" What you think and what you do determine what becomes of you". Me. 

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A  generally held belief is, ‘people don’t become better off, because they don’t work hard enough’. Correct, to some extent, because, if you do nothing, you get nothing in return.

But there are also many simple causes why most people don’t start to build wealth. It is not necessary to have a huge salary to build assets, but you do have to avoid ‘bad financial thinking and doing’. 


This is how, your life, my life, every life,  ‘works’. It's CAUSE  and EFFECT.


B. You THINK.  You don’t DO. You don’t HAVE.

C. You don’t THINK (correctly). You DO. You HAVE what you(probably)  didn't want.

Wrong thinking and doing cause you to have  problems in all areas of life.


You have to know how- to, THINK and DO, ‘good’ finance.

Below are eight examples of what  you may already THINK and DO with your financial life.  If so they are the CAUSE of why you’re currently experiencing the  FIFNANCIAL EFFECTS that you don't want.   I also provide better ways to THINK and DO to help you to overcome them.


1) You think and do, “It’s O.K. to spend more than I earn”. When you think and do this you will always have less money than you would like. Why? Because  you’ve  spent it and to get more you'll have to borrow. Know what? You'll always be in debt. Good personal finance is, spend less than you earn and save what’s left. So, from now on, think and do. “I’ll Save 10% of my income”.


 2) You think and do, “I’ll spend as much as I can to, ‘keep up with the neighbours”. The neighbours may currently have more 'things' than you but they probably got there by thinking and doing better with their finances. Living ‘above your means’ will keep you in debt.  If you’re in debt you can’t save.  So, from today, think and do,  “Sod the neighbours I’ll catch them up  by thinking and doing better financially in future”.


3) You think and do. “I’ll pay myself last”. By this I mean, if you pay yourself last (after you’ve paid all you other outgoings) you’ll probably have nothing left to pay yourself in the form of savings. So start now to think, and do, "In future I'll pay myself/us first, by saving".


4) You think and do. “Having kids is great”. Yes they are a normal part of life, but very expensive. The best way round is to focus on building your wealth before you have kids. Then you will be able to give your children most, if not all, that they need/want once you have them! From now on, think and do. “Let’s use the early years of our relationship /marriage to build wealth”. 


5) You think and do. ”We need a bigger house”. Buying a house makes good investment sense. But a big house means big expenses. So,  it's better to think and do, ”We’ll live in a smaller, less expensive, house  and use the money we save to invest in more controllable ways of creating wealth.


6) You think and do. “Let’s get a newer dining table, a bigger TV, a more expensive car,  change the fridge freezer……..” Buying the latest, newest, most up–to-date version of anything is a total waste of money. When did you ever make a profit or even get your money back on selling stuff second hand?  As long as the things you've got still 'have life left in them’  ( they still work) keep using them! Once you have built your wealth you will be able to buy the latest thing whenever you wish.  From tomorrow, think and do, “If it ain’t broke I won’t replace it. Then I can save the money”.


7) You think and do.  “The finances will take care of themselves”. No they won’t. So now, go think and do, “Finances need to be, cared for, controlled and understood by me”. (By learning how-to think and do the best you can with your hard earned cash).


8) You think and do. It’s OK to spend £50, or more,  a week on booze, gambling, playing golf, having a season ticket to support my local football team, 'eating out' three times week, an expensive coffee every day", etc.  Don't kid yourself, just go  think and do, “The funds I waste on 'bad' lifestyle habits could be better used”.

I hope that I’ve got you thinking about how and where you are wasting money. Use the method above  to identify  and destroy other ways in which you r thinking and doing is self- sabotaging  and reducing  your financial growth.  It will reduce your ‘wealth wastage’.  

 Beneficially yours, always,


P. S. THINKING and DOING  'better'  is an ability anyone can learn. I can help you. I want to help you! Read more of my Posts. You'll be glad you did.!

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