Thought is the original source of all wealth, all success, all material gain, all great discoveries and inventions and of all achievement. Claude M.Bristol. (Thought Leader,  and author of several globally influential personal development books).

 Hello and welcome,

My personal search to discover how my thinking was effecting my life had already began when I read the quote above. It confirmed what I already suspected. Go back and read the quote  three or four times until it makes sense to you then continue reading this Post.

I know that you're real.

I am always aware, that at the end of the ‘net waves’ there is a real, living, breathing, person reading what I write. I truly hope that what you read in this and  my other Posts will ‘ring true’ for you. This is so that I can teach you to take charge of your life, by learning to become Self-Empowered.

Five years worth of thoughts.

Over the last five years I 've written somewhere around 18,000 ´Post It Note' sized pieces of paper with thoughts that have 'come to me'. (Picture below). The tape  in the picture measures  75 cm. I measured a 1cm. thickness of   A4 paper as a guide it was  120.  So 75 x 120 = 9,000 notes in each row. So that's  2 x 9,000 = 18,000 thoughts. Yes? 

Without keeping the notes I would have completely forgotten almost all of these thoughts. As I read through them I realised that  hundreds of them were really important. Not just to me but also  as life changing  thoughts for other people to 'think about'.

OK, so that you don't forget any thought write it down on Post It Note.  Do this for week then look back and see just how many thoughts  might have been a really important or  life changing, for you. Without the notes they would be gone forever.

My 'thought' notes as of 15th June 2013












My 'thought' notes as of 13th June, 2013.


I continued to record  and read the thoughts that I considered to be of value to me.  I realised that they were really helping me  in my search for a better way to live. I also figured that they would be of value to others.

(Did you know? Bill Gates began programming computers at the age 13)

Here's some examples of the thoughts I wrote down. (Not in any particular order).

  • If you want to, you will! If you don´t want to, you won´t!
  • How safe is my life from my thoughts and actions?
  • We all have the power to think. Do we really learn how to use it properly?
  • Does anyone ever show us how to think in a better way?
  • I do it for me but could  I  also help and benefit other people?
  • How different could my life be through BETTER  thoughts and actions?
  • I and most people are not stupid, in the truly literal sense of the word. We just don’t think properly/in the right way.
  • What stops me/people from thinking properly, sensibly etc? (Fear, uncertainty, doubt, emotional overwhelm, non-realistic thinking)?  
  • Is thinking a skill that can be improved through understanding and practice?
  • By applying time and focus on thinking ability any life can be completely changed.
  • If you are thinking what you 'can’t prove' then you are simply guessing and will reach wrong conclusions and create more wrong thoughts.
  • Is there a better, more effective and more sensible way to think?
  • If you live today without thinking for tomorrow what would tomorrow be like?
  • Can I predict at least some of what will happen in my future?
  • If you just think of doing something and don’t do  it, nothing will happen.
  • For there to be an effect there has to be a cause. Just thinking does not cause anything to happen. There has to be action, along with the thought.


Thinking and not doing, don't work! Thinking, then doing, does!

If you think of doing something and you don't do it, nothing happens.  If you think something and then do it then you make something specific happen.  You create an effect. With this  process/formula you can predict/create  and have certain effects in your life.

If  you think,  “I‘ll have a cup of tea at three o’clock”. At ten to three you make the tea and at the time you predicted, you're drinking it. You caused an effect to take place in your life through your thought and your actions. If you had just thought and not  carried out the actions of making the tea,  you would still be waiting for it at ten o’clock in the evening.

The message is this.  When you think and do you cause an effect in your life. Instead of thinking,  “I’ll make a cup  of tea “, as above, you could just as easily have thought, ”I’ll go out tomorrow and book a 'weekend away 'for me and the wife”. Then you book it.  Now  your future will have the effect of, a happy and grateful better -half. Just thinking the thought will not produce the effect.

 What you think and what you do, determines what becomes of you. Me.

Why does your personal power lie in the ability to think and do?  Because, by  thinking and doing  you cause an effect, of any kind, to take place in your life. What you think and do are in your total control.

From my research, writing and thinking I ended up with, what I believe, is a workable, understandable and easily applied formula. One  that gives each of us the power to take charge of  a large part of our future life.


The formula  is: THINK - DO –HAVE.

You can’t just sit and think of what you would like to have in your life and expect it to happen. You have to think the thought do the actions required to make the thought real and then you will have what you desire. It's simple cause and effect.

Beneficially yours, always,

Phil Soffé

Thought Master and Mentor

P. S. Read more of my Posts to find out more about me, my research and my insight into a  'world' that very few people ever learn about, understand or know how to use.  The process  is THINK - DO, this  is, SELF-EMPOWERMENT. Discover how to make your life better. Go read and learn. 




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