“Our life always expresses the results of (acting on) our dominant thoughts”. Soren Kierkegaard. (I added the words in brackets because unless you do something in response to a thought it can never become anything).


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When you woke up yesterday was your first thought, “I need to do some shoplifting today”. "I will carry out  a mugging  or rob a shop today”.

During the rest of the day did you have any of the following thoughts?

“I’ll meet some of my mates later and we’ll think about where we can go to steal a car to go for a joy ride”.

“I’ll go to the pub this evening and have a few pints even though we have no money to pay the Electricity Bill”.

“I’ll spend the last £10.00 I have on weed. The wife can go to her family to get the money she needs for food for the kids.”

These and hundreds of similar thought are part of the life, the  ‘normal’ thinking, of thousands of people. They THINK and DO and so CREATE certain EFFECTS in their life. 

Did you at some time in the past think any of the above thoughts? Did you act on or DO any of them? Your answer is probably no to both questions and that’s the way it is for all ‘normal thinking, sensible thinking reasonable thinking people on the planet.


 Choose to lose or choose to win?

Does any person have A CHOICE  about whether they act on any given thought or not? ABSOLUTELY.  Everyone has that choice.  There is a period of time between having a thought and ‘doing’ the thought that we all have control over and  responsibility for, it's called making a DECISION.

If you have thoughts and you DECIDE to act on those thoughts then the EFFECTS  created by you in your life are YOUR responsibility.

 You may argue that we don't have a choice about what thoughts we have. I disagree! Even if, for some reason, we don’t have a choice about what we think, we do have the power to change any thought into another one. 

You regularly change your thinking. In the supermarket you think, “I’ll buy some apples”, then immediately think, “No I’ll buy oranges instead” You just changed one thought for another. In the pub, “I’ll have a gin and tonic" to,"I’ll have a whisky and Soda." I’ll go out tonight and get totally drunk” to, “I’ll stay in tonight and spend time with the family. Catch my drift? Understand the situation? Think it makes sense, is understandable, is it do-able?

So if your life sucks it’s your fault because sometime in the past you must have thought something that wasn’t normal, sensible and chose to act on it. You could have thought again/changed or not acted on the thought.  Oh the power of it!


Once you learn to become the master of your thoughts and actions you master your life.

So, now you can think either,  “This is all a  load of rubbish” and not act on the knowledge. Or you could think, “This makes sense, I understand how useful this stuff is", then act on that thought.

Whatever you think and do will create an effect of some kind in your life. By acting on good thoughts you create good effects in your life by not acting on a good thought you don’t create good effect in your life. By thinking bad thoughts and acting on them you create bad effects in your life. By thinking bad thoughts and not acting on them you don’t create a bad effect in your life.  Read it again and again until you know it off by heart.


The Law of Personal Creation and Self-Empowerment. T. L. O. S. C. A. S. E.


The Law of Self-Empowerment and Personal Creation. T. L. O. S. E. A. P. C.

Take your pick. This simple, under-appreciated, under-valued under-developed but life -transforming formula is where you and I each have the power to take control of (y)our life. I have and I want to enable you to learn how –to- do- so as well.  That’s my sole reason for all that I write.

Beneficially yours, always,


P.S. This post is just one piece of the 'jigsaw puzzle of success knowledge'. I know all the pieces that you need to know to complete that puzzle. Stick with me and, over time, all will become clear, obvious  and  life-evolving.  Click on the link in the sidebar, to get  TLBOBTFMM and learn thoughts that are worth acting on.


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