“The proliferation of ‘things’ of all kinds and ‘lives’ of all kinds presents one unbroken chain of evidence to support the fact that man is the maker of his own destiny; and his thoughts and his actions are the tools with which he does the making”. Albert Einstein. (I'm sure Albert Meant women as well)

“Thought is the original source of all wealth, all success, all material gain, all great discoveries and inventions and of all achievement”.Claude M. Bristol.

“Our life always expresses the results of (acting on) our dominant thoughts”.Soren Kierkegaard. (I added the words in brackets).


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In each of Posts/Parts 1, 2 and 3 of this series I gave you a list of my thoughts for you to copy paste and think about. In this Post/Part 5 I will give you what I consider to be the honest, life changing and genuine answers to my thoughts (20 to 39). I have confirmed these responses as correct through my own experience over the last four years. My life has improved enormously as a result. I now know that I can take control of what I think and do and have in my life.  I have learned how to be, Self-Empowered. You can learn how to as well.


Below are my answers to thoughts 20 to 39.


20. Can I alter or improve the quality of my thinking? A. Yes.

21. Where do my thoughts come from? A. My mind.

22. Can I think myself into or out of doing something? A. Yes

23. Do I have a choice about whether I act on a thought or not? A. Yes

24. Is thinking an art, a science, a skill, an ability, an aptitude, what? A. All of these.

25. Can thinking be controlled, changed and  improved? A. Yes

26. Can anyone else make me think something I don’t want to think? A. No, unless I let them.

27. Can anyone else make me do something I don’t want to do? A. No, unless I let them

28. Can my thinking be changed? A. Yes.

29. Can my thinking be improved? A. Yes.

30. How do people who are successful in life think and do? A. Better and differently.

31. Can I learn to think like them? A. Yes

32. How and what do the people who struggle with life think and do?  A. The wrong things. ( Unlike people who are successful).

33. How do I operate/ work function?  A. I THINK,  I DO. I CREATE, (Have in my life).

34. Does thinking make anything change in my life? A.  Yes, if used sensibly, realistically and when correctly focused.

35. What did I think and do today that made a difference to/improve my life? A. I’m not sure. (Then record, check and change).

36. Am I always aware of what I am thinking? A. Probably not but I can learn how to.

37. Am I responsible for what and how I think? A. Yes, unless I am a mental wimp.

38. What did I think and do yesterday that made today a better day? A. Check/monitor, record and keep doing.

39. What do I think about mostly? A. The car, the kids going to the pub, what’s on TV tonight etc?  (Mostly ordinary, non- life changing, average things).

Well that’s it for Part 5 of this series of thought-improving, life -improving and life -changing Posts. If you never read any other of my Posts please read Posts/Parts 1 to 6 of this series of superior, unique and valuable knowledge. Start with Part 1 and go through to Part 6. You could cheat but that won’t benefit you. Part 6 , the last Part, next week.

Beneficially yours, always,


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A self - help addict for the last forty years. I have spent the last five years seeking for, and finding, the essential, central and most effective tools that empower personal change. My mission is to, inform serve, help and teach others what I know. Why? Because, you can't use what you don't know. So let me tell you what you need to know through this blog. Albert Einstein knows the truth, but............. it ain't Rocket Science.
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