If you can read, you can learn but you must DO what you have learned for it to 'happen'! Me.

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Thinking in a certain ways becomes a habit for most  of us. The thoughts below are common examples. These thinking- habits  do determine peoples' actions and view of  themselves.  Ready, steady, go!

1. “I’m not good enough”.  Nobody is ever 'good' enough at most things at the start. And, if you don't try, you'll never know. Check out Michael Jordan's story!

 2. “I can’t believe that happened to me”. You can't 'disbelieve' what has already happened to you.  Get over it, move on and never think this way ever again.

3. “I can’t”.  It's just as easy to think "I can". ("Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right". Henry Ford)

4. “I’ve no self-confidence”. Thinking  this does not make it true. That only happens if you act on  the thought. It's just as easy to think the opposite and act on that instead.

5. “I want to kill that bloke". "I'll make her pay for that”. Anger almost always hurts nobody else but you. Think sensibly and rationally before you allow your anger to get you into trouble.

6. "I’m not smart enough”. This is another thought-lie. Don’t bother doing stuff that you aren’t naturally good at. Use your abilities!

7. “I’m always too busy”. This is, and always will be, an excuse. Make the time if you really want to do something. Miss half an hour of T.V. three times a week.

8. “I’m a loser”. This is just hurting yourself. (Even if The Beatles did write the song)!

 9. “I’ll do it later”. No you (probably) won’t! Stop procrastinating. Feel inadequate and do it anyway.

10. “I’m not good enough for him/her/that”. If you think you aren't, you won't be. Don’t ever let  another persons, usually incorrect,  'knowledge/opinion',  of you make you doubt  yourself.

11. “I’m useless”. Thinking this denies all your natural abilities, your senses, your living and breathing, your pumping heart, your working brain, your eyes  and all  the many  capabilities we all have. Just one of these  abilities has allowed you to read this post. Still think you’re useless? That depends on who you compare yourself with.  If you compare yourself with an Olympic Medal winner, a champion boxer, a car mechanic and thousands of other people then in any particular context you probably will be comparatively useless. Accept it! Forget it. Identify honestly what you are good at.

12. “I’m annoyed/upset, because I assumed that…”. Making (non- factual)assumptions about anything is stupid and mostly wrong.

13. “Love is a lie”. Don't thought-deny yourself, the one thing that only humans, can experience and are good at, love. If you persist in thinking this you'll become an un-loveable, lonely, misery guts. 

14. “I’m right ”. Believing/thinking that you are always right won't make you happy. Knowing how to be happy is loads  better than always being right!  Stop comparing yourself with other people in this way. Each of us  has their own 'younique'  skills and abilities. 

15. “I feel so alone”. Remember that there are tens of thousands others, going through, have gone through and will go experience the same situation. So move on and move up instead of  drowning in your own self-created  mental meltdown. 

I hope that you have read and learned something of value to your life by reading this post. Now go do what you've learned! Thinking the opposite will have a  effect on you and your life. You'll be much better off by  changing your thinking.

Read,  learn and think this; "What  you think and what you do, determine what becomes of  you " Me, again. (Substitute the word  'you' with 'I' to make it personal and very effective)

Beneficially yours, always,

Phil Soffé


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