy. Learning to increase your ‘life force’, your ‘life energy’ is a very important if you want to avoid being. too tired to think. The fitter/healthier you are the better equipped you will be to access the energy required for thinking.



Logical and linear-thinking people like, engineers, analysts, and scientists can have a hard time looking for patterns and new connections, but doing so is the key to creativity. This is where Mind Mapping comes to its’ own. It takes a while to train yourself in this skill but it is well worth the effort because we are all more used to thinking in a restricting linear way.

At first it feels very messy, letting the mind go free and generating lots words (thoughts are just unspoken words) and possibly images in various directions. But that is the beauty of the ‘growth thinking’ process that we all need to re-learn.


It's not for me!

Not convinced that you can become a better thinker? Better thinking may come easier to some people than others but everyone has the potential to learn how to ‘be a better thinker’.


A couple of things to keep in mind!

It’s not wrong to get thoughts or information from other people, in fact that’s where most of our knowledge come from. It’s a myth, (is this also a female moth?), to think that you can ‘think up’ something that’s entirely original, something that no one ever thought of before. That very rarely, if ever, happens. Almost all thoughts are inspired by somebody else’s thoughts.  You just make it a better, different or more sensible thought for you!

 People who have a hard time with new/different,/better thinking ‘drop out’ too early in the ‘new- thought’ generation process. Don’t dismiss new thoughts immediately. Write them down on your 'Post It' notes then you will always have them to refer to.

 Generating new and ‘better thoughts’ stimulates the associative process of your mind. A breakthrough will likely come when you’re not expecting it, when you’re driving, walking the dog or in the shower. When it does, write it down, Leonardo always did.


 I know that you can think, but what and how?

Yes we can all think, but some people ‘think better’ (and so) ‘do better’ than others. Leonardo is just one of the teachers I rely on to help me improve my ‘mind food’ and give me the truths that I can write about in order to help you and others become better thinkers.

 I hope that my Posts are helping  you to realize that your future is in your (hands)? No it’s not! It’s in your thoughts and actions. You can become able to control, improve and renew these abilities by continuing your path to self-empowerment through my website at


Beneficially yours, always,

Phil Soffe.

Thought Master and Mentor


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