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“The proliferation of ‘things’ of all kinds and ‘lives’ of all kinds presents one unbroken chain of evidence to support the fact that man is the maker of his own destiny; and his thoughts and his actions are the tools with which he does the making”.  Albert Einstein. (I'm sure Albert meant women as well)

“Thought is the original source of all wealth, all success, all material gain, all great discoveries and inventions and of all achievement”. Claude M. Bristol.

“Our life always expresses the results of (acting on) our dominant thoughts”. Soren Kierkegaard. (I added the words in brackets)


Hello and welcome,

This is Part 1 of a series of 6.  You're in the right place.

This series of Posts is long so it will have to be spread across six posts. I tried very hard to keep it down to one but the information is really important.  So, if you only ever read six of my posts make sure that it’s this one and the five that follow.

I ‘found’ the three quotes above about four years ago. They got me ‘thinking about thinking’, researching thoughts and thinking and led to me becoming totally convinced that the quotes above are entirely accurate. 

The quote from Albert Einstein was the first one. I wanted  to prove to myself the truth of what the great Albert had said. Why? Because, the main message is that, everything begins with a thought.  The other quotes ‘appeared’ over the next few weeks as I searched for evidence to support Alberts’ quote.  So how was I to prove what Albert’s quote, meant, was it true? I found myself thinking, “This man was so intelligent, so important and so respected why should I even doubt for a second that what he said makes perfect sense?  My immediate thought was, “How do I learn to understand, know and accept that 'thoughts become  things”?????? So began four years of investigation.


 Some of my 'thoughts about thinking' over the last four years.

They are not in any specific order but they are thoughts I have written down over the last four years. ( I have about 18,000 of them). I have saved them on ‘Post It Note' sized pieces of paper. Anytime I had a thought that I considered to be  important I wrote it down.  Without me writing them down they would have disappeared  forever.


The first of three lists.

My thoughts, 1 to 19.

1. How does the Law of Cause and Effect apply to thinking and doing?

2. Is it possible to change my thinking or my actions?

3. What do I need to do in order to make my future better than my past?

4. What is the first step in whatever I do, say or feel?

5. What do I think about when I'm thinking?

6. When I say, feel or do something where did the process start?

7. Can I think about what I don’t know about?

8. What do I have to think and do in order to get the knowledge I need?

9. What kinds/ areas of knowledge would be the best areas to study?

10. Are the things that I think and do during the day helping to make my life better?

11. Are there things I think about and do during the day that make my life worse?

12. What is thinking?

13. What do I know about thinking?

14. If I don’t know about a certain area of knowledge how can I think about it?

15. Am I in charge/control of what I am thinking?

16. Are some of my thoughts better than others?

17. Do I ever regret thinking and doing something?

18. If I think something and do it and cause problems for other people could I have stopped that thing happening?

19. If I think something and do it and it causes problems in my life could I have stopped the thing happening?

Now  ‘copy, paste and print this list (and the two lists in the next two Parts. Refer to them regularly. By doing this you WILL begin to understand how important your thoughts are and how important it is to able to learn how to assess and control them.


The Law of Personal Self – Creation (L o P S-C ) and Self -Empowerment.

We all work, operate and function in the same way. On a physical level, heart, lungs, ears, noses, kidneys etc work the same  in every person on the planet.   Yes?  Yes! On a non- physical level our minds all work the same too. We all think, then we do and as a result of this process we all create and have effects in our life!! So, thoughts become things only through, ACTION/DOING SOMETHING.  Those effects will be the kind of life you 'have'. It is totally in your power to decide to act on a thought or not. This is where your ability to become SELF-EMPOWERED lies!

It works like this, THINK (Cause)   +    DO (Cause)  =  HAVE (Effect)



You can think and do whatever you want, so you ,  THINK , you  DO  and  then you HAVE /CREATE something in your life.

Why ? Because, 2= 4      and         T + D = H


Albert, Claude and Soren passed on provable, powerful and revealing knowledge. My Blog  will teach you how to become Self – Empowered through your thinking and doing. It works for me!

In the next Post, My thoughts, 20 to 39.

Beneficially yours, always,


Thought Master and Mentor.

 P.S. Before you go to Part 2, copy and paste the list above. You'll need it!

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