"What you think and what you do, determine what becomes of you". Me

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Sorry for the late posting this week. My computer picked up a virus from somewhere and it has taken me three days to get it working again.

I always try to keep up-to-date with most of the common internet usage problems. Regular readers of my Blog know that I want my followers to read what I consider to be reliable, ethical and helpful information.

Why? Because, what you THINK and DO, about anything and everything, will HAVE an effect on your life in some way.

The main problems, ‘net-wise’, are viruses and malware. I have spent money on anti- virus and anti-malware software over the years.  The information in the article extract below, finally confirmed what I will THINK and DO in future on this matter.  Once you have read this information you can then THINK about whether it‘s worth paying for this stuff or not then DO what you decide.


The article link and extract.

“The biggest reason suggested in defense of paying for antivirus is an imaginary one. In antivirus reviews by various magazines and security authorities, products like Avast consistently offer the best detection rates for malware.  Avast has a free version, too. If the update frequency doesn’t matter and Avast’s database is the same for both the free version and the paid version, there is really no reason to pay for their software anymore. The entire model on which current antivirus software works, experts say, is outdated. Today, the antivirus makers need to see a new virus and study it before they are able to write an update to detect and remove it. Often, writing antivirus software for a very new kind virus can take weeks. For example, it took the antivirus makers years to find an antivirus solution to the malware known as Flame".  


Knowledge is power but only if you do something with it!

You now know something you didn’t know before you read this post. No need to thank me, I love to empower people with useful knowledge! Now what you have to do is, THINK and then DO what is best. Based on the information in the article I know what I will continue to THINK and DO. I hope that this post will help you to THINK and DO what be beneficial to you about your online protection.


You can’t THINK and DO what you don’t know about!

If you still THINK that paying for this kind of software is beneficial to you and you DO that then you are not THINKING and DOING sensibly. In this situation you may only have wasted a few $$$$/££££/ Yen, or whatever. But uninformed THINKING and DOING in other areas of life could cost you, and me, much more.

I have used 'Avast Free Anti-Virus for years with no problems (until three days ago)! It’s not really a cost thing either because their current offer is only $29.99 a year for the paid version. They are currently offering an upgrade  for $9.99 a year.  Based on the information in the article above I’d sooner buy myself a few bottles of beer, (or cerveza, as they call it in Spain) with the money.

Before you actually finished reading the information in this post you probably didn’t know what to THINK and DO about anti-virus/malware stuff.  Now you do! If you 'don’t know about' X  you can’t THINK and DO X .


"Whether you think you can or you think you can't you're right". Henry Ford.

Probably the most demoralising, undermining, and success- stealing  'thinking-virus' we can allow to fester in our mind is, "I Can't". Few of us have a strategy that allows us to kill  such 'thought -viruses'?  Your performance in all areas of your  life depends on you having the right virus free knowledge. on which to base your thoughts  Read any of my other posts to learn more about the ways you can programme your mind/thoughts from negative, harmful, life destroying, life-sucking , self-destructive thought- viruses.

Beneficially yours, always,

Phil Soffé

Thought Master and Mentor.

P.S. For more 'results proven' information about how to become, self - empowered, through the use of your mind, your thoughts and your actions read more of my Posts. You'll probably be glad that you did.

 P.P.S. My books and the page where you can find out about them is going well. Thanks for our patience.

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