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In the area of ‘personal growth and success’ education  there are hundreds of possible paths to becoming a better, more achieving and more successful person. I have studied most of them over the last twenty years. During that time I tried many of the processes, formulas and advice.  I wanted it all to 'make sense' to me so that I could use what I learned.

It's really mostly 'authoritative  misinformation'!

But so much of it was, information overload,  expert talk,  ‘mind numbing stuff’ and *‘gobbledygook’  that was of no practical  help or value to ordinary, sensible down-to- earth  people, me included.

*According to one online dictionary ‘gobbledygook’ is:  'language that is meaningless or is made unintelligible by excessive use of abstruse technical terms; nonsense'.

*Wikipedia  informed me that ‘gobbledygook’  is: ‘especially convoluted language that results in it being excessively hard to understand’.

Over time I made sense of  the most useful and helpful knowledge. I want to  pass  this on to others.


James Allen, (sensible) thinker, mentor and teacher.   

One book in particular that I read, during my years of research, is entitled, “As a Man Thinketh”,   author, James Allen. His wife once said of him,  "He never wrote theories, or for the sake of writing; but he wrote when he had a message, and it became a message only when he had lived it out in his own life, and knew that it was good. Thus he wrote facts, which he had proven by personal practice." (My wife would write the same about me!) This book, and others, gave me understandable insight during my search into the process of becoming a 'more effective' person.

In another of his books, “James Allen in His Own Words”, he wrote, “I dreamed of writing books that would help men and women, whether rich or poor, learned or unlearned, worldly or unworldly, to find within themselves the source of all success, all happiness, all accomplishment and all truth. I write for men, not for babies, for those who are eager to learn and earnest to achieve”. (This is my objective too)!

The Wikipedia entry for James Allen is this. “His writings gave James Allen posthumous fame as one of the pioneering figures of modern inspirational thought”. (I would like to achieve this while I am still alive).


I'm on a roll. Ham and cheese or beef?

No stopping me now. The information above keeps me ‘fired up’ to, do what I do! My determination to make such knowledge understandable and do-able for everyone is why I write what  I write.

I know what I am doing is right and I am determined to make my information available to others. I am also encouraged by the thousands of positive, encouraging and  sensible  comments that have been posted. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to do so!


It ain't  where you start it's where you finish.

Every one of my Posts will get you started to on your journey to self-empowerment. They contain quality content and proven, effective guidance.


Beneficially yours, always,


Thought Master and Mentor (To myself and others.)


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