"The world never notices what people  THINK; it's what people DO  that counts, creates results and gets noticed. The DO' ing takes TIME". Me.

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One of the main areas that we must all  master, to make progress in anything in life, is 'getting real' when we 'think about' time. Thoughts and time are closely linked. Wrong, unrealistic thinking, about the time required to complete any project, job, goal or objective, will cause you some kind of grief.

For example. You think, "I'll renew that fencing at the bottom of the garden". (Time taken to think, 1 second) A week later, after twenty hours of effort, you've only half finished the job. Now it's becoming a pain in the butt. Another twenty hours of, doing, action, working, frustration, impatience, and making mistakes, go by  and eventually, at last, finally it's, job done.

The best approach when you think about doing something you have never done before is, times the time  by four.

If you have never attempted a,  project, task, or   before the 'time needed to 'do it' will definitely be, an unknown, a guess, a fantasy. The doing  will then  become a ,  ( )^%^*&$£"  pain in the ..rse. S'cuze my French.

You think,  "This project, will take a week". You haven't finished it within this time, you become frustrated, disillusioned, get stressed out, become impatient and make mistakes. The solution?  Make a realistic assessment of the time it will take and then multiply it by four. It's worked for since I thought of it.

However long you think something is going to take to complete, you should,  1.Think of a time scale. 2. Times it by four. So half an hour turns into two hours. This will make any project more time-real. That way you are far less likely to become, frustrated, stressed, anxious, make mistakes and give up.

Sometimes you can get away with  the 'times three' rule.

If you have done a particular job/task before, you will have some idea of how long it will take to complete.  So think how long it might take, multiply that by three instead of  four and your estimate will be more real. When doing something for the second, third or fourth time you will probably do it quicker. So you could even use the 'times two' rule.

Getting  'real' about time, will take time!

The, 'think about doing X,  estimating how long it will take to do and expecting it to really happen be like that' rule . Don't work, ain't realistic, causes  frustration and defies real - life experience. Whatever you have to do will, take as long as it takes.

Sometimes you have to apply the 'times by six rule'. You will only get to the end of any project, when you, 'get to the end'. Here's something I read many years ago: "It'll be alright in the end. It's not alright so it's not the end"!  

Getting real about time is a main area of Self-Empowerment knowledge. Claim back your  power with, really real, real -time thinking. It gives you the edge instead of pushing you over the edge.

Did you know? There are only 4 words in the English language which end in 'dous' (they are: hazardous, horrendous, stupendous and tremendous.

You will have to invest time and learn to tame time, to become Self-Empowered.

Beneficially yours, always,

Phil Soffé 

Thought Master and Mentor 

P. S. My Posts will help you to discover more about, me, my research and my insights They reveal a world that very few people ever know about, understand, or learn how to use to make their life better. It will be time well spent. Each of my Posts gives you relevant, sensible and valuable information about SELF-EMPOWERMENT. Which will enable you to take control of  your life.

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