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"Your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing." Abraham Lincoln.

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I love sunshine, warm weather, cars, fitness and DIY but what I am really passionate about is helping people to make their lives easier, happier, and more balanced by researching, studying and  simplifying the processes we all know of. Most self-help stuff is generally  viewed as complicated and difficult to actually use. 

In my past I struggled with life until I finally learned what  to focus my time and effort on. I spent years studying personal development and learning from ‘the masters’ on 'self –mastery'.  It helped, but it still seemed like such a huge, complex and difficult system to  apply.  I knew all the pieces, but there were so many. To help myself and others I knew that I needed to create a system that was really, really, really  simple but effective. I then spent five years doing so!

I wanted to find what would make me better as a person. What I found  out worked and it revolutionise and revitalised my life

Since then I have learned how to make better choices, and to ‘lead myself’ from the inside out, by working on my mind, my thoughts, my actions, my physical self and my emotions.

Do what you love and love what you do.

We are all ‘born to make a difference, to contribute and to share our gifts with the world and make a positive difference in people’s lives. To have a business doing what I love had eluded me for decades. Today I feel like I have created a fulfilling life and that I am living my purpose. What is that purpose?  It’s, making a particular area of knowledge and information understandable and then teaching it.

I believe that the best way I can serve people is by becoming a significant ‘messenger of knowledge and information' in such a way that they can finally 'take charge of themselves and  their life’.

Out with the old on with the new.

The ‘self-success education ‘expert’ industry has been shrouded in myth and mystery for far too long. 'Self –success education' teachers and marketers who really want to make a difference with their advice and expertise should first be defined by, ‘how much value do we add to others’ lives.

 Many months ago I noticed a real 'shift'  in the approach  to 'self-success education' that I believe will be 'the norm' in the future.

Brendon Burchard  is someone I trust, admire and follow online. He recently produced a video promoting his book on marketing . In the video he mentions the growing force of   ‘industry reset’ that is going to change the ‘self-success education’ industry dramatically.

Thanks Brendon for confirming my insight!


Everyone is teachable and encourageable. (If there is such a word. If not I just created it). 

You can learn to live fully, openly, and 'make a difference' every day of your life.

I believe that my, or anyone’s, greatest asset in life is knowledge and experience. It is also a person’s greatest legacy. Helping others to improve their life chances and opportunities was my 'professional' job and my reason for living for 22 years. I thought that I had lost that opportunity when I retired.

Then I realized that 'the net' would allow me to continue my mission. So I can, again,  serve and inspire people. But only  if they learn about me, get to know me and trust me. That’s the reason for this Blog, my website and my books.

Beneficially yours, always,

Phil Soffé

Thought Master and Mentor

P.S. Now that  you have read this Post, show it to, or talk about it with, your friends, family, workmates, dog? etc. Let your friends know where you got the information. They, like you, will benefit from reading it! I will also be grateful to you for your help and support in my mission!

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A self - help addict for the last forty years. I have spent the last five years seeking for, and finding, the essential, central and most effective tools that empower personal change. My mission is to, inform serve, help and teach others what I know. Why? Because, you can't use what you don't know. So let me tell you what you need to know through this blog. Albert Einstein knows the truth, but............. it ain't Rocket Science.
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