THE QUOTES THAT GOT ME THINKING ABOUT THINKING. PART 3 of 6.                                        My thoughts 40 to 60




The proliferation of ‘things’ of all kinds and ‘lives’ of all kinds presents one unbroken chain of evidence to support the fact that man is the maker of his own destiny; and his thoughts and his actions are the tools with which he does the making”.  Albert Einstein.

“Thought is the original source of all wealth, all success, all material gain, all great discoveries and inventions and of all achievement”. Claude M. Bristol.

“Our life always expresses the results of (acting on) our dominant thoughts”. Soren Kierkegaard. (I added the words in brackets).


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 * * (This Post is  Part of a six part series. They all need to be read. So please go back to Part 1 then follow the series through to Part 6).

*(If you have already read, copied and pasted the previous two Posts then you can skip the next two  paragraphs and continue with, My Thoughts  40 to 60 below.

I ‘found’ the three quotes above about four years ago. They got me ‘thinking about thinking’. The quote from Albert Einstein was the first one. I wanted and needed to prove what the great Albert had said. Why? Because, the message in it is that 'everything begins with a thought'.  The other quotes ‘appeared’ over the next few weeks as I searched for evidence to support Albert's quote.  So how was I to prove what Albert’s quote meant?  Was it true? I found myself thinking, “This man was so intelligent, so important and so respected why should I even doubt for a second what he said makes perfect sense?  My immediate thought was, “How do thoughts become things”??????

The information in thisseries is long so it will have to be spread across three posts. I tried very hard to keep it down to one post but the information is really important.  If you only ever read six of my post make sure that  you go back to Part 1 in the series and continue to Part 6.


My  thoughts, 40 to 60.

40. Are there 'better 'things to be thinking about?

41. How did I get to where I am in life?

42. Do I ever think about what I’m thinking?

43. Is just ‘having thoughts’ really proper thinking?

44. If I change my thinking and my doing (actions) will my life change?

45. Can I think and do whatever I want?

46. What happens between thinking something and the thing happening?

47. Who makes me do what I do?

48. Can my thinking be controlled?

49. Can my doing be controlled?

50. Are my thoughts and my actions my responsibility?

51. How can I think 'better' to create a better future?

52. If I can think whatever I want and have the ability to do whatever I want then   can I create the life I want!

53. If I act on a thought and do something that causes hurt or injury to another person is it my fault?

54. If I want my life to change what do I have to change first?

55. Will just changing my thinking change my life? (I soon realised that the answer to this thought was no. Why? Because if I  don’t DO the thought as well as think it nothing will happen!!!!

56. Is what I am thinking and doing every day making my life better?

57. Is what I’m thinking and doing every day making my life worse?

58.Is what I’m thinking and doing every day keeping me stuck where I am  in my life?

59. While I’m reading the paper, watching TV, chatting with my mates at the pub, taking the dog for a walk am I thinking or just ‘having thoughts’?

60. Is it possible to actually think, properly, effectively  and better in a way that will help me to grow as a person?

Now ‘copy, paste and print this list and add it to the two lists from Parts 1 and 2 and refer to them regularly. By doing this you WILL begin to understand how important your thoughts are and how important it is to able to learn how to assess and control them.


 The Law of  Personal Self –Creation. (L o P S-C )

We all work, operate and function in the same way. On a physical level heart, lungs, ears, noses, kidneys etc work the same way in every person on the planet.   On a non- physical level our minds all work the same too. We all think , then we do and as a result we all create an effect in our life!! So thoughts DO become things through ACTION. (DOING SOMETHING.)

Every thought you have and take action on will cause an effect in your life.  Every thought you have is in your power to decide to act on it or not. This is where your ability to be SELF-EMPOWERED is developed!

It works like this:

 THINK  (Cause)  DO  (Cause)  = HAVE  (Effect)



You can think and do whatever you want, so you can  THINK and DO and HAVE /CREATE anything you want in your life.

Why ? Because, 2 + 2 = 4      and         T + D = H

“One thought can change everything.” (Can't remember where I read it but it makes complete sense to me)


Copy and paste the list  above  and add it to 1 and  2 . (These  60  thoughts are out of around 18,000  by the way)! See this post.

In  Parts 4, 5 and 6 , the next three Posts/Parts, you will find what I consider to be the best, most honest and most self-empowering responses to all of my sixty thoughts. Some are simple 'yes 'or 'no  answers, others are  more open-ended.  

Beneficially yours, always,


Thought Master and Mentor.

P.S. My Blog  will show you how to become Self – Empowered through your thinking and doing. So read any of my other Posts as well the six in this series  and learn  more how-to information.

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